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TKO files lawsuit against Ivan Menjivar

By Stephan | October 31, 2006

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By Stephan Marceau

An article on ultimefanatic that a lawsuit has been filed from TKO (the best known MMA organization in Canada) against Ivan Menjivar for breach of contract.

This is kind of interesting, as TKO’s president is Stephane Patry and Ivan’s manager is also Stephane.

“I am totally objective and I’m not in conflict of interest”, declared Stephane Patry, TKO Major League MMA president and Ivan Menjivar manager. “I separate my promoter functions and my managing functions. As a proof, TKO Major League MMA is pursuing Ivan Menjivar. The management office is a totally different thing. We are waiting to know the issue for this lawsuit and I’m gonna think about what we’ll do for the management after.”

IMHO, Stephane’s claimimg that there isn’t a conflict of interest in being both the manager and promoter is false. Representing a fighter in negotiations with the promoter when you are in fact that promoter is a clear conflict of interest. From what I understand, Ivan screwed up because Stephane kept promising a better fight date. What is happening here I believe, is that Stephane really is trying to get back to Ivan by trying to stop him from participating in the IFL.

Ivan is a real super nice guy and well, we’ve heard a lot about Stephane dealings from other sources (remember the Loiseau fiasco anyone?). Maybe people with better knowledge can comment in, but it really sounds like Patry and TKO should drop this.

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4 Responses to “TKO files lawsuit against Ivan Menjivar”

  1. Pierre-Luc Allie says:

    Ivan still drop the fight only one week in advance on the fight with no injurie…

    Finding a new fighter for your main event at the biggest show of your compagny in a week. Not the easiest thing to do.

    Stephane as always put his manging duties before his promoters duties. Whan Patrick Coté was away of the UFC, he didn’t use him because it was most profitable for Patrick to face Bill Mahood ant Jason MacDonald in Alberta. Look where’s Patrick now…

  2. Stephan says:

    The point is, many fighters pull out less than a week before a fight, for same or different reasons. Slapping a lawsuit for it tho is rare at best!

  3. Dr J says:

    All this brings to mind for me is the whole mess Patry and Loiseau had the day before his title fight with Franklin. Sounds like Patry isn’t the nicest guy to deal with.

  4. infamous says:

    patry’s a jackass..

    i feel for any fighter who signs a management contract with him.


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