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Sunday & Monday is media fun-day

By Zach Arnold | October 29, 2006

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Consider this an open post to talk about any stories MMA-related you see in the media or just anything in general MMA-related you want to talk about.

Look at the prices on Ticketmaster for tickets for UFC’s TUF 4 Finale show. $175-$495 USD per ticket.

Sunday and Monday headlines can be read in full-post view.

  1. Las Vegas Sun: Both UFC owners (the Fertitta brothers) have surgery for knee injuries
  2. UFC HP: TUF Finale card line-up (11/11)
  3. Vallejo Times Herald: Jon Fitch profile interview/article (real good article)
  4. Gryphon: Kid Yamamoto wrestling in New York
  5. Radio Jamaica: 20-year old man arrested for Trevor Berbick’s murder
  6. Vallejo Times Herald: Ultimate Fighting gaining popularity
  7. SLAM! Sports: Punch, Kick, triumph (Bas Rutten interview)
  8. Bradenton Herald: Newspaper writer claims the IFL doesn’t have a real network TV deal
  9. North Jersey Media Group: A league of their own (IFL) (this is a great article, talking about how the IFL will get onto the American stock market through a reverse merger)
  10. Sherdog forums: Argument – Chris Dolman was more influential than Royce Gracie in MMA (this is a fun thread to read)
  11. Canadian Press (via CBC Sports): Vancouver fighter (Denis Kang) mourns fiancee, prepares to go after PRIDE title
  12. KGW Newschannel 8: IFL returns to Portland on Thursday
  13. St. Paul Pioneer Press: Student, survivor, soft-spoken fighter (profile piece on Roger Huerta)
  14. UFC HP: Press release for Liddell vs. Ortiz II 12/30 Las Vegas show

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9 Responses to “Sunday & Monday is media fun-day”

  1. Allen says:

    That IFL editoral in the Herald reads like something a dopey college kid slopped together 20 minutes before the deadline. Really don’t think he’s actually claiming they don’t have a TV deal, I think the Herald needed some filler, and he stumbled onto the IFL’s webpage.

  2. JThue says:

    (I’m testing tags here for the first time – apologies if it doesn’t work)

    Many new fights announced for UFC TUFinale 4

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    JThue – just use normal HTML coding (a href, blockquote, etc.) and it should work fine.

  4. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Yeah, how desparate is that newspaper for content?
    If you gave crayons to inmates at the funny farm you’d get something more coherent.

  5. Preach says:

    Hahaha, that Chris Dolman Thread is some funny shit…

  6. JThue says:

    Thanks Zach 🙂

    Re: KID… Well this isn’t getting confusing at all :S Could it be that he has simply been offered a ton of money from K-1 to take a 3 month pause from his wrestling-training to prepare for- and fight on NYE?!? Or is there any chance his “fight” on NYE could in fact be an amateur wrestling match? I’m intrigued.

  7. Amy Robinson says:

    Wow I’m surprised to see Jackson on the finale after the way Dana reacted on the show. I was also surprised to see the Smith-Sell and Ray-McCarthy fights. I would think it would make more sense to pit the strikers in Ray and Smith and the grapplers in Sell and McCarthy against each other.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    Nikkan Sports had an article (here it is) that indicated that Kid was “positive” about working on the Dynamite show.

  9. Preach says:

    The more interesting part of the card is not seeing Jackson back, but that Rich Clementi and Din Thomas dropped back down to 155.


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