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UFC hype machine on Spike TV

By Zach Arnold | August 25, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

Tonight on Spike TV, UFC had the weigh-ins for tomorrow’s fight with Chuck Liddell and Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Weigh-in stats here. More interestingly, the show announced that Tito Ortiz would face Ken Shamrock on Spike TV for October 10th at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida. Press release here. Ortiz had a four-star performance in working over the crowd in his interview with Joe Rogan. There were certainly many people in attendance to watch the hype session.

After the weigh-ins show, they aired the UFC All Access show for Renato Babalu. The show was hosted by Rachelle Leah. This was a very good show in building up Babalu’s credibility by showing training footage and trying to hype up his fight resume. On the TV show, they showed Babalu running up the Paineiras mountain and then later on, doing yoga.

Too bad nobody brings up Babalu’s Japanese fights (especially in RINGS), because those were fun to watch.

Here’s the latest media round-up:

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2 Responses to “UFC hype machine on Spike TV”

  1. Chuck says:

    A third Ortiz/Shamrock fight? WHY?!?! Ortiz has two wins over Shamrock. Shit, is Shamrock that strapped for cash that he has to take a third fight against a dude who handily beat him twice? Wow…

  2. grafdog says:

    LOL Dana trying to steal some of Prides real deal thunder with a fart in the wind.


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