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More MMA PPVs in America

By Zach Arnold | August 3, 2006

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Two items buried in the weekly MMA column written by Carlos Arias in the Orange County Register. First, an item regarding another American MMA promotion running a PPV telecast:

(Rick) Bassman, the promoter for Valor Fighting, said Valor Fighting has a pay-per-view event featuring Eric “Butterbean” Esch against Tank Abbott scheduled for Dec. 2 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.

Second, an item on the WFA’s future:

It looks like the WFA’s next pay-per-view event might take place in October, possibly in Las Vegas.

Jeff Thaler has more on WFA fighter signings.

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6 Responses to “More MMA PPVs in America”

  1. Mr1000Cent says:

    Rick Bassman? How come I have heard of that name before? It sounds familiar.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    Rick Bassman was a long-time pro-wrestling trainer and scout in Southern California. Yep, he “found” Sting & The Ultimate Warrior during his bodybuilding days.

    He owns UPW (which is now, once again, aligned with WWE) and runs Valor Fighting (which has contracted guys out to K-1 in the past).

  3. Preach says:

    Hmm, i don’t know, but i think Rick will tank with his PPV. I bet it turns out more like an exhibition show to promote his own fighters…

  4. Rich says:

    As dumb as I think this is, I am instantly interest in seeing Tank Abbott vs. Butterbean. I am down for shitty fat man fights.

  5. Mr1000Cent says:

    Abbott vs. Butterbean would be an interesting fight nonetheless, IMO as a fight fan I see someone winning by submission, or the match going to a draw after the two exhaust their knowledge of ground wrestling and submission holds :D.


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