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Kentucky authority member wants MMA banned

By Zach Arnold | August 1, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

Larry Bisig, member of the Kentucky Sports Authority, wants MMA banned in the state (according to an Associated Press report).

“It defies logic that a cock rooster has more protection in the state of Kentucky than does a human being, and if that’s not broken, what is,” Bisig said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “This is not boxing. Ultimate fighting makes boxing look like a slumber party pillow fight.”

Bisig said he plans to broach the subject at a Wednesday meeting of the Kentucky Sports Authority in Frankfort. However, Bisig acknowledges that banning mixed martial arts in the state would likely require some form of legislative action by the General Assembly.

So, what would the motivation be? You guessed it – Bisig is a supporter of boxing.

And, Bisig said, the rising popularity of mixed martial arts fights is a threat to boxing both in the state and nationally.

“Let’s not forget that Kentucky is the home of several great (boxing) champions including Muhammad Ali,” Bisig said. “And we’re helping to rob the state of one of its great sports and assets by facilitating what is essentially street-fighting.”

Here is the web page for the Kentucky Sports Authority. The office phone number is 502-564-4270. The e-mail of executive director Terry Johnson is

Larry Bisig is a graduate from the University of Kentucky (1985) and runs Bisig Impact Group, one of Kentucky’s largest marketing firms. The office phone number for Bisig Impact Group is (502)-583-0333.

If you would like to show your support for a local group in the Kentucky-Indiana area, please support Jeff Osborne and HOOK ‘n SHOOT.

Update: The Appalachian News Express reports on the fallout from Bisig’s actions.

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One Response to “Kentucky authority member wants MMA banned”

  1. Jason Bennett says:

    I live in Louisville, KY and love this sport very much and I have friends that fight locally in local promotions. If anyone knows how I can help out and be quite effective, please let me know. I would love to do more than make a simple complaint about the ridiculousness of a ban. If anyone could direct me to some respected publications that can give positive facts and figures that politicians need to see and hear for vindication of how non-threatening the sport of MMA really is. I am a longtime veteran fan so I welcome any help to whatever depths can be directed my way.


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