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Wrestling comedy with Paul Heyman

By Zach Arnold | July 25, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

In an interview with The Sun in the UK, WWE-contracted employee Paul Heyman found himself on the defensive when discussing ECW and its future. The most laughable quote from Heyman in the interview is one that should raise eyebrows:

Another thing is we don’t deny the influence of Mixed Martial Arts, which is huge on a worldwide basis but is different to anything on Raw or Smackdown right now.

So the difference in ECW to the 1990s is simply recognising where that cultural shift is and playing to it.

There has been absolutely nothing in relation to MMA presented on the “new” ECW program. In fact, the only thing that could be claimed to be related to MMA is the introduction of wrestler CM Punk, who in interviews building his character claims that he knows kempo karate and muay thai. Everything but wrestling it seems!

The importance of Heyman mentioning MMA, however, is that it’s starting to become clear that an industry with real fights and real outcomes is starting to take away some significant portions of business from WWE, a company that easily doubles the TV ratings of The Ultimate Fighter but is getting half (or less) the PPV buys. There are many lessons to be learned by people inside the pro-wrestling business about what is going on with MMA, but the dilemma that I see is that the pro-wrestling power brokers don’t know how to respond to the challenge at hand.

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7 Responses to “Wrestling comedy with Paul Heyman”

  1. overw8beach says:

    When referencing MMA as far as pro wrestling is concerned I believe Mr. Heyman plans on taking so of the matches in that direction. CM Punk is not the only pro wrestler being geared towards this shift. Kurt Angle is the 4runner to push the style. I believe the style of the matches are going to resemble the the style of matches that are produced in Japan. Sometimes referred to as “Strong Style”

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    Nothing says “Strong Style” like Big Show and Mike Knox.

    Carry on!

  3. Royal B. says:

    “Strong Style”!?!

    If shooting double and slamming is “Strong style”, then dude, we have a problem.

  4. overw8beach says:

    Strong Style only refers to a style of pro wrestling the carries more of a MMA look and feel. Obviously Kane and Big Show are not these type of wrestlers. It will more than likely be more apparent once this phase of the promotion has started. More than likely when Kurt Angle returns, and the debut of CM Punk. If you are familiar with Samoa Joe style of wrestling it would resemble that some what.

  5. Royal B. says:

    Have you seen a “Strong Style” match, over?

  6. overw8beach says:

    Sure, watch any of Samoa Joes matches. Also, the Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio match from Smackdown a few weeks ago. That match got alot of heat from the crowd in attendence. That was a great match BTW.


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