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WFA 7/22 Los Angeles PPV recap

By Zach Arnold | July 22, 2006

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Internet round-up: Observer | Sherdog | F4W Online | F.O. board | Random Fix | MMA Shout | Todd Martin | Eddie Goldman | Whaledog #1 | Whaledog #2

Quick results from the PPV broadcast (from the Los Angeles Forum):

  1. “Razor” Rob McCullough defeated Harris Sarmiento by judges’ decision.
  2. Ricco Rodriguez (as promised on The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show) defeated Ron “H20” Waterman after the end of R1 by TKO.
  3. Ivan Salaverry defeated Art Santore by TKO in R2 with a left kick and right punch.
  4. Jason “Mayhem” Miller defeated Sincaid Lodune in R1 with a choke sleeper. Miller marketed himself as being a pro-wrestler from “parts unknown.” Bill Goldberg (who was doing commentary) really pushed hard the fact that Miller likes pro-wrestling and that an MMA guy who likes pro-wrestling gets heat on the Internet for it. This was the first distinctive performance on the show to separate the WFA from the UFC (or PRIDE) in terms of how they view pro-wrestling as a good thing or a bad thing. The WFA views it as a good thing.
  5. Ryoto Machida defeated Vernon “Tiger” White by judges’ decision.
  6. Bas Rutten defeated Ruben Villareal in R1 by TKO after several low kicks.
  7. Tito Ortiz and porn star Jenna Jameson were spotted together.

  8. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeated Matt Lindland by split decision in the main event. The fight lived up to all expectations. WFA management should definitely consider an automatic re-match. This is a feud they can build on for sure.

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7 Responses to “WFA 7/22 Los Angeles PPV recap”

  1. Lynchman says:

    Not a good start for the WFA. Bad lighting, bad sound, bad fights(mostly) in an empty arena.

  2. sooperstardj says:

    How did the show look on television? To anyone that watched it.

  3. MMA T-Shirts says:

    I thought it was pretty good in the end… ropey start from the commentators but once they warmed up, the whole thing was decent. mostly good fights too.

  4. Paul says:

    The show looked great on PPV!

  5. Mr. Roadblock says:

    I thought they did a great job of getting the fights on one after the other. There was no down time on the broadcast. Concise postfight interviews, no silly packages before the fight about how much to the two guys hate each other. The announcers were up and down, but OK.

    I really enjoyed the show and will definitely watch their next one.

  6. kevin says:

    Bad production. The commentary sucked (except for “The Fight Professors”), bad audio, most of the fights were nothing spectacular and a couple of them just sucked. Rampage was not impressive, but Matt was. The Sherdog article is WAY too forgiving (and leaves me wondering what they got in return). Overall, not so good, but I would be willing to purchase the next event, as long as it gets better and not worse.

  7. MMA T-Shirts says:

    “Jenna Jameson spotted with Tito Ortiz” OMFG WOW…. amazing. Seriously, I can’t believe all the attention this has got.

    1. She’s married.
    2. All they were doing was sitting there… he didnt have his massive heed burried in her boobs ffs.
    3. Who cares anyway 😛

    Thinking about the event again, their main problem I think is that they have actually signed some top fighters… well, that isnt the problem in itself, the fact that they can only sign a very finite number of top fighters is, which means that if they want to hold on to them, there will be very few fight combinations, if theyre going to be a multi-event promotion.

    To be honest, I envisage a lot of mismatch / whoopasses from the top few guys they have signed and then nowhere really to go from there. If they had signed a load of B level fighters a-la Cage Rage, it might actually be more interesting, as opposed to like 2 or 3 A level fighters and then a load of fillers.


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