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PRIDE 7/1 Saitama Super Arena show results

By Zach Arnold | July 1, 2006

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Click on the post link to display the results. DSE claimed an attendance of 44,606.

Burning Spirit notes that DSE is using the “stadium version” configuration, meaning the biggest possible capacity setting. Fight Report has play-by-play coverage of the fights.

  1. Pawel Nastula defeated Edson Drago in R1 in 4 minutes, 44 seconds by submission with a cross-arm scissors hold. Nastula was an underdog with the oddsmakers (sportsbooks).
  2. Yoshihiro Nakao defeated Lee Eun-Su in R1 in 4 minutes, 16 seconds by doctor stoppage for the TKO.
  3. Vitor Belfort defeated Yoshiki Takahashi in R1 in 36 seconds by KO with a swinging left hook for the stoppage.
  4. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira defeated Alistair Overeem in R2 in 2 minutes, 43 seconds when the towel was thrown in and Nogueira won by TKO (stoppage). Overeem’s stamina was a factor in the outcome.
  5. Kazuhiro Nakamura de4feated Evangelista Cyborg in R1 in 4 minutes, 49 seconds with the V1 arm-lock for the stoppage.
  6. Open Weight Tournament

  7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeated Fabricio Werdum after 3R by a 3-0 judges’ decision.
  8. Vanderlei Silva defeated Kazuyuki Fujita in R1 in 9 minutes, 21 seconds by TKO from referee stoppage. The finishing sequence saw Silva catch Fujita with some hooks and hit him with a soccer-ball kick. Fujita tried to get back up, but Silva was relentless in his attack and the referee stopped the fight.
  9. Josh Barnett defeated Mark Hunt in R1 in 2 minutes, 2 seconds with an arm-lock for the submission. Picture of finish here.
  10. Mirko Cro Cop defeated Hidehiko Yoshida in R1 in 7 minutes, 38 seconds by TKO after Yoshida’s corner threw in the towel (causing the referee stoppage). Mirko caught Yoshida with an uppercut that knocked Yoshida down. Mirko hit Yoshida with a low kick to Yoshida’s knee, knocking Yoshida down again and the fight was stopped.

Nogueira, Silva, Barnett, and Mirko advance on to the 9/10 Saitama Super Arena show. No Japanese fighters are in the round of four. How would you book the 9/10 Saitama show?

DSE boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara gave comments to the press in a media briefing after the show. Sakakibara thanked the fans for their support and thanked Fuji TV for their past support of the promotion. He hopes to get PRIDE back on TV soon.

Sakakibara stated that he would like Kazuyuki Fujita and/or Hidehiko Yoshida as “reserves” for the round of four on the 9/10 Saitama Super Arena show. However, Sakakibara stated that he didn’t know what the condition of Yoshida’s leg/knee was after the Mirko fight. The round of four matches will be decided within two weeks.

Sakakibara concluded by stating that the Bushido show from 8/26 (Nagoya Aichi Rainbow Hall) will air on prime-time on Fox Sports Net on 8/29 (a Tuesday).

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12 Responses to “PRIDE 7/1 Saitama Super Arena show results”

  1. Tomer says:

    Personally, I’d book Mirko-Silva II (this time without the modified rules that allowed a stand up if it went to the ropes) and Nog-Barnett considering that Mirko has already faced all 3 of the other opponents before (Barnett 2x) and he faced Nog and Barnett under normal PRIDE rules, so now he can face Silva under such rules (especially considering how much he’s improved since the PRIDE 20 fight) and if he wins, he’ll either face Barnett a 3rd time (not such a crazy prospect) or Nog in a chance for redemption after the upset at Final Conflict 2003.

  2. Sancho says:

    This isn’t pro wrestling….Please specify the ways of submission next time. What the hell is a V-1 arm lock? I’m pretty sure that a “cross arm scissors hold” is an armbar. Other than that, who knows what “arm lock” it is because there are quite a few different ones.

  3. Tradition Rules says:

    With the exception of Silva beating Fujita (didn’t think Silva, while pound for pound on eof the world’s best, would overcome Fujita’s power), the Openweight GP results are what I expected.

    I’m happy that Josh & Nog advanced, and was pulling for Yoshida even though I’m a Mirko fan, but its good to see Silva advance, showing that a smaller fighter (while hes not SMALL) can defeat a powerhouse like Fujita. This just proves that Silva still has “it” and a hell of a lot of heart.


  4. Zach Arnold says:

    V-1 arm lock is Japanese terminology. They use it in the results. It’s a common term over there. It’s been used for years (it was used as the name of the finish for the Ogawa/Gary Goodridge match in PRIDE).

    I use the term cross-arm scissors when someone manages to get an arm-bar and also extend it with their legs.

    Sorry this is “too pro-wrestling” for you, even though IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WRESTLING.

  5. Lynchman says:

    They said there was 44K, is there anybody that was at the show? Do they think that is accurate?

  6. PizzaChef says:

    Sancho, are you f**king retarded?

    Lynch, from what I saw, it looked pretty packed.

    Also, dancing penguins ftw.

    Another note: When I thought it over, and looked at the stage setup, it looked pretty low key compared to what PRIDE usually does. Like more simplistic to what they ran last year or at Dreamers. I think it’s a sign of how the money situation is like.

  7. liger05 says:

    I guess Sancho doesn’t like the term “Choke Sleeper” instead of Rear Naked Choke. also đŸ™‚

    why the hell did Yoshida try and stand with Mirko?

  8. bl says:

    I kinda liked the spot where Yoshida used Mirko’s LHK finisher, too bad Mirko botched it and then just lowered himself into Yoshida’s guard.

  9. captain~swing says:

    bl it was a right “high” kick that Yoshida threw. I’m wondering if Cro-Cop got more money than Silva did to carry Yoshida? (Although Silva did get too aggressive at times he did a much better job of carrying Yoshida in their two “bouts”.) I don’t mind works, or a fighter being paid to take it easy on someone, but they need to be good. This was a joke.

  10. StreitigKaiser says:

    If DSE is smart, they will have a Silva-Cro Cop and Nogueira-Barnett semi final. They can use a Nakao-Fujita match to qualm the Japanese fans. Does it annoy anyone else that DSE (and K-1) always set up matches with under qualified Japanese and Korean fighters to gain a supposedly ‘larger draw’? case in point: Yoshiki Takahashi. Takahashi has gotten brutally owned in all of his PRIDE fights and fighters like Kazuhiro Nakamura are boring and uninspired. Fighters like TK and Sakuraba are fully deserving of their place in PRIDE as upper echelion fighters, but then you have twats like Yosuke Nishijima being entered in the open-weight tournament. Doesn’t this clearly block oppourtunity for far more deserving fighters?

  11. Gosh Barnett says:

    I guess Mirko was just taking it easy on Yoshida when he threw that high kick with big-time power right at Yoshida’s dome.. I didn’t see a work here. Mirko’s leg kicks were hitting with brutal impact and he basically worked the perfect strategy until the end by continually attacking with them.

  12. captain~swing says:


    Your right, he was taking it easy. Mirko threw two high kicks, both with the intention of missing. He didn’t throw one body kick the whole fight. Throughout his kickboxing career he rarely used low kicks or knees and he’s taken the same MO into Pride. (The primary reason he didn’t use those techniques in K-1 was probably a lack of training in them because he doesn’t have a Muay Thai background like many of the Dutch fighters.)
    The fact that he picked the low kick to “chop” Yoshida down is a dead giveaway… that and having watched the fight. Mirko was clearly taken it very easy on Yoshida and this is the worst of Yoshida’s “fights” to date.


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