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Open thread

By Zach Arnold | June 11, 2006

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Talk about anything fight-related that you want to in the comments section of this thread. Here’s a few topics to peruse:

  1. Hopkins dominates Tarver in career finale (FightReport: Hopkins humiliates Tarver)
  2. Fox Sports: Cotto batters Malignaggi in impressive fight
  3. Inside Bay Area: Strikeforce a hot brand of mayhem
  4. Honolulu Advertiser: Moreno steps in with big KO (X-1 MMA show)
  5. Poll: How long will PRIDE continue to promote shows?
  6. New MMA event with relations to HERO’s

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3 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. Tomer says:

    Hopkins manages to go out on top and further cement his legacy in addition to his 20 title defenses at Middleweight by beating the generally regarding #1 LHW in Antonio Tarver, accomplishing something even the great ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson fell one round short of doing. Hopefully Hopkins will be smart and stay retired with the big career end win instead of testing the waters even further and going out with a loss instead. He’s not getting any younger, after all.

    As for Cotto, he had a hard time with Paulie, which was pretty shocking since I thought he’d stop him early or mid rounds at worst. However, after this win, I have to say that Cotto will probably end up having to go to Welterweight to get a solid fight as the only real noteworthy opponents at JWW are Kostya Tszyu (who is probably retired at this point after losing to Ricky Hatton a year ago) and Jose Luis Castillo (who screwed himself out of this fight by losing on the scales a week ago). There’s really no one else of note at JWW to take on.

  2. Alex says:

    I just read that article about Strikeforce. The coverage of MMA events are appalling. I wish someone would take the reporter by the hand and give them a 15 minute instructional before any interviewing takes place. The article reference a thumbhole in the glove for “eye-gouging” and that there was a lot of “groin shots”, etc.

    It is with such vehemence that they write with. I can’t understand how they cover sports as if they unaware that there is a potential for injuries and the majority of sports revolves around hurting the opponent.

    It is just ridiculous.

  3. oOkami says:

    A good article my friend wrote about the hopkins vs tarver fight, remember that english is our third language.


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