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The price of being mainstream

By Zach Arnold | May 29, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

TV Week has an extraordinary article, talking about various American cable networks jumping on the MMA bandwagon. And, as you would expect with some network executives, their view of what MMA is produces some wacky, but unfortunate results.

BET, MTV2, Oxygen and Fox Sports are betting the popularity of ultimate fighting will grow, providing plenty of viewers for everyone. The phenomena, which first entered the American media landscape as VCR tapes and DVDs passed around by devotees, is gaining steam.

MTV2 is set to announce a July premiere date for its fighting series “The Final Fu,” which will be a more stylized take on the format, said David Cohn, general manager for MTV2.

Oxygen President of Programming Debby Beece described the two-hour “Fight Girls” special as an experiment. “I think it’s a fantasy for women to be able to defend themselves and fight,” she told TelevisionWeek last December. “For younger viewers, it will be interesting, though I’m not sure the older viewers will necessarily watch.”

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2 Responses to “The price of being mainstream”

  1. Chuck says:

    Good, I am glad Oxygen is going to have a women’s MMA fed. It’s great for the feminist movement, and a kick to the balls to sexists and any other chauvinists. Let’s hope the ladies hey will be getting will be skilled, and not like typical female boxers. You know, the type that throw a billion, and very weak, windmill punches. If a female fighter like I mentioned ever fought a guy dressed as Don Quixote, that will be the day.

    As for the MTV2 project. Eh, I am very skeptical here.

  2. whaledog says:

    I say this is good new for the UFC (even if they don’t know it).

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