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Cage Rage 17 Card

By Mark Pickering | May 3, 2006

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By Mark Pickering

Cage Rage have announced the card for CR: 17 Ultimate Challenge’ on 1st July at the Wembley Arena, London. The much anticipated clash between Tank Abbott and Algerian behemoth Amokrane “Kiane” Sabet headlines. Meanwhile, Ian Freeman steps out of retirement to face Cage Rage World Light Heavyweight Champion Melvin Manhoef.

  1. David “Tank” Abbott vs. Amokrane “Kiane” Sabet
  2. Melvin Manhoef vs. Ian “The Machine” Freeman
  3. Curtis “Bang Em Out” Stout vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos
  4. Cage Rage British Featherweight Title: Robbie “The Flame” Oliver vs. Brad “One Punch” Pickett
  5. Dave “The Enforcer” Legeno vs. Mark “The Beast” Epstein
  6. Henry Miller vs. Robert “The Buzz” Berry
  7. Daijiro Matsui vs. Zelg Galesic
  8. Chris Bacon vs. Andy Costello
  9. Marc Walder vs. Eddie Ruiz
  10. Darren Geisha vs. Dean Bray

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One Response to “Cage Rage 17 Card”

  1. LOL at the ‘Friends’ storyline come to life in the Abbott fight but its a fight I don’t really care about, much like everything else Abbott has done this century.

    Manhoef-Freeman and Cyborg-Santos have the potential to be just awesome wars.

    Olivier-Pickett is a cracking rematch that should settle a few arguments.

    Will be interesting to see how much of the attendance is put down to the “big stars” like Tank when Legeno and Epstein will likl;ey sell far more tickets and have a crazy Takayama-Frye type fight with utterly bonkers interviews.

    Miller-Berry – short slugfest.

    Matsui-Galesic is a mtach up I’m not a fan of. Galesic has serious potential but Matsui can make him look bad.

    Basically a typical Cage Rage show, just knocked up a notch or two – tons of fights that promise out and out brawling.

    I’ll definitely be there – even though I absolutely despise London in the summer.


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