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Onita is back in puroresu

By T2y-Sano | March 28, 2006

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By Tetsuya Sano


“Jadoh” Onita is back to puroresu for only one day.


This story source is here by Sportsnavi


Atsushi Onita, who is a member of the House of Councilors, came to the ZERO-ONE MAX 3/28 Korakuen Hall show and had interview with Shinjiro Otani (ZERO-ONE MAX leader) and Yoshiyuki Nakamura (First on Stage president). He wants to appear on the ZERO-ONE MAX 4/1 Yasukuni Shrine show. Onita said, “This is memorial event to thank people who died for Japan and If it could be be,I would like to fight there” to Nakamura& Otani.

Nakamura said, “We want Onita-san to do (6-man) tag match. Onita and former FMW wrestler Masato Tanaka as “Onita presents” match.” Otani said, “Please do it.” Onita is a retired wrestler, and he thinks, “It is a delicate fact as a politician, but there must be room to dedicate myself to puroresu.” His match is Onita, Tanaka, & Lingerie Mutoh vs. three wrestlers TBA.


So, Onita is back.
I want him and Inoki not to touch puroresu anymore.


By the way, most readers of this site are not Japan. What are your feelings about the Yasukuni shrine pro-wrestling show?
The Yasukuni shrine site is one of controversy in Asian history and politics.


I want pure wrestling without a story like Japan vs. China.
And after match, I like wrestlers who admire each other.


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