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« | Home | » Top 25 Heavyweights

By jasonadams | March 1, 2006

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By Jason Adams has voted on the top 25 fighters at each weight class and I will release one a day between now and Saturday. First up is the Heavyweights.


1.Emelianenko Fedor
2.Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
3.Andrei Arlovski
4.Mirko Cro Cop
5.Sergei Kharitonov
6.Mark Hunt
7.Emelianenko Alexander
8.Josh Barnett
9.Tim Sylvia
10.Fabricio Werdum
11.Frank Mir
12.Kazuyuki Fujita
13.James Thompson
14.Jeff Monson
15.Hidehiko Yoshida
16.Ryoto Machida
17.Mark Coleman
18.Semmy Schilt
19.Sam Greco
20.Heath Herring
21.Brandon Vera
22.Marcio Cruz
23.Assuerio Silva
24.Pedro Rizzo
25.Paul Buentello

Keep in mind these rankings are only the opinion’s of the columnists of FightOpinion and are meant to spark disscussion. Who’s too high? Who’s too low? Who got snubbed? Let us know and maybe next time we can get it right.

Light Heavyweights are tomorrow!

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12 Responses to “ Top 25 Heavyweights”

  1. Tony says:

    Kharitonov at 5 is too high after getting destroyed on Sunday.

    Hunt may be too low.

    I don’t think Yoshida belongs on the list.

    It’s scary how much better Fedor is than the rest.

  2. Tomer says:

    It should be noted that PRIDE 31 wasn’t factored into the rankings as it was done before last Sunday.

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    For those who wondered about my picks, let’s just say that Mirko was not as high on my list as he was on the overall list. And Josh & Yoshida were higher, as well.

  4. Rich says:

    I’d put Yoshida over mir, and Hunt over Kharitonov, maybe even tied with Mirko.

  5. Jason says:

    Mir has absolutely no business being on this list.

  6. Zach Arnold says:

    A top 12 or top 15 list would be better than 25. It’s impossible to find 25 good heavyweights now. In smaller weight classes, you can. Heavyweights? I had trouble coming up with more than 9!

  7. Dr J says:

    I’d switch Hunt and Kharitonov, move Mir down to 14 and swap Monson and Thompson.

    Oh yeah, drop Pedro Rizzo all together. This guy needs to R.I.P.

  8. Jason says:

    I think having it go to 25 makes it even more controversial. Which is good. Stir the pot.

  9. Jason says:

    Mir has no business in the top 25 at all? And Rizzo probably will drop out after his last Pride fight.

  10. mr. roadblock says:

    Barnett is not a top 10 HW at this point. He has been very unimpressive in his comeback. What’s the obsession w/ him Zach?

    Actually after looking at the list again, I’d put Sylvia and Werdum over Barnett. That makes him 10. Maybe there shouldn’t be anyone above him.

    Machida, Fujit and Herring are all better fighters than he is and maybe better than Werdum also but they haven’t been active enough lately. Vera could be top 10 by the end of the year but his competition hasn’t been high enough yet. HW is a sad sack weight class these days.

  11. Zach Arnold says:

    Heavyweights – Fedor, Nogueira, Arlovski, and then you can debate either Hunt or Barnett in the 4th slot. Right now, who are the top 4 guys likely favored in the open-weight tournament on 5/5 at the Osaka Dome? Overeem, Hunt, Nogueira, and Barnett. Nogueira and Barnett are the two best out of that class. The heavyweight division is not that stacked at all, and Barnett’s fight style either wins or makes his opponents look ugly (like he did against Mirko – a fight where both guys got damaged, but Mirko got damaged more).

    Against mid-to-top-level fighters, Werdum has to show us more in order to cement a real ranking position. Against Kharitonov, he lost an ugly fight – a fight that he probably could have finished if he had more MMA experience. Against Einemo, Werdum was better on the stand-up (training with Mirko helps) but was not able to get anything substantive on the ground. Werdum’s big problem now is finishing a fight. It took him a while to finish off Tom Erikson, and Tom doesn’t train MMA full time. Werdum has lots of potential, but let’s see how things develop long-term.

    Heath has been hurt badly by the politics behind the scenes in Japan, so it’s caused a lot of instability in his career. The same can be said for Ryoto Machida, who is a very nice guy. Fujita is always the X-factor because he can do some damage against the right opponents, but you have to carefully book him to get the right results.

  12. UFC 240 says:

    Frankie has got to be the fighter I respect most out of anyone in the fight game, so I really hope he can pull off the upset. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will be a good fight no matter what.


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