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Bas Rutten back in PRIDE

By Zach Arnold | January 25, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

MMA Weekly says he has signed a new deal with the company.

Reaction (and pictures) on Sherdog.

Past related link: Bas Rutten gone from PRIDE

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5 Responses to “Bas Rutten back in PRIDE”

  1. Hoss says:

    It appears the story is indeed true.

    Total MMA contacted Mauro Ranallo for his thoughts last night and he commented that Bas had called him to explain the situation – before announcing his joy that Rutten had signed a new deal with Pride.

    An update is available at Total MMA.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    Glad you got a hold of Ranallo. Mysteriously he hasn’t been returning calls for months to me. *laugh*

  3. Tobu says:

    Wow if this goes through it will be great! Bas Rutten is one of the best MMA commentators out there and he was really missed on the new years show. Frank Trigg did a very good job but he isn’t Bas.
    This is great the ” Liver Shot!” will return!

  4. Early says:

    Bas and Quadros were good together, but without each other…not so much.
    I wouldn’t mind a new commentator team, as Mauro doesnt do much for me either.
    But this is what we got now, i guess it’ll be alright.

  5. Hazard says:

    Great news! Trigg was surpriseingly good with his commentary at Shockwave but Bas is really a special character… Pride would really not be the same without him.

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