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UFC Ultimate Fight Night Live 1/16

By Zach Arnold | January 5, 2006

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Card line-up at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is as follows:

The strange thing about this card is that, until I went to UFC’s web site to check it out, I had not heard anything about the matches on this entire show. And I consider myself a maniac for information. Is anyone else reading this post finding themselves reading this card line-up for the first time, too?

It’s actually a good card line-up. Aaron Riley is a great, great fighter. Why PRIDE didn’t decide to keep him after his one big win in Japan, I have no clue. Interesting to see Duane Ludwig out of K-1 and I’m curious to see how he will fare.

Easily the toughest match to call is the Stephan Bonnar vs. James Irvin fight. A very difficult match to predict. I’ll take Irvin in a very, very close fight. Let’s hear some of your predictions.

Side note I: A UFC fan comments on watching the PRIDE Man Festival 2005 PPV. I completely understand where this fan is coming from. If the person who wrote that post is reading this, I want you to check this out:

Related link: PRIDE US PPV version of 12/31 Saitama event

Side note II: Here is a very interesting post about comparing UFC to PRIDE. The reason PRIDE earns a ton of respect from the hardcore fans is that they are willing to throw the big cash to the top names in the world. Where the money comes from is another debate for another time, but the reality is that DSE spends far, far more money than UFC does in terms of investing in their own product.

Side note III: More thoughts & analysis on the card here.

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2 Responses to “UFC Ultimate Fight Night Live 1/16”

  1. More on Pride FC Shockwave

    After my post the other day, has commented and pointed me to their thread here.
    I was actually aware that the event had been cut thanks to John Griffin, but I wasnt aware of the full extent of the cuts.
    It’s one thing when Japane…

  2. HuyNguyen says:

    This Fight Night Card looks terriffic. It’s better than must PPV events. It’s too bad Bang’s fight is an under card and may not be shown that night.


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