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Ikuhisa Minowa Signed For Cage Rage 15!

By Adam Underhill | January 4, 2006

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It has been reported that PRIDE fighter Ikuhisa Minowa has been signed by Cage Rage to fight on their 2/4/06 Adrenalin Rush card at the Wembley Conference Centre in London, U.K. He has been booked to fight Dave Legeno. Legeno’s last fight was against Alan Murdock at Cage Rage 14 on 12/3/05 where he lost via submission.

There are also rumours of Vitor Belfort vs. Igor Vovchancyhn making the rounds on the MMA news sites, but as of yet nothing has been signed or made official.

The official fight card and other information can be found at the Cage Rage website at

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3 Responses to “Ikuhisa Minowa Signed For Cage Rage 15!”

  1. Adam Summers says:

    This is very good news for Cage Rage. Regardless of Minowa’s loss to Sakuraba, he is one of the most charasmatic fighters in the business…not to mention a pretty damn good fighter.

    Belfort v. Vovchanchyn would be quite the intriguing matchup…esp. if Vovchanchyn is ready to strike with Belfort. The tentative, calculated approach hasn’t exactly worked out fot Igor so far.

  2. The UK scene is picking up heavily. I plan on attending this event and will provide a review on the event, could even appear on the FightOpinion Radio show to do some coverage!

    The card is shaping out to be a great event.

  3. Ian Dean says:

    Cage Rage have said on our forum that Vitor Belfort vs. Igor Vovchancyhn is not happening.

    Good to see u covering UK MMA though


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