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Nick Diaz re-issues challenge to GSP, says he can’t be beat

By Zach Arnold | October 11, 2010

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DANNY ACOSTA: “Nick, did you make it a point to box with KJ to prove that you had better boxing?”

NICK DIAZ: “Uh… no, I think that he was going to, you know, it was going to have to be that way. He was force me to stand up and throw punches at him, so that’s what I had to do, you know. The only reason why I got him down is that I knocked him down, so… that’s the only reason why I was trying to take him down again because, you know, I don’t think I realized that, you know, that’s how I was going on top was knocking him down, not taking him down so I shouldn’t have been trying to take him down at all and I think I could have finished the fight if I had just kept it on the feet and been just a little more patient and I knew that was the key was to be patient in this fight and I’m a better stand-up fighter and… I just, this time I trained a lot on not running in, you know, when I stand conventional I don’t throw as many punches so I knew that was going to benefit me if I just stayed that way the whole time I can catch him coming in and that’s what I did, you know… felt good out there.”

DANNY ACOSTA: “Having been in there with him before, did you respect his power a little more?”

NICK DIAZ: “No, it’s not about power, you know, it’s not about power. It’s just about doing the right thing, you know? It’s not about him hitting hard or me hitting hard, we both hit hard, we’re both hard punchers. So…”

DANNY ACOSTA: “Are you happy the KJ Noons saga is over?”

NICK DIAZ: “Uh, yeah, you know, I want to get on to fighting some more important people and not that this guy’s not a great fighter, you know, I give it to you, man, you’re a good fighter. Uh… you know… this guy built a name on me, though, you know. I want to fight somebody who built their own name, you know, in MMA.”

DANNY ACOSTA: “Who are those guys?”

NICK DIAZ: “I want to fight the best in the world, you know, so if you don’t think I’m the best in the world, then bring me the best in the world. I want to fight Georges St. Pierre and I think that he’s the best and I think that, you know, if you don’t think I’m the best, then let me fight this guy. I think, you know, people need to stand up and say something, make this happen, you know.”

DANNY ACOSTA: “You successfully defended your title for the first time. You said you want to win titles in three weight classes. Is that something you want to pursue immediately?”

NICK DIAZ: “Yeah, you know, I would like to fight at 155 pounds, I would. I can make that weight, I can make, you know, 185 I’ll fight that weight, I’ll fight at whatever you know I just want to be paid for it, I want someone to offer me the fight, you know, if that’s what’s up, you know. You know my brother can do it, I can do it, you know, and… you know… he likes fighting at 155 pounds, too, he’s only fighting at 170 when they want him to, you know… so… just depending on what time of the season, you know, if I’d rather fight at a lighter weight or a heavier weight, I can do it all, man. I’d just like to get paid for it, you know.”

DANNY ACOSTA: “Do you feel you’re finally respected as a pound-for-pound in this sport?”

NICK DIAZ: “Why not, you know? Who’s out there, I mean, C’MON, how do these guys expect to beat me, you know? I mean, like, who you got… who’s out there, you know? I’ve fought everybody, you know. They don’t let me fight Georges, you know, I fought everybody that fought him already pretty much, you know.”

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19 Responses to “Nick Diaz re-issues challenge to GSP, says he can’t be beat”

  1. Chromium says:

    Diaz had his hands full with KJ Noons. Okay, maybe Noons was underrated, but after seeing that fight I have to think GSP would completely clown him. Diaz would get leg-humped for 25 straight minutes and he’d be powerless to stop it.

  2. edub says:

    I am a big Diaz fan, but this is annoying.

    “I’ve fought everybody, you know. They don’t let me fight Georges, you know, I fought everybody that fought him already pretty much, you know.”

    Diaz hasn’t fought Fitch, Alves, Hughes, Hardy, Koscheck, Serra, Penn, or even Hieron for that matter.

    You can’t talk about being the best in the world when you haven’t beat anyone in the top ten (in any weight class) yet.

    • Gary says:

      Agree with you up until the last statement.
      Lets not forget he beat Drew Fickett, Robbie Lawler, and Takanori Gomi, and all were ranked near the tops of their divisions at the time of the fights.

      • edub says:

        I agree on Gomi. Lawler and Ficket were fringe contenders at the time for 170 so I couldn’t agree/disagree.

        My statement was more to represent recent history though. The Lawler fight was 6 years ago (Probably my all-time favorite fight because of the participants BTW), and it’s been 5 years since the Fickett fight. The Gomi was in early 2007 so that’s almost 4 years old now too.

      • Steve4192 says:

        Gomi was the only ranked guy among those three.

        Lawler was never ranked in the top 10 at WW, and his star was already falling by the time he fought Diaz (thanks to Pete Spratt exposing a giant hole in his game).

        Fickett was nothing more than a Octagon virgin when Diaz beat him. Also, as good as The Master was pre-booze implosion, he was never an elite fighter. His claim to fame was getting his ass beat for 14 minutes by a VERY green Josh Koscheck and then hitting a Hail Mary knee in the final minute. Aside from that win, he pretty much alternated wins and losses during his UFC career (including a submission loss to the utterly forgettable ‘Peoples Warrior’).

      • Chuck says:

        Let’s not forget that the win over Gomi got changed to a no contest, so it doesn’t count anymore.

  3. DANGEROUS DAN says:

    Sounds like somebody has a case of the Toney’s and wants in on a big payday. Problem is like Toney this is “I am speaking out of ego first” then once truth has reared its ugly head somebody gets exposed

  4. fd says:

    “I’ve fought everyone who fought him, pretty much. By which I mean I’ve fought one guy who fought him, and lost, and am actively ducking two other guys that fought him.”

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Dr. Drew says that if you smoke pot for long enough, it will make you crazy. For some people it can be the first time. Other people it will take 20 years of heavy use. But eventually it can happen.

    Looks like the pot is messing with Diaz’s mind.

    That and his payday, which was being reported at $50,000 for this event. There is a reason why he wants to fight GSP. He knows how much money he could be making in the UFC compared to SF.

  6. Nepal says:

    If Diaz wants to fight the best, he should fight the best in his division in Strikeforce… and by that I mean T. Wood of course.

    Wait til a powerhouse of a wrestler with way more pop in his fists gets ahold of Nick. I see Nick going way up in the air followed by a hard landing. Woodley likely won’t get subbed by Diaz. If I were Diaz I’d be avoiding Woodley like he’s Jason Miller.

  7. I like Nick Diaz plenty, and he’d be a fresh name to GSP’s roster of victims who might mean something in a historical context, so its not like I’m terribly adverse to Nick getting signed and being given the fight right away, assuming GSP fights and disposes of the Shields/Kampmann winner first. I’m not that offended by some guy trying to get himself some hype.

    • edub says:

      You wouldn’t have a problem with him coming in, and fighting GSP before having to go against a Fitch or an Alves?

      • Honestly, I wouldn’t have a huge issue with it, so long as he fights Shields first. To me, that’s the top contender at 170. Hell, there’s a reasonable argument that he’s the top contender at 185. I think once he beats Kampmann (which I see him doing over 15 minutes), there should be no reason not to give him the shot over Alves or Fitch. Alves sure as hell hasn’t done anything to justify getting a title shot since the first GSP fight and John Howard isn’t remotely that kind of win. Fitch actually beat real fighters – he beat Alves and Thiago, and has a few wins that frankly aren’t very special against mostly nonUFC caliber opposition. I would like to see GSP take care of the big business before returning to beat retreads. Besides, there’s plenty of guys Fitch can fight in the meantime that are fully justifiable tough matchups. Why not let him go beat up Chris Lytle or Matt Serra? If they won’t take the fight, let him drub some more nobodies and collect a few paychecks. Is anyone gonna be offended if they make a fight with him and Karo Parisyan?

      • david m says:

        Diaz presents some problems for GSP; I don’t think he would win, but unlike Shields/Kos/Fitch, he may be able to outstrike Georges, and he is a great bottom player.

        Fitch could never beat GSP because GSP is better than he is at everything and a much better athlete; Kos could never beat GSP because Georges is better at everything and not a moron; Shields could never beat GSP because Jake couldn’t outstrike Gina Carano and he can’t take Georges down.

        Nick has length, has pretty good boxing, cardio for days, and great jits. He would lose, but it would be the most compelling fight the UFC could make at 170 IMO.

        • This is basically how I feel. Koscheck only has a shot at beating GSP in the rematch standing, and that happens to be a position where he’s also been torched in the past by lesser fighters multiple times. Fitch basically doesn’t have a chance but is in the mix simply because no one else in the welterweight division will fight him or can beat him. Shields I thought would be easily overpowered by Henderson, a much larger and more decorated wrestler. When that didn’t happen, well, that changed my thinking drastically regarding his shot at GSP. I still think he loses, but he might be competitive in a dull affair.

          But Diaz would come to win and would be willing to put himself in bad positions to win. And while I think his odds are worse than Shields and probably even with Kampmann to win against GSP, he’d make for an entertaining contest and probably even trouble Georges. As an “optional opponent” sort of fighter, he’s more interesting to me than Dan Hardy, for sure.

        • david m says:

          Alan I just don’t see Shields having a shot in hell of taking GSP down, and on the feet it is going to be like the GSP-Fitch massacre, only much quicker and less competitive. Fitch is incredibly tough and his boxing has gotten quite decent; Shields looks like he is always 1 punch away from unconscious, like he has never been hit before and is terrified.

  8. Mr.roadblock says:

    The mma “media” is such a joke. Especially the clown doin this interview. If you arent going to follow up with ‘so are you looking to bolt for the ufc?’ just go home. 

    Nick Diaz seems like a complete moron. But he must realize SF and UFC arent going to co-promote him vs GSP. 

    So does he want to leave?  How many fights does he have left?  These are obvious questions. 

  9. MikeJJ says:

    “Nick Diaz re-issues challenge to GSP, says he can’t be beat”

    says he can’t be beat….he’s talking about GSP who can’t be beat, huh?

    Watch what you wish for Nick. Clear up your act, get your anger issues managed, stop the weed smoking and the UFC might pic you up again.

    My guess is that the challenge is Nick’s way to say he wants back into the UFC…


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