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Shane Carwin’s public response on steroid scandal involves remarks to Roy Nelson

By Zach Arnold | August 17, 2010

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Here’s Roy Nelson from 8/14:

Just woke up and was reading the mma news websites and only one had real news ufc champ shane carwin steroids court case.

I am surprised that athletes in mma do steroids ;( that explains body types.

Let see if real news sources investigate the steroid claims, mmajunkie, mmaweekly, sherdog, espn, etc I like good news.

Article is

Jason Genet, the manager of Shane Carwin who said that his client would release a statement on the matter pertaining to him being named in a steroid investigation in Mobile, Alabama, said the following on his Twitter account:

I love Roy Nelson trying to elevate his status by talking smacks. Hopefully he is doing so on a treadmil. Some have rolls he has a bakery.

How does going after Roy Nelson on Twitter address the matter of being named in a Federal investigation for steroids?

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23 Responses to “Shane Carwin’s public response on steroid scandal involves remarks to Roy Nelson”

  1. mattio says:

    The problem with someone being easily accessible and highly opinionated is that when they go silent on something, alarm bells start going off. At least for me they do. Carwin should have addressed this days ago.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    1) Anybody who didn’t do roids would be very vocal about it. Especially after being accused.

    2) Carwin bashed the MMA Media before UFC 116. He can’t expect a balanced analysis from those guys now. Those MMA “News” Sites are bad enough as it is. They will likely be worse when they are going after somebody who has already dissed them.

    3) MMA Fans are out of sync with reality on the topic of steroids in the year 2010. People don’t care as much anymore. Sure, there are quick headlines here or there, but then everything goes back to normal. A-Rod admitted taking roids, the story quickly ended, and now he plays baseball like nothing ever happened. What made the steroid issue so big a few years ago was the LACK of testing and MLB being in denial about it. As long as Carwin is tested now, it’s not much of a story really. And I highly doubt anybody in the main stream media cares.

    • edub says:

      “MMA Fans are out of sync with reality on the topic of steroids in the year 2010. People don’t care as much anymore. Sure, there are quick headlines here or there, but then everything goes back to normal.”

      Dude, you are outta your mind. Alex Rodriguez’s name barely comes up without steroid use being mentioned. It is already being talked about that he won’t get into the HOF eventhough he is easily one of the best of all time.

      If Shane carwin had beaten Brock this story would be nuts on ESPN.

      • Alexander Cross says:

        Definitely agree, ridiculous statement by 45 Huddle. Sometimes I just think he says things to get a reaction.

        Anyone who takes steroids will be questioned for the rest of their lifetime. People will wonder just how good they were or are without them. A-Rod, Palmeiro, Bonds and Carwin will be questioned no doubt. But as we seen, people in MMA who take steroids often lose their fights anyways.

  3. Jemaleddin says:

    Wow – that’s an old joke. Is there something you can inject for a better sense of humor?

  4. lydian says:

    This beef started when Nelson said in an interview before UFC 117 that Carwin basically quit the fight against Lesnar, which in essence is true. Then someone told about that comment to Carwin on Twitter and he got butt hurt. Big man, thin skin…

  5. fd says:

    After his last fight, Carwin is about the last person whose representatives should be talking about someone else getting on a treadmill.

  6. garth says:

    Seriously, logical fallacy anyone? No answer for the question, so you attack the guy?
    And really, if they do serious roids testing who wouldn’t come up positive in the UFC? Anyone? Maybe Mac Danzig.

  7. Chris says:

    Take that Roy Nelson!

  8. sammy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that was a stupid comment by Roy Nelson? The guy trains at home (probably in front of his TV, drinking a beer) and is fatass. So he’s basically saying that anyone who isnt fat like him is taking steroids?? He should keep his mouth shut (in more ways than one) and get into halfway decent shape. He looked like crap against Dos Santos so he’s trying to take the attention away from his shortcomings. Regardless of Carwin’s roiding, its still a cheapshot, and an excuse for his fat ass.

  9. David M says:

    If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

    GSP is still loved by fans despite greasing to win, so I don’t really think steroids should hurt Carwin’s fan appeal.

    • DarthVader says:

      Except he didn’t.

      Anyone with a handful of brain cells who saw and read the ‘evidence’ realized the obvious: that someone’s fingertips rubbing GSPs upper pecs with trace amounts of Vaseline (and then having it wiped off with a towel) would have zero effect on the outcome of a fight.

      That’s probably why he hasn’t lost any fans. 😉

      But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

      Anderson Silva giving himself a two-minute, head-to-toe rubdown with gobs of Vaseline? Yeah, that *might* just have an effect on a BJJ guy.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Seems like he is reflecting.

    And I’m not hearing a “I did not take steroids and those are lies” here.

  11. Fluyid says:

    Just had a look at Carwin’s Twitter account.

    Some guy asked him if he’s going to comment on this steroid stuff. Here is his reply:

    “I am fighting that fight currently. Being told I cant I however feel like I should.”

  12. grafdog says:

    Some have rolls, he has a bakery… Some have roids, I’ve had a pharmacies worth.

  13. Fluyid says:

    “There is no denying that Shane Carwin received illegally obtained steroids from APS and Infinite Health from a period of January 2006-August 2006. This has been shown in various documents seized in the raids of August 30th, 2006. It is also possible that signed prescriptions that were faxed by Dr. Tucker or Mr. Branch with Shane Carwin’s name on it were intercepted by the DEA when the lines were tapped. Before this period, Shane Carwin fought in a WEC Heavyweight match on October 14th, 2005 against Carlton Jones (230 lbs) at or below (exact weight unavailable) the heavyweight limit of 265. Five months later at Extreme Wars 2, Carwin fought Casey Jackson as a superheavyweight. During that time Carwin received the illegal steroids, he fought in an additional three mixed martial arts events as superheavyweight at the weight of 285-290 pounds.”

  14. Steve4192 says:

    WEC’s HW division was uncapped when Carwin beat Carlton Jones. He was close to three bills in that fight.

  15. robthom says:

    It all seems somewhat irrelevant IMO.

    Carwin/Brock was a title fight so he passed the test right?

    The accusation is only that he allegedly (I like that word) obtained steroids 4 years ago.


    If he’s not juiced during the fight I dont really care what he does in his bedroom.

    Not a significant reason for two fighters that I like to get bitchy.

    (But then again I guess any reason is really good enough for an argument isn’t it).

  16. Jeff says:

    It does matter if he has taken steroids in the past actually .. Your muscles have what’s called memory muscle , and if he was extremely huge at one point on juice , it’s easier to get the muscle back naturally afterwards. He’s a cheating prick and should be banned from the ufc.

  17. steroid losers says:

    Bobby Lashley sucks, period.
    Taken out on a stetcher, what a DOUCHE.

    I am glad Griggs handed him his ass. Get these cheaters and former fake wrestlers out of my site. They deserve to earn what the cheaters of world’s strongest man, all steroid users, used to earn, nothing. These guys have been taking steroids, hgh, and anything else they can get their hands on to cheat. If Bobby Lashley was that big from naturally working out he would not get gassed out by round 1. Steroids stop glucocorticoids from allowing the immune system to strengthen muscle properly. I have met the guy. Huge biceps with tiny wrists with guitar string tendons. Any doctor can see he cheated to get where he is at. Steroids deposit fat, because we all need it like it or not, in the arteries and veins rather than deposits on stomach, etc. Bobby looks like he has no fat, steroid bullshit. We need to start testing by blood olympic style and not just piss tests. They should even do a fat cell check for steroids that would show who has been cheating for many years in the past. It does not matter the cost. The cost is me wasting time watching this pumped up loser fight who never should have been in Strikeforce to begin with. Get rid of the cheaters, you too UFC Shane Carwin federal scandal, or people are going elsewhere. Notice Carwin got gassed in round 1 as well, steroids. This goes for football, baseball, bicycling, etc. We are tired of the cheaters, and your pocketbooks are going to get a little smaller, mark my words. If Congress is listening, drop the hammer on these guys already, at least Olympic standard blood random tests. There are plenty of legit athletes ready to take their place. Maybe we can finally see who the real genetic God of War is, but not with lab created bullshit.

    Tired of the Bullshit

  18. gjohnson says:

    Shane Carwin is a ROID . Thats HEMOROID!! Hes a cheater. Dana needs to wash his hands of this POS!!


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