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Report: UFC 112 Abu Dhabi judge Doug Crosby in hot water

By Zach Arnold | April 13, 2010

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Yesterday, I said that if Doug Crosby was a smart man, he would be privately and publicly apologizing to UFC regulatory boss Marc Ratner for his behavior since the UFC 112 event ended.

Now comes word that Crosby has been read the riot act by several powerful people in Mixed Martial Arts. This comes via Dave Meltzer on his radio show early this morning:

“Doug Crosby’s in a lot of trouble right now because apparently Doug Crosby went on the Internet and was trolling people on the Internet, you know, and making fun of them and all this, you know as far as they’re ripping on him and he’s making fun of them and that is conduct unbecoming a judge and I know several of the commissions called him and then UFC called him as well and they told him to, you know, do not be, you know… GET OFF THE INTERNET and there’s a lot of commissions right now very upset about judges on the Internet. I think that they were very mad at Cecil Peoples when he made that stupid leg kick thing after the Shogun Rua fight with Machida and you know so I think that there’s going to be, you know, one of the new rules judging unofficial rule is like you can’t do 10-10s even though you’re allowed to but everyone knows you really can’t and is that you cannot go out there and troll people on the Internet after you know things, I mean… I don’t see anything wrong with a judge going out there and explaining, unless he’s a fricking moron and explain like well, leg kicks don’t count, well that’s… then he probably shouldn’t be judging, honestly, but I don’t see anything wrong with a judge explaining but a judge should absolutely not be out there making fun of people.

Then again, you know, I don’t know… (laughs) The Internet’s a funny thing, I mean, should Dana be on Twitter telling everyone fuck you? And he’s doing that and he’s fricking, he’s the most powerful guy in the whole business! I mean, so, he’s setting quite the example here.”

Mr. Crosby should re-read my advice from yesterday. It would serve him well if he wants to continue having a career as a judge in Mixed Martial Arts.

Jordan Breen of Sherdog:

Based on the volume of email I’ve got about it, I wonder if people are ready to let Doug Crosby usurp Cecil Peoples as the go-to hated judge.

(The) Real hope here is that fans and media get mad enough that when the UFC need out-of-state judges, Crosby never comes up for fear of backlash.

Josh Gross of Sports Illustrated:

Just got off the phone with Doug Crosby, who speaks the way he posts on forums. He declined to address his scoring of Penn-Edgar.

I tried several times to get him to speak, pointing out that he’s already gone public on the Underground. “No means no,” Crosby said.

Strangest 2 min. convo ever. He asked me how my family was and then said he confused me with another Josh Gross from Calif.

He asked how I got the number, then said it was his assistant’s. He was doing her a favor by answering. Also asked about the weather in L.A.

If I’m a mixed martial artist in position to dictate such things, Doug Crosby never judges my fight.

Media Report: Mike Whitehead allegedly in hot water with Las Vegas police

Let Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal tell you what’s up:

KLAS TV 8 in Las Vegas says Mike Whitehead is wanted for sexual assault and drug charges.

according to story, police came to his LV home because of suspected sexual assault and discovered a marijuana growing operation.

KLAS is the CBS affiliate in Vegas.

Today’s media notebook

Brock Lesnar compares Vince McMahon and Dana White:

If I had to say one thing about Vince it would be ruthless. If I had to say something about Dana it would be diligent and somewhat brilliant. Two different approaches to business. I had a great run with WWE. WWE gave me great visibility, I met my wife there, and I got paid a lot of money, it was just my time to go. I sensed it. I was smart enough to leave. That’s the bottom line.

Quote of the Day (about Liddell/Ortiz being changed to Liddell/Franklin)

Bryan Alvarez: “See that’s why it was confusing. I mean, to me, Dana has a track record of largely being a straight shooter.”

Dave Meltzer: “Except when he doesn’t want to be. Or when he loses his temper.”

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21 Responses to “Report: UFC 112 Abu Dhabi judge Doug Crosby in hot water”

  1. Mark says:

    I can picture it now.

    Dana: “Damn it, Doug! Stop stealing my online gimmick calling these fucktards fucktards!”

    As for 10-10 rounds, if they’re not going to do many 10-8’s (even when they’re greatly deserved) then they certainly shouldn’t do 10-10’s. If they’re going to do it, I think they should change the rule to making it 9-9 rounds, since if you’re going to score it like that it is because you have two guys not doing much of anything and they should be docked for it.

    The Liddell-Franklin fight, which is obviously much more interesting than a snoozer with Ortiz, is interesting. How can you be so sure the Ortiz fight is going to happen you film a whole episode of TUF around it then start talking about feeding him Randy instead and now giving him Rich? It’s not like they didn’t know Tito sucks because this was filmed after his pathetic performance against Griffin. I don’t get it. Is Tito refusing to fight? Is he now going to give him the Rampage treatment for ruining a TUF coach fight?

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Crosby should never judge again. Just like McCarthy should never ref again. Once your opinions are made known, you kind of lose the benefit of objectivity….

  3. ajz123 says:

    There is a world of difference between Big John and Crosby. The one is totally competent, the other is not. That is what is most important.

  4. jj says:

    “If I’m a mixed martial artist in position to dictate such things, Doug Crosby never judges my fight.”

    I know that fighters can definitely refuse specific referee’s but can they do the same for judges?

    • Robert Poole says:

      I don’t think UFC really does have any say because Dana White has constantly bitched and complained about Steve Mazzagatti and can’t seem to get him pulled off of his assignments.

      • jj says:

        I never said the UFC has a say in the matter and I’m not asking about the UFC refusing specific judges. I’m asking about the fighters.

        But since you bring up the UFC…They don’t have a say for events held in areas that have an athletic commission, but they definitely have their say in places like Abu Dhabi. They picked the refs, judges, etc. for that event and Mazzagatti was no where to be found.

  5. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Looks like BJ chose ‘A’ from my poll: phantom injury.

    I’m so sick of his constant excuses. If you step in the cage man up and take the result. I’m sure everybody he’s beaten could whine and make up a phantom injury if they wanted to.

    • Fluyid says:

      Everyone goes into a fight with something. I guarantee you that every single fighter could state something that is wrong or bothering him/her.

      These excuses really seem weak.

      • edub says:

        Completely agree.

        Really a sinus infection? We all know you’ve never had the best cardio so you gassing wasn’t a surprise. Just try and come back stronger.

        One thing I will give BJ is I can never remember him dropping out of a matchup with the excuse of an injury.

        On other fronts do you guys like the idea of BJ getting an immediate rematch?

    • 45 Huddle says:

      With all the of the excuses BJ Penn has, I’m shocked he isn’t half Brazilian.

      The good thing that comes out of UFC 112 is the Lightweight Division. The UFC is already talking immediate rematch. I think right now they can do a nice 4 man eliminator to take up the division for the rest of the year. On the same card it should be…

      Penn/Edgar and Maynard/Florian…. Or perhaps Edgar/Florian and Penn/Maynard…. Personally I like the first choice better. Then have the winners of those 2 fights fight each other in late 2010 or early 2011.

      All of this beats the prospects of hearing the same old story line: “Unbeatable Champion with no real challengers…”

  6. […] UFC 112, where he gave Frankie Edgar the decision over BJ Penn with a redonkulous 50-45 score. Zach over at Fight Opinion has a quote from his holiness Dave Meltzer’s radio show: “Doug Crosby’s in a lot of […]

  7. robthom says:

    “Just got off the phone with Doug Crosby, who speaks the way he posts on forums. …”

    OMG, Lol @ this.

    But you kinda already got the idea that the guy was an authentic jerk after reading his whole shpiel.

    I’m not even sure that technically qualifies as trolling when your just genuinely being the assh0le that you are.

  8. spacedog says:

    No way in hell Penn edgar should be an automatic rematch. Edgar won fair and square and Penn should have to earn another shot. Also by forcing Penn to fight a few times you let other fighters have a shot at wearing the belt. Say MAynard fights Edgar for the belt and wins. Then you have florian fight MAynard and lets say he wins. Now you have Penn florian II for the belt, then an Edgar rematch with Penn, then MAynard gets a rematch as a former champ.

    In other words, you give a few guys a chance at the belt and you create a bunch of legit rematches/title shots. Also it creates a few good fights a Penn climbs the hill again.
    No way in hell should the UFC just throw the same fight again.

  9. […] with his decision to hit the internet and act like a 14-year-old. As Dave Melzer first reported and FightOpinion took down, Mr. Crosby’s phone has been blowing up, of late, and not in a good way. Doug Crosby’s in a […]

  10. A. Taveras says:

    A champ who was billed as being super-dominant shouldn’t have to earn his way back to the title, especially if he lost his belt in a close match. I’d like to see Penn vs Edgar 2 ASAP. And I agree with Meltzer it should be OK for judges to speak on why they scored as they did, but only if they can do it professionally.

  11. mr. roadblock says:

    I dont think BJ deserves an immediate rematch. The fight wasnt very good and it was mostly BJ’s fault fir trying to do as little as possible to win. Make him earn it and show that he is hungry.

    Matt Hughes didnt get an immediate rematch with GSP or BJ and he was a much more dominant champ than BJ.

    I say do Edgar vs Maynard for the belt. Then have BJ vs Florian for number one contender. Because Florian does not deserve a third crack at the gold unlwss he can beat BJ. That he had two ahots already is prerty ridiculous.

    • Mark says:

      The difference is Hughes got handily beat by GSP and Penn-Edgar was very close and some say incorrectly judged.

      And more importantly, nobody wants to see Maynard headline a show because nobody enjoys his fights. And there’s a good chance he’ll take the title. So if people think GSP fights are boring imagine UFC trying to sell Maynard snoozefests. It’s only slightly better than Jon Fitch in the main event. Since the UFC is a business and they’re outspoken about their hate of boring fighters, I cannot see a rush to get Maynard a title shot just because he was the first guy to beat Edgar.

  12. Grape Knee High says:

    Is Meltzer mildly retarded or something? Because that transcript makes him sound like white trash that had trouble graduating from the 2nd grade.


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