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Nick Lembo and NJACB issue public statement on Sean Salmon, announces replacement

By Zach Arnold | September 4, 2009

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Here it is:

I have discussed this matter with Ohio Athletic Commissioner Bernie Profato today. Ohio has placed Sean on administrative suspension pending an October hearing. Although we do not have to honor the suspension, because is it not medical, we have chosen to do so. Promoter Lou Neglia has already been advised that Salmon needs to be replaced on the contest. Salmon will not be fighting on the Sept. 11 Ring of Combat in Atlantic City.

In an amazing twist of fate, Salmon is being replaced on the card by… Allan Weickert, the man he said he quit against in the fight he wrote about online. Well-played, Mr. Lembo and Mr. Neglia.

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8 Responses to “Nick Lembo and NJACB issue public statement on Sean Salmon, announces replacement”

  1. Kid Nate says:

    wow the star-crossed career of Sean Salmon just never gets any better. It’s like there is a curse that came with blogging for MMA Junkie.

  2. jr says:

    Maybe Seth Petruzelli can hire Sean for his Slush Puppie stand

  3. Ivan Trembow says:

    Well, so much for Dana White’s statement that BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez would not be on PPV or on Spike TV. It’s going to be on PPV.

    Ed. — This comment should not have been posted on this topic. If you want to discuss this topic in another post, go ahead.

  4. Fluyid says:

    I could easily get on here and make fun of Salmon for any of many things, but I sense that he’s a man in turmoil. I wish him well.

    At the same time, this suspension is well-deserved. You can’t fuck with the integrity of the game, if that’s the right term.

  5. Mr.Roadblock says:

    He’s a typical journeyman fighter. He has an excuse for everything, just enough talent to get invited to be beaten up by prospects and less sense than it takes to get out of his own way.

    Boxing is littered with guys/careers like this. If Salmon didn’t have that blog nobody would even know who he is or care. Having basic grammar skills and a computer worked against him in this case. Ironic, because usually for journeymen it’s the opposite.

  6. Bob says:

    I wonder if Dann at Junkie or any of the other eds gave Sean any feedback like “that’s not really a good idea to include this” before publishing it.

  7. Fluyid says:

    ^^ I agree, Roadblock. Another thing that worked against Salmon is his strange desire to convince people online of his worthiness. Both he and his brother have an active online presence. If he could just shut his e-mouth and work out (focus on fighting and not on convincing anonymous online people that he’s so good), maybe he could have gotten somewhere.

    ^ That’s a good queston, Bob. Surely they feel that they have some level of editorial control over posts published on the site.

    Another question is whether they would give Salmon feedback if they realized that he made a claim that was likely to bring the site a lot of attention but harpoon his own career. Would they sacrifice Salmon for the sake of helping the site grow?

  8. GassedOut says:

    Sean has a lot of things he’s going through, and it’s unfortunate that he shot himself in the foot here. I really do wish him well.

    Having said that, maybe Sean shouldn’t be fighting at this time. If seen a real lack of killer instinct in him of late, and that’s what makes you either finish fights or go until you’re stopped. Sean, if you’re reading this, know I think well of you…but you have to rethink a few things before you continue with your career. Get yourself and your situation better first, Bro.


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