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Videos: UFC 94 BJ Penn/Georges St. Pierre promotional tour (Toronto)

By Zach Arnold | November 18, 2008

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Today in Toronto. The video is divided into four separate clips:

At the press conference, Dana White said that he’s interested in bringing in Gina Carano to WEC.

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13 Responses to “Videos: UFC 94 BJ Penn/Georges St. Pierre promotional tour (Toronto)”

  1. mr. Roadblock says:

    I can’t stand women’s MMA. I hope he doesn’t do it.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    I don’t like woman’s MMA either.

    I don’t really care for Penn/GSP 2. GSP has a legit challenger in Alves. And Penn has only defended his title twice, with Florian more then deserving and waiting in the wings. This fight just makes the rest of the divisions wait for a title shot.

    Couple this with Anderson Silva fighting LHW previously and now being rumored to be fighting Liddell…. And this is a horrible trend in the UFC. They have to give these champions challengers from their own divisions. What is the point of all these undercard fights if they never lead to a title shot?

    Lastly, this will hurt the UFC in the long run. They are going for some quick PPV buys, instead of building up divisions the way they should be. When these inter-division fights dry up, the “regular” title fights will feel dim by comparison and have a harder time attracting big buys.

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    Considering your history, I’m surprised. 🙂

  4. theflyingtsunami says:

    damn… mr. roadblock & 45, you guys certainly are a picky bunch. why don\’t you like women\’s mma? if you\’ve watched any of the carano or other women\’s fights on the other exc or org\’s shows, i think you\’d be a fan. the fights are exciting & keep you interested. if you don\’t like em cuz you\’re a chauvanist, then screw off. if you don\’t like em cuz you are truly open-minded but it\’s personal preference, then don\’t watch that fight and go get a sandwich while it\’s on.
    as far as gsp-penn 2, dude, you are missing the boat. it\’s almost like gsp silva, which should happen regardless if gsp wins or loses. you have a pt. w/ the title shot issue, but that doesn\’t mean that this fight is not an amazing match up. they are both equally skilled and very exciting fighters. the fight will truly determine who is the champ w/ the better skills.
    as far as silva liddell, i agree, a bs fight that needs not to happen. silva needs to fight guys that will truly challenge him. no disrespect to chuck, but his overall mma game is nowhere near silva\’s and i think he\’d get mauled. silva needs to fight a machida who has equal skills, or even the forrest/rashad winner,or randy or even wanderlai, he needs someone who can challenge him and make him use his skills. that\’s why cote happened, and he would just ktfu chuck.

    anyway, you guys need to see the big picture. women\’s mma is here to stay and deserves a platform. and gsp penn will be a wild fight.

  5. cyph says:

    As an MMA fan, how could you not want to watch GSP/Penn II? Why argue about who’s better on the forums when you can watch it settled in the ring?

  6. Ultimo Santa says:

    Hilarious Dana White quote #1: “Everybody fucking knocks Tim Sylvia out!”

    He’s actually never been KOed in his career. And Fedor submitted him.

    Hilarious Dana White quote #2: “I want to find out if Fedor is really the best!”

    Implying that Fedor will have ‘real competition’ in the UFC against their top Heavyweights Couture, Nog, Mir and Lesnar, and NOT against Affliction’s top Heavyweights, Barnett and Arlovski.


    Overall I think Dana legitimately wants Fedor, but since his managers want close to $1M a fight I don’t see him in the UFC unless Affliction folds.

    If that does happen, I would love to see 3 of the top 5 Heavyweights in the world sign UFC contracts.

    And Roadblock/45, if you don’t like Women’s MMA, then you either a) haven’t seen any, b) don’t like MMA in general, or c) have a problem with women in general.

  7. Ultimo Santa says:

    It’s interesting how acceptible it is to write a bold statement like “I can’t stand Women’s MMA” on a message board – without qualifying it in any way – and it’s perfectly acceptable.

    I bet if someone wrote “I hate watching black fighters” or, “Gays shouldn’t be in MMA” they’d be banned instantly.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    I have seen women fight and I like MMA. I also have no problem with a woman being President (I would have voted for Hillary). No problem with a woman being the breadwinner of a family and a father staying at home with the kids. And no problem being equal in every part of society.

    I also like to watch the best in the world compete against each other. That happens to be all men.

    Watching a women’s fight is frustrating. Sure they have heart, but they lack both strength and technique and it typically becomes more brawling action…. Even with the higher level female athletes. Watching the Carano fights makes me fringe. The same way watching lower level fighters competing on a bigger stage. The skills just aren’t there. What I love about MMA is the top tier guys and how awesome it looks when they fight. Guys like GSP, Silva, and Penn. There is a certain beauty to somebody mastering fighting like that. It is also non existant in women’s fighting.

    Lastly, I think it wasn’t deleted, because many people share the same views as I do. It isn’t a sexist thing. It is a level of competition thing.

  9. The Citizen says:

    I could care less about Penn/GSP.

  10. mr. Roadblock says:

    45 beat me to making a respond but he summed I up nicely. I don’t like womens MMA because I don think it is as good as mens MMA. Period. Very gee of the women I have seen are powerful or technically sound. The fights I have seen that are exciting such as kaitlin youngs on night path of destruction have featured unprepared opponents geting demolished. Gina caranos fights are sloppy. They look like limbo street brawls. I’m pretty sick of all the people who defend and champion women MMA just to look smart. Get over it. Is everyone who watches the NBA but not the wnba a sexist? Or is it possible they don’t dig half assed basketball?

  11. mr. Roadblock says:

    sorry for the typos above. Stupid iphone. Don’t buy one.

  12. theflyingtsunami says:

    45 & roadie, see above, i said if u guys don’t like women’s mma b/c of personal preference, then don’t watch it. but to come out and say you absolutely “hate” it is pretty strong. i disagree w/ you re: their technical skill and strength, but that again is personal opinion.

    the pt. really is, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it, but to say you don’t want it showcased to me is wrong. they deserve a platform to fight in and if you don’t want to watch then great. but they should still be allowed to fight. you can’t compare women’s nba to women’s fighting. it’s apples and organges.


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