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Quote of the Week – Bill Simmons on Mauro Ranallo

By Zach Arnold | June 2, 2008

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Mauro is not getting any love from ESPN or The New York Times, which is unfortunate to say the least:

Bill Simmons: (12:34 PM ET ) Obviously I was in heaven with GuJo announcing an MMA event, I have been pining for this for years (either MMA, boxing, wrestling or the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for Gus).

Bill Simmons: (12:35 PM ET ) The prob was that they stuck him with Frank Shamrock (who was fine) but also this crazed Canadian guy who was the third guy in the booth, sounded like an SNL sketch and seemed determined to jump in and keep talking every time something exciting happened just so Gus wouldn’t be able to be the one who got excited. It was the first ever broadcast c**kblock. We need to kidnap this guy and keep him away from Gus. I mean it.

Imagine Bill Simmons and Mauro Ranallo together on a podcast…

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13 Responses to “Quote of the Week – Bill Simmons on Mauro Ranallo”

  1. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Bill Simmons also had an interesting story on one of his podcasts about an encounter with the veteran voice of the octagon at a Vegas blackjack table 😀

  2. D. Capitated says:

    Well, Mauro’s not very good, and I think he’s totally justified in his commentary on his performance.

  3. Rollo the Cat says:

    Can we bring back Gordon Solie?

  4. Zack says:

    I think radio is Mauro’s best medium personally, although I wish his shows were archived better.

  5. Ultimo Santa says:

    Mauro Ranallo is far and away the best commentator working in MMA or pro wrestling today (if you’ve ever heard his NOAH commentary on The Fight Network its incredible).

    He tells a story, calls the action fast and furious, and perhaps most importantly, makes you care about the action taking place inside the ring/cage.

    Prior to the event, Mauro made a speech at the Elite XC press conference that was so eloquent and perfectly-worded that I wish it had been replayed at the live telecast.

    NOT TO MENTION Mauro had to make a timely save when Gus when he stuck his foot in his mouth!

    Did no one else catch Gus’ comment: “People are booing because they’re used to ACTION from beginning to end! This is MMA, not boxing” (I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of the comment), and Mauro Ranallo quickly jumped in and said “Well, I think the crowd was spoiled by the action of the previous fights”. (again, a paraphrase)

    Nice move, Gus! Tell the viewers that they should get used to boredom if they’re watching MMA?

    Save your complaints for this jerk-off.

  6. Grape Knee High says:

    Poor Moron Renaldo.

    What I don’t understand is why they needed both Mauro and Gus. Two guys that both enunciate in “that voice” is a bit much for any broadcast.

    If I had a choice, I’d take Mauro over Gus any day. Mauro may not be perfect, but he’s better than anyone else out there for MMA.

  7. johnny says:

    mauro rinallo IS this generation’s gordon solie

    …and No, I’m not ribbing

  8. IceMuncher says:

    I never really liked Mauro. His prewritten one-liners are awful and I don’t like how frantic and high-pitched his voice gets when there’s something exciting going on.

  9. Rollo the Cat says:

    “mauro rinallo IS this generation’s gordon solie
    …and No, I’m not ribbing”

    If this were medieval times I would have you burned at the stake.

    No, I’m not ribbing.

  10. Rollo the Cat says:

    The best color commentary I ever heard was Matt Hume’s when he sat in the booth at Pride a few times. Normally I half tune out the announcers because they really don’t add much to my viewing experience. Matt really had a way of communicating what was happening especially at the technical level. He needs to project his voice more however.

  11. Chuck says:


    This Hume fellow, is that the PRIDE judge they had the one time? He was good. Too bad Mauro kept asking him questions on how they judge PRIDE fights, and it seemed VERY complicated and archaic the way that judge explained it.


    Do you call Mauro this generation’s Gordon Solie because, like Solie, Mauro likes to say the word “suplay”? And I do agree with Muncher about Mauro’s one-liners. VERY corny and annoying.

  12. Totalmmanewsletter says:

    Johnson made Ranallo seem exactly like what he is: an amateur using a fake radio voice and silly hyperbole. Ranallo is an embarassment and should be nowhere near network television.

  13. The Citizen says:

    I’ve got to stick up for Mauro here, he is great. Of course he has gone crazy in the past throwing one pun on top of another, but when he is with quadros or bas and someone that can balance him out, he is always great to have on the show. For some reason he makes the event and total show more exciting to watch. If I was going to put on a show, I could afford his rate, he’d be the first person I would call. I think we are seeing the mainstream run away with the “sport” here, but sometimes you get what you wish for, right?


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