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Monday news & notes (3/3/08)

By Zach Arnold | March 3, 2008

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I will have an article talking about the new DREAM promotion in a few days on the site. In short, the viability of the Japanese MMA scene on a large scale is completely dependent on whether or not the DSE-flavored project succeeds. The upcoming article will give you a road map of issues to pay close attention to and what the major players behind-the-scenes need to do to make the project successful long-term.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Sam Caplan: Fact-checking Dana White
  2. The Boston Channel: MMA a knockout in New England – Dover native Kenny Florian one of sport’s rising stars
  3. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Having dominated all in UFC, what’s left for Anderson Silva?
  4. The Newark Advocate (OH): Ohio has taken to UFC
  5. The Canadian Press: Anderson Silva solidifies status as best pound-for-pound MMA fighter
  6. AOL Fanhouse: Next for Anderson Silva – 1. Beat Yushin Okami; 2. Gain 20 pounds
  7. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Jon Fitch’s record performance nets UFC welterweight title shot
  8. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel: After 13 years, MMA fighter Randy Couture still kicking around
  9. Jake Rossen: ‘Elite’ competition for UFC
  10. The Timmins Daily Press (Ontaro, California): Rise of MMA didn’t happen overnight
  11. MMA Mania: Interview with The Diaz Brothers
  12. Sam Caplan: Monte Cox looking to get Tim Sylvia re-signed to a deal with the UFC
  13. The Fightworks Podcast: Interview with Flavio Almeida and Gracie Barra
  14. MMA California: Fight Quest – Kajukenbo?
  15. Michael Rome: A barren landscape
  16. Steve Sievert: Dana White’s doublespeak lands Mark Coleman under the bus
  17. MMA Payout: UFC 82 payouts
  18. MMA Opinion: World Victory Road’s Sengoku Preview (Part 1)

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8 Responses to “Monday news & notes (3/3/08)”

  1. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Wait, Henderson fought for 40/150?

    WTF? He must think more of himself than I do.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    I believe that is wrong on MMA Payouts. Henderson got $100,000 to show.

    One thing the payouts did show is that Leben, like he said, is getting $25k/$25k. Sanchez is getting $30k/$30k. Jon Fitch is getting the same pay as Sanchez. Which means Koscheck will likely get the same offer. Have to wonder if another organization will be willing to sign him for $75k to $100k per fight. I’m thinking there might be, but what a waste of money if he is. He isn’t exactly a guy who can draw people to the arena.

    The biggest news out of all those articles is Tim Sylvia wanting to stay with the UFC. It is big news because it shows M-1 just isn’t going to happen. If it was, Monte Cox would be getting Sylvia in that organization. I think it shows how much confidence Cox has in his own company at this point.

    So that M-1 & IFL will be away soon. EliteXC will either do wonderful or fail miserably on CBS, and they could be regulated back to 15 Million people Showtime very soon.

    The only other wildcard is Golden Boy / Affliction. If they land a deal on HBO, it could be interesting. The only problem is that besides Tito Ortiz, there is nobody marketable for them to sign. The rumor is that they signed Matt Lindland, but he has no name value right now. Neither does Fedor if they signed him.

    Another thing to add about Cox / M-1. If he doesn’t have confidence in M-1, then I would think Ben Rothwell would be signing with the UFC or EliteXC within the next few months. He can’t be on the shelf forever.

  3. Brandt says:

    Rothwell would do better in EliteXC right now. He’s a young fighter and I’m not sure if he can hang with some of the big guys. But I guess it would be interesting to see him against Herring or Nog or nearly anyone else for that matter. It could show the power of the IFL if he beat some of the decent UFC heavyweights.

  4. Ivan Trembow says:

    from the Wrestling Observer web site, regarding Zuffa’s statements after UFC 82:

    “Also, likely for legal reasons, nobody is allowed to discuss the next opponent for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Whenever the question is asked, the answer given is Randy Couture. Both a P.R. game and a legal game.”

    lol, that is not a very well-kept secret. It’s tentatively set to be Frank Mir. They already tipped their hand in that regard by saying that Werdum had the next title shot, and then signing Werdum vs. Vera instead after Mir beat Lesnar.

  5. dice says:

    “I believe that is wrong on MMA Payouts. Henderson got $100,000 to show.”

    Source? Or is this the standard forum gossip that you like to repeat as fact.

    Not saying that I wouldn’t believe it, 40 grand for a guy like hendo seems absurdly low.

  6. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    100/150 certainly sounds much more reasonable. But yeah, sources are nice.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    MMAJunkie has him at $100,000.

  8. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Ok, Adam has changed his post as well.


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