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Larry Hazzard removed from the NJACB

By Zach Arnold | November 15, 2007

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Update: This news is now on AOL’s Fanhouse site.

Update II: Here are quotes from Anne Milgram’s office about Hazzard’s firing. “It was time for a change.” What? Sounds like New Jersey-style politics to me…

Stunning news just days before the UFC 78 event in Newark, New Jersey. According to The New Brunswick Home News Tribune, New Jersey attorney general Anne Milgram (profile here) sent Kim Ricketts to deliver the news to New Jersey Athletic Control Board commission Larry Hazzard of his removal.

Hazzard is one of the most respected people in boxing and helped build momentum for the Unified rules of MMA in the United States.

  1. Why was Hazzard fired by Milgram in such an abrupt fashion? It’s not as if Milgram didn’t have enough on her plate already.
  2. What kind of impact will Hazzard’s removal have on the boxing and MMA scene? With Hazzard gone and Ken Condon’s role in the AC area perhaps decreasing, what domino will fall next?
  3. Speculative question – now that Hazzard is fired from the NJACB, will the WAMMA try to hire him to join their sanctioning body? It would give them a huge credibility boost…

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12 Responses to “Larry Hazzard removed from the NJACB”

  1. MMA Fan says:

    WOW… There has got to be more to this. That man did more for Boxing and MMA then just about anyone.

    Politics is a nasty . Where was Zuffa in all of this? you know they are playing politics at the highest level.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    I don’t think Zuffa played any role at all.

  3. FightMetric says:

    This will have big reprecussions down the line. Hazzard, and by extension, the NJSAC, was the most progressive SAC in the country. And given how much other commissions, even Nevada’s, like to follow the leader, this news means a setback for progress in the sport as a whole. Hazzard was the greatest hope for approving rule changes (like knees on the ground) and was leading the charge to get a handle on weight cutting. Who will step up now?

  4. garth says:

    Sometimes in politics when a move like this doesn’t make sense at the time it’s a precursor of a big stinky poo-rain coming down soon. At least they didn’t warn him to stay in the country.

  5. michaell says:

    I don’t know who to mail, sorry for the wrong place but you mght find it interesting

    The first M-1 Global event will be held in Japan December,31

  6. […] is reporting that the attorney general of New Jersey has removed Larry Hazzard from the office of Commissioner of the State Athletic Control Board, a position that he has held for 22 years and that has made him one of the most powerful figures in […]

  7. Good riddence says:

    The NJSACB was run like the Mafia … maybe now we will have changes.

    Ed. — Post your identity now.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    I’m warning you now for fair warning – don’t expect me to protect your identity “good riddence” (and I know who you are) if I’m asked to reveal any information.

  9. ilostmydog says:

    Was it Fedor?

  10. Zack says:

    Do it Zach. Fuck being anonymous.

  11. gillian says:

    1. As a friend of a WHITE boxing judge who keeps abreast of things in the boxing community, I was informed that the BLACK judges get to judge most of all the fights as do all his lady friends with a bone thrown to the white judges to keep them quite, complaints have been put n to commisioners for years but so far nothing has been done about this mans behavior, he is an egotistic person who is finally getting what he deserves
    A boxing fan

  12. matt says:

    I went to mr. Hazzard to sanction my martial arts league. He said have HBO call me? In other words when it makes money come see me. Cya jerk!


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