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Adam Morgan

Is there a way to stop booing at MMA events?

Monday, July 16th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Related post from Five Ounces of Pain. The reason mixed martial arts promoters paper events is so that they can tout that their event was “sold out.” Making your product appear so appealing that tickets are hard to get makes people want to buy tickets. It’s a psychological principle known as scarcity […]

UFC 73: Where’s the hype train?

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Does the UFC know what it’s doing? I know they’ve got a monopoly on the sport and they’re “expanding into international markets,” “breaking into the mainstream,” and every other cliché you could possibly think of for making it big.

An open letter to Steve Acunto, Deputy Commissioner Emeritus of the NYSAC

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Dear Deputy Commissioner Emeritus Acunto, I know you’re a very busy man, shuffling around all those papers on your desk, so I won’t waste much of your time. What I have to say should ring true rather quickly, so please pay attention. Read on…

Do MMA fans care about steroids and drug testing?

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Related article: How big of a drug problem does MMA have? With the recent result of Royce Gracie testing positive for nandrolone, the question of steroids and drug testing’s prevalence in MMA once again becomes a major issue. Read on…

UFC 72 Recap

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Going from UFC 71, which was the most-hyped event in mixed martial arts history, to UFC 72 is like going from eating a nice steak dinner to eating some scraps out of the garbage can. It sucks. The fight card itself was very lackluster on paper. And lackluster is exactly what it […]

Memo to ESPN: Mixed martial arts still exists

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

By Adam Morgan This blogger seems to be your average UFC fan. He brings up a great question, one I didn’t really even think of. Where is ESPN at with their “mixed martial arts” (read UFC) coverage? The coverage for Ultimate Fight Night tonight is nonexistent. Since UFC 71 and a couple of days following, […]

Morrison wins, fatal blow to MMA avoided

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Interview with Tommy MorrisonUploaded by GRIMSH8DY With all the questions looming as to whether or not Tommy Morrison is or is not HIV positive, the sport of mixed martial arts was put at risk Saturday night the moment Morrison stepped into the cage. With MMA just beginning to turn the corner as […]

IFL’s got it right in some areas

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

By Adam Morgan The IFL kicks off its relationship with USA Wrestling this weekend at the World Team Trials according to an article at NBC Sports. For all the things wrong with the IFL, aligining itself with USA Wrestling is great for both parties. USA Wrestling gets TV exposure and the IFL will have a […]

Eating crow

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Two days ago I ripped Dana White for allowing Noah Thomas and Marlon Sims to not only compete in the UFC but allowing them to fight one another as the live opener for The Ultimate Fighter Finale on June 23rd. It now seems I owe Dana an apology. Whether or not Dana […]

Rampage wins title, Liddell still garners attention

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Rampage on ESPN Hotlist 05.29.07Uploaded by kaminoko Hours after UFC 71, I posted at Sprawl ‘n Brawl the reasons why Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is good for the UFC. To summarize, he is naturally marketable. Every interview he does is humorous. And as many have pointed out, he appeals to an African-American market […]

Street Fights: The new way to promote MMA?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

By Adam Morgan Related post — Bloody Elbow. In this video please notice the advertisements for Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC) before and after the Kimbo Slice street fight. This really strikes a nerve with me. I understand that CFFC has to promote their fighters and I understand that Kimbo is best known for being […]

Fedor: Where have you gone?

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

By Adam Morgan Fedor emelianenko highlight HLUploaded by psykojojo Some of you may be familiar with me, some of you may not. For those who aren’t, I am Adam Morgan, proprietor of Sprawl ‘n Brawl, a wee little blog that doesn’t draw half the readership of a site such as Fight Opinion. But this matters […]