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California State Athletic Commission has the power to suspend Victor Ortiz after rape arrest, so will they?

By Zach Arnold | September 25, 2018

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Victor Ortiz was arrested on three counts of rape. Bail was set for $100,000.

Ortiz was scheduled to fight John Molina Jr. this Sunday for a Al Haymon show on Fox Sports 1 in Ontario, California.

The situation is a complete and total loss at this point. For all parties involved, having the fight proceed as planned would create an enormous amount of negative publicity. The problem is that fighters fight in order to get paid. Who’s going to make whom whole?

The biggest loser in this situation is the California State Athletic Commission. They really can’t afford to let Sunday’s fight happen. If Ortiz and his camp don’t back down, then Andy Foster will have no choice but to force a showdown. That showdown is thanks to Business and Professions Code 18842:

The commission, the executive officer and other employees duly authorized by the executive officer, shall have the power to suspend temporarily, any license until final determination by the commission when, in his or her opinion, the action is necessary to protect the public welfare or is in the best interest of boxing or martial arts.

The suspension may be without advance hearing, but the suspended licensee may apply to the commission for a hearing on the matter to determine if the suspension should be modified or set aside. The application for a hearing shall be in writing and shall be received by the commission within 30 days after the date of suspension. Upon receipt of such written request, the commission shall set the matter for hearing within 30 days.

“The best interest in boxing or martial arts” is as close to weasel-wording for a moral turpitude licensee clause as you can get. I would expect the Athletic Commission to enforce 18842 to prevent Sunday’s fight from happening.

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