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Conor McGregor proves to be Floyd Mayweather’s lifeline to the IRS

By Zach Arnold | July 10, 2017

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If only UFC had known about Floyd’s tax problems, they could have put a squeeze on him in negotiations.

Floyd Mayweather has petitioned IRS tax court in Las Vegas to get a reprieve on paying 2015 taxes he owes to the Feds. And his carrot? The upcoming Conor McGregor fight.

Fighters having tax & child support problems is old hat. What makes the Mayweather case so… special… is his claim that his “substantial” assets are restricted or illiquid. In other words, assets that can’t be immediately used or sold off.

Like the Bugattis or private jets Mayweather bragged about getting thanks to Al Haymon?

What happened to all the cash that Mayweather reportedly uses to place massive sports bets? Or is that on credit?

It’s zero surprise that Mayweather’s burn rate is as high as it appears to be. And if it is true that Mayweather has a bunch of cash tied up in retirement accounts, that’s a good thing for him. I’m not sure a gentlemen’s club is an illiquid asset but that’s not enough to finance his ongoing lifestyle.

Which means Floyd is going to have to continue fighting. He got an easy pay day with Conor McGregor. The pay day after that with either Gennady Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez (rematch) won’t be as easy. If, by the grace of God, Jeff Horn gets a rematch with Manny Pacquiao and can win that, I guess Mayweather could toy with the idea of fighting him. I’m not sure about a fight with Terence Crawford…

Floyd needs opponents in a hurry. He’s spending himself back into active competition. Uncle Sam is doing his part.

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8 Responses to “Conor McGregor proves to be Floyd Mayweather’s lifeline to the IRS”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    I know Mayweather is undefeated…

    But any time somebody comes out of a true retirement it is tough. It is even tougher when they are 40. It is even tougher when their true motivation for fighting is to pay a tax bill and not for the pure competition of it.

    I still stand by my prediction that McGregor wins this fight.

    • Jonathan says:

      45 Huddle,

      First time I have seen you state you are picking McGregor, but I’ll give you props. You’re the only one that I have seen that has chosen McGregor.



      • 45 Huddle says:

        This is what I said on this website almost a month ago…

        “Conor McGregor will win this fight. Even 3 years ago Mayweather would win and win easily. Here is my reasoning for picking McGregor….

        – Mayweather has been away from competition for 2 full years.

        – Mayweather is 40. Think about great strikers who overnight went from unbeatable to having weak chins. Anderson Silva at age 38. Roy Jones Jr at 35 years old.

        – Mayweather’s style is based on precision and reflexes. Those reflexes go by the time you hit 40.

        – McGregor has a 1 inch height advantage and a 2 inch reach advantage.”

  2. Chris says:

    If he needs some more fights, May-Pac 2 is a no brainer. Manny still wants that fight, and its still a favorable matchup for Mayweather. I think he stays far away from Alvarez, Golovkin, or Crawford. Way too much risk.

    He could even go the Al Haymon PBC, route and have a match with Danny Garcia. Who is probably the safest of the fighters under the PBC banner with name value. And the amount of foolishness that would be on display with Angel Garcia and Floyd Sr. could help sell that fight. But he stays far away from Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, and Errol Spence Jr.

  3. Jonathan says:

    So were all of his money videos and cash on hand and bank account balance stuff just make-believe?

  4. Liger05 says:

    45 Huddle the problem I have with you’re prediction is simply Mcgregor isn’t a boxer so even a slowed down Floyd in my eyes beats a novice boxer easily.

    To beat Mayweather one needs a very good jab and quick feet. Being taller and having a longer reach doesn’t mean much to me if one doesn’t have the footwork to put themselves in the position to land and avoid shots.

    I would still pick Mayweather to beat Thurman right now while Spence I think would push him closer but a guy who has never boxed professionally? Not a chance.

  5. Diaz's packed bowl says:

    ufc 214 picks
    Dc > JJ
    post usada JJ is gone get messed up
    Maia > Woody
    size experience and bjj skill beats occasional explosivity.
    Lawler > Cerrone
    Rob is a mw going down to ww, Don is a lw moving up to ww.
    Volkan > Manure
    Volkan wins by name strength alone.

    Mayweather > Mc Gregor
    I haven’t watched boxing for decades… so im not up to speed. However, recently out of curiosity I’ve watched Floyd fight once or twice and I’d bet on Floyd to win. While mma fighters have done well in K-1, they’ve historically done poorly against boxers.

    Mc Gregor usually finishes on the ground, so even if he lands Floyd can take the count and regroup.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I think that shut Daniel Cormier up.


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