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Boxeo Telemundo and Florida’s boxing commission deliver the crazy on Friday night

By Zach Arnold | February 25, 2017

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Nothing is ever standard in Florida, especially in combat sports.

On paper, a sleepy Boxeo Telemundo event from the Tony Rosa Community Center in Palm Bay, Florida created some great drama — the kind of drama you typically used to see on random ESPN Friday Night Fight cards. The kind of drama that helped elevate Joe Tessitore to top tier status at ESPN.

The ingredients: Florida’s Boxing Commission and referee Frank Santore. Promoter All-Star Boxing. Two young, undefeated boxers in Joshua Pagan and José “Little Pacquiao” Resendez. Pagan’s father was a three time Golden Gloves champion in New York.

It’s a six round fight. Fast-forward to round six. After a couple of questionable punches, Resendez gained momentum and had Pagan in trouble. Suddenly, a Pagan supporter jumped from the crowd to the ring apron to take a swing at Resendez. A melee breaks out at ringside with cornermen, security, and Florida boxing commission officials. Nobody really knows what to do. The two boxers go in opposite corners and take a breather. Resendez is on his knees but gets back up.

When I first saw the supporter jump onto the ring apron, I thought he was in Pagan’s corner and was trying to get the fight stopped. Nope.

After everything settled down, the fight re-started with around 50 seconds left in the final round. 30 seconds in, Joshua Pagan decided to take a knee — with 20 seconds left in the round. Santore gives Pagan a standing 8 count. At this point, the television announcers start name-dropping Mike Tyson and all sorts of crazy incidents in boxing’s past.

After the end of the fight, the score cards are read… and Pagan, who took the knee in R6, won by split decision over Resendez. Time for a re-match.

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2 Responses to “Boxeo Telemundo and Florida’s boxing commission deliver the crazy on Friday night”

  1. […] they got that inaccurate maniac under control, the final round was restarted with 50 seconds left. Pagan held on to win the bout via a split decision, and I’m sure Resendiz is itching for a rematch given how […]

  2. unanimous says:

    That inaccurate maniac is Joshua Pagan younger brother Aaron Isreal Pagan. Check the facts


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