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California State Athletic Commission is under no legal obligation to honor third-party drug testing

By Zach Arnold | April 29, 2016

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The last two days have been a real test of Executive Officer Andy Foster:

The differences between enforcement of UFC & USADA drug testing versus independent VADA testing are substantial. Athletic commissions do not have to honor third-party drug testing results. California will honor only their drug testing results. UFC made a choice to honor USADA results since they are paying the bill for it. If UFC wanted to stop honoring USADA results at any time, that’s their prerogative. To their credit, they have hung tough and enforced drug testing failures. VADA, on the other hand, is paid for by fighters. In addition to state athletic commissions, promoters also can ignore such drug testing results and not lift a finger. Golden Boy clearly fell into this camp with Francisco Vargas.

I don’t like this situation but I can’t say anything negative about what California is up to right now. The failed VADA test makes Francisco Vargas look like a schmuck.

Francisco Vargas is currently working with trainer Rodrigo Mosquera. Mosquera was suspended in late 2013 for manipulated boxing gloves but managed to work a December 2013 event. Mosquera then went to work a New York fight in January of 2014 while on temporary California suspension. Mosquera was scolded by a California athletic inspector for trying to give a boxer advice from the crowd of a show in Montebello. Mosquera was granted a new license shortly thereafter. Mosquera will be working with Vargas for his June 4th fight against Orlando Salido.

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One Response to “California State Athletic Commission is under no legal obligation to honor third-party drug testing”

  1. […] we last checked in with a boxing doping scandal, VADA produced a positive test result of clenbuterol for Francisco Vargas. The California State Athletic Commission did not suspend Vargas since they […]


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