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The quick & dirty on any changes coming to California State Athletic Commission board

By Zach Arnold | February 4, 2015

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The terms of California State Athletic Commission board members Dr. Christopher Giza, Dr. VanBuren Ross Lemons, and John Frierson expired on January 1st, 2015. Dr. Giza’s spot on the board is a Governor’s appointment. Dr. Lemons’ spot on the board is a state Senate Rules Committee appointment. Mr. Frierson’s spot on the board is an appointment from the Speaker of the Assembly.

The next meeting for the Athletic Commission is on February 18th in Los Angeles.

According to California Government Code section 1774, Governor Jerry Brown has up to 90 days to attempt to get Dr. Giza, Dr. Lemons, and/or Mr. Frierson reappointed to the Athletic Commission board. Any reappointments would have to be approved by the state legislature. If an incumbent is not reappointed within the 90 days after their term initially expired, then that incumbent’s seat becomes vacant.

In short, the February 18th meeting in Los Angeles could be the last CSAC meeting for Dr. Giza, Dr. Lemons, and/or Mr. Frierson unless Governor Brown decides within the next month (or two) to keep them around for a few more years.

If the Governor decides to reappoint any of the three incumbents, they are still subject to confirmation in the legislature. If the legislature gives their blessing, then the incumbents will be granted full terms again.

If the legislature doesn’t give their blessing, the incumbents will have to give up their seat a year from the date of reappointment.

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One Response to “The quick & dirty on any changes coming to California State Athletic Commission board”

  1. There are term limits for a reason. If the term is four years it is four years. Your done. This prevents corruption.


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