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2013 list of California State Athletic Commission salaries

By Zach Arnold | January 30, 2014

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Information from The Sacramento Bee.

The front office

The lawyers

Others (past/present)

The grunts (athletic inspectors)

Anthony Olivas is the second highest-paid athletic inspector for CSAC. That’s because he works for Consumer Affairs during the day, meaning he’s entitled to time-and-a-half pay as an athletic inspector. Or he was. His employment status is up in the air after his DUI bust in Sacramento County last September. On January 2nd, he pled no contest to one DUI charge. The deal sentenced him to three years of informal probation and 48 hours with the Sheriff’s Work Project. It is unknown if Consumer Affairs has suspended him or filed an adverse action to set the stage for his termination.

Olivas was the lead athletic inspector for the Oxnard debacle in September 2012.

  1. Mark F Relyea (number one inspector in state) – $23,548.67
  2. Anthony Olivas – $20,066.39 (plus $38,558.13 as inspector for cosmetology at DCA)
  3. Nichole D Bowles (number one inspector in Northern California) – $16,227.72 (plus $31,971.37 as office tech at child support services)
  4. Mohammad Noor (no longer an active inspector) – $14,327.55 (plus $66,460.59 as financial institutions examiner at business oversight)
  5. Brian R Morris (splits duties as number two inspector in Southern California) – $12,168.63
  6. Lawrence (Larry) Ervin (politically protected) – $11,992.44 (plus $51,188.37 as EDD representative)
  7. David L Rasmussen (number one Central California inspector, will pick up shifts Olivas used to work) – $10,321.89
  8. Raul Oseguera (upgraded to number two Southern California inspector status) – $9,883.36 (plus $67,801.98 as enforcement rep at the contractor’s state license board)
  9. Joe M Ulrey – $8,132.92
  10. Rick A Estrada – $6,630.53
  11. Jim A Russell – $5,966.37
  12. Rose Saavedra – $5,422.94
  13. Rudy E Barragan – $5,333.95
  14. Bruce G Rasmussen – $4,552.06
  15. Frank Gonzales Jr. – $3,408.91
  16. Burton E Alejandre – $3,274.31
  17. Armando Gutierrez – $3,026.54
  18. Michael X Guzman (cemented to number two inspector status in Northern California) – $2,963.91
  19. Armando E Melendez – $2,871.74 (plus $47,810.90 as business service officer at DCA)
  20. Hanley Chan – $2,530.85
  21. Ivan Guillermo – $2,274.67
  22. Brett A Correia – $2,180.58
  23. Stephen A Sims – $2,138.31 (plus $101,238.85 as C.E.A. at the Franchise Tax Board)
  24. Joe Borrielli – $2,119.42
  25. John D Tohill – $2,096.99
  26. David Pereda – $2,038.02
  27. Roy D Farhi – $1,994.11
  28. Chris R Crail – $1,761.27
  29. Robert F Judge – $1,748.28
  30. Kurt J Larson – $1,477.19 (plus $81,580.85 as a correctional officer at corrections & rehabilitation)
  31. Gene G Fields – $1,435.87
  32. Monica F Larson – $1,260.26 (plus $79,394.57 as a correctional officer at corrections & rehabilitation)
  33. Gilbert J Urbano – $1,221.29
  34. Valerie Douglas – $1,192.71
  35. Mike C Bray – $1,166.98
  36. JD Foreman – $1,125.97
  37. Carlos E Moreno – $1,083.63 (plus $81,574.36 as investigator at DMV)
  38. Timothy A Huff – $1,027.84 (plus $80,590.95 as investigator at DMV)
  39. Derik R Lipe – $1,022.67
  40. Louis T Perry – $1,010
  41. Vern L Hines – $971.02
  42. Brandon Saucedo – $836.73 (plus $38,984.44 as staff services analyst at social services)
  43. Derek R Enns – $619.80
  44. Brian D O’Hara – $583.65 (plus $72,462.51 as staff service manager at department of public health)
  45. Sarah B Waklee – $578.51 (plus $45,211.09 as associate government program analyst)
  46. Rebecca D Alvarez – $423.53
  47. Danny E Cruz – $378.02 (plus $48,968.80 as employment program representative)
  48. Kevin C Highbaugh – $309.90 (plus $88,220.88 as alcoholic beverage control agent)
  49. Bradley F Ehrman – $268.58
  50. Ronald A Rabinowitz – $247.92
  51. Sacory W Dillard – $237.59
  52. Jeffrey D Ervin – $172.95
  53. Noelani Brown – $165.28
  54. Lilia A Galvez (woman who filed complaint against former E.O. Armando Garcia for sexual harassment) – $61.98 (plus $52,912.88 as DCA staff services analyst)
  55. Tommy K Nhan – $61.98 (plus $43,675.33 as DCA associate budget analyst)

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10 Responses to “2013 list of California State Athletic Commission salaries”

  1. Nepal says:

    What is the purpose of providing the above information? Am I missing something or would some MMA fan care about this for some reason?

  2. Alan Conceicao says:

    My anti-spam word was “jaybrone” and that’s how I feel looking at these salaries for everyone but the lawyers. LOL. Jesus, I’m a nobody secretary and I make more straight up than most of these people. Hell, adjusted for cost of living, I probably do better and have a higher standard of living than these “golden boys”.

  3. Jason says:

    Actually thought all of them would have made alot more.

  4. The the money above the table. Dean Louhis back in the day would take only cash and not give a receipt. These guys are corrupt as hell.

    • Dave says:

      When I think of “corrupt as hell” I usually don’t think about people pulling down sub-six figures. I’m sorry, but mid-level government employees are a silly thing to be concerned about.

      • edub says:

        I think he was getting at these guys making a lot more in illegal means.

        • Dave says:

          Yeah, I get that, but even then, if they can’t swing much of a legitimate salary I get the distinct impression that they aren’t in bed with many special interest groups that would line their pockets all that much.

  5. John Lovell says:

    These people are grievously underpaid.

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