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Nevada score cards: 3 more rounds & Guerrero would have had a draw against Mayweather

By Zach Arnold | May 4, 2013

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Dan Rafael of ESPN:

It was all Mayweather. All three judges, Jerry Roth, Duane Ford and Julie Lederman, scored it 117-111 for Mayweather. had it 119-109 for Mayweather.

Most of the writers had it 119 to 109 in favor of Mayweather (11 rounds to only 1 for Guerrero). 117 x 111 means that Guerrero could have stole a draw if he had won three more rounds. The judges gave Floyd 9 rounds, Guerrero 3 rounds. That is… something. I point this out because of two reasons: 1) Mayweather admitted to having a re-match clause in the bout contract for this fight. 2) Mayweather made $32M guaranteed while Guerrero made $3M USD. In other words, a draw would have meant an automatic re-match and a lot more cash for Guerrero… as long as he isn’t in jail. Rikers may very well be in his future due to the New York gun charges.

Except Golden Boy & Showtime have Canelo now. Will they set up a match this soon against Mayweather? The Golden Boy/Showtime set-up is basically the closest attempt we’ve seen in the sport of boxing to emulating what the UFC is doing in MMA. And since nobody actually enforces the Ali Act and prosecutes those breaking contract law, it’s a feeding frenzy for boxing promoters right now.

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8 Responses to “Nevada score cards: 3 more rounds & Guerrero would have had a draw against Mayweather”

  1. Rob Maysey says:


    Isn’t 119-109 11 rounds to 1?

    118-110 would be 10 rounds to 2.

    Ed. — Yes, thank you.

  2. stak says:

    “3 more rounds and Guerrero would have had a draw against Mayweather.”


    3 rounds in the other direction and Guerrero gets no rounds and is shutout on the scorecards.

  3. Rojo says:

    Interesting idea…. Except it was a joke that he even got 3 rounds on the cards. Most everybody else had him winning either 0 or 1 round LOL

    He was closer to being shutout 12-0 than he was getting a draw. The judges scorecards are garbage.

    • The Gaijin says:

      My thoughts exactly – they were stretching to find him three, I mean, I see the point that if Guerrero made it closer we could have had a Pac-Bradley scoring joke…but just not much of a risk last night.

      I gave Guerrero Rd. 1 and could maaaaybe see you squinting hard enough to get there on Rd. 2…but that’s being generous enough.

  4. RST says:

    I know I was excited,
    counting the rounds and the what not,
    by mayweather smushing a handpicked Shlub.

    Just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

    Its awesome!

    MMA needsd more of that!

  5. RST says:

    “3 more rounds & Guerrero would have had a draw against Mayweather”

    The ole,
    if only there were no wrestling?

    (If only, Maywheather were forced to fight capable contenders.)

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Showtime needed at least 1.2 Million PPV Buys to break even on the PPV. It did less then 1 Million…. “Well Under 1 Million” actually….

    I wonder if it did less then GSP vs. Diaz…. Sounds like it might have.

    Has to be a combination of Mayweather losing his appeal…. A completely one sided fight…. And Showtime having less promotional power then HBO…. And of course…. Boxing is Dying…. Lol

    So much for Showtime taking over HBO. I bet the people responsible for signing Mayweather are cringing. Good for FMJ to make as much as he can make…. But this is why guaranteed pay of that much is insane….

  7. Chris says:

    Looks like Showtime losing money on Floyd deal.


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