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Video: CSAC meeting in Los Angeles, California

By Zach Arnold | October 8, 2012

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Part 1 (jump to the 15 minute mark to start):

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 2:

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 3:

Video streaming by Ustream

Topics: CSAC, Media, Zach Arnold | 9 Comments » | Permalink | Trackback |

9 Responses to “Video: CSAC meeting in Los Angeles, California”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Cavalcante was denied. What a shock….

    MMA Mania is reporting that The Zuffa/Strikeforce relationship is coming to a close. I really hope this is the case. Strikeforce is such a waste of talent right now. And Zuffa needs to concentrate all of it’s efforts on only one promotion.

    One thing it will do is bring WMMA to the UFC and a total of 9 divisions. Not sure I like that.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      And now more sources are saying SF on Showtime is already done. The November show is being cancelled.

      Big changes to the UFC coming up. All of the talent in one location. Probably moving channels or at least redoing how things are on FOX. Should be interesting.

      I am always in favor for the most amount of top talent in one organization and SF was just a roadblock to that.

      • Steve4192 says:

        The interesting question if Strikeforce folds is ‘what happens to the women?’. Are they coming to the UFC or does Zuffa hand the ball for WMMA to Invicta and tell them to run with it?

        If they do bring the women to the UFC, will they try to put them on PPV? Will fans PAY to see women fight?

        Zuffa has invested so much in Rousey in the past year that I have a hard time believing they’ll just discard her (and the rest of the women with her). If I had to guess, I’d say as long as Rousey has the belt, WMMA will have a place with Zuffa. If Rousey loses, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they punted on WMMA (just like they did with the LW division back in the early 2000s).

        That said, I suspect Rousey will NOT be coming to PPV. They’ll have her headline Fuel/FX shows or be the ‘featured prelim’ on the Fuel/FX portion of PPV shows. What about the rest of the women you say? Banished to Invicta or the Facebook/unaired prelims of the UFC.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I think within 3 months of the first UFC female fight we will have a good idea of what they actually about it.

          If they either buy that WMMA promotion, sign a bunch of talent, or add additional weight classes…. it means they see a future in it.

          If females in the UFC only include Cyborg, Rousey, and just making the next title fights for them…. then I think Zuffa will drop WMMA the second there is no star oit there.

      • Tomer says:

        Would Zuffa have to pay to terminate the contract with Showtime on their end or will they merely forfeit money due under the contract if they terminate?

        • Steve4192 says:

          Depends on the terms of the contract.

          There might be a clause in there that allows Zuffa to terminate if Showtime cancels a broadcast or fails to produce X amount of shows in Y amount of time. With two consecutive Strikeforce events being cancelled, it is very possible that some obscure clause has been triggered that allows one or both parties to put an end to things.

        • The Gaijin says:

          I think Showtime has an option for 2013, which I doubt they’re going to exercise given the way things have gone with SF since the takeover.

          Not sure what the contract says about anything else (e.g. winding up SF early and/or all of the cancelled shows), so who knows what recourse there is for the remainder of 2012 or if Showtime still decided to exercise the option and tried to force them to provide programming (seems very unlikely).

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Plus jusr because something is in the contract doesnt mean it has to be exercised. Both sides might want to end on good terms to leave the relationship open for the future….

  2. […] att höra alla detaljer och se den byråkratiska processen bakom överklagandet finns möjligheten här.Följ MMAnytt på Facebook och Twitter för att få de senaste nyheterna inom MMA-världen.Dela […]


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