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Boxing PR: Kimbo Slice to make boxing debut on August 13th for Gary Shaw

By Zach Arnold | June 29, 2011

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Press release


Forget the kicking and wrestling, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson will soon be where he should have been all along… busting heads in a boxing ring.

On Saturday, August 13, legendary street brawler Kimbo Slice will make his long-awaited professional boxing debut in the four-round main event of a Gary Shaw Productions and Tony Holden Promotions boxing extravaganza at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.

Slice became the Internet’s first street-certified action hero by smashing down a series of opponents in brutal backyard fist fights. The announcement is good news for fight fans, as he will surely administer a much-needed shot of adrenaline into the American heavyweight scene.

“Kimbo was always meant to be in the ring,” said Jared Shaw, Team Kimbo Promotional Advisor. “He’s one of the hardest punchers in the world and on August 13, his journey to becoming America’s heavyweight begins. The first stop will be Oklahoma in what will become the Kimbo Slice Express.”

Longtime friend and manager, Mike Imber, said that Slice has been training for his debut with his longtime boxing coach Randy Khatami and also spent some time in top-rated contender Alfredo Angulo’s camp, working with trainer Clemente Medina.

“He’s completely focused on his boxing career and excited to showcase his talents inside the squared circle,” continued Shaw. “Kimbo Slice is hungry and when that man wants his bread, he’s scary.”

Slice rose to worldwide prominence via the Internet and viral videos of a series of unlicensed street fights, each of which garnered millions of views. As a mixed martial artist, he competed for the EliteXC and UFC organizations and appeared on CBS, PPV and Showtime Network, going 4-2 against some of the world’s best competition. Slice drew record numbers of viewers to Spike, the Ultimate Fighter and in each of his network and cable bouts.

“Even in his losses, Kimbo brought a level of excitement that few fighters can generate,” said his promoter, Gary Shaw. “He is a genuine personality with unbelievable strength and character and we’re excited about his prospects in boxing. The minute he steps in the ring, he’ll be one of the most recognizable and talked-about fighters in the sport and his fans around the world will once again feel the excitement.”

“Kimbo’s been waiting for this and now it’s time,” added Imber.

Opponents and other matches on the card will be announced shortly. Tickets for the professional boxing debut of Kimbo Slice are priced at $38, $48 and $68 and will be available July 5 through

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8 Responses to “Boxing PR: Kimbo Slice to make boxing debut on August 13th for Gary Shaw”

  1. Chuck says:

    The card is a month and a half away and they still don’t have a card yet, and ONLY announced Kimbo Slice? Gary Shaw and Tony Holden are better than that. You would think they would have at least announced another fight or two by now.

    I wonder what palooka from the mid-west they are going to feed to Kimbo. When Kimbo has enough fights (and hopefully victories at that) they should feed him to Bermane Stiverne. Check him up at and over at Youtube. He hits harder than Kimbo Slice, and actually has a modicum of skill and talent (he won’t go far though. The Klitchkos would kill him, as would most of the other top heavyweights. But MAN he punches hard as hell).

    I would say Bermane Stiverne is the pound-for-pound hardest hitter out there. Once he fights the upper echelon of fighters he will start losing, but he is fun to watch for now.

    • Tomer says:

      Stiverne looked mediocre against old Ray Austin in a WBC eliminator and now has the ‘privilege’ of facing Vitali unless he declines the shot.

      • Chuck says:

        Yeah he looked like shit against Austin, but he has looked better against other opponents (shorter opponents).

        The funny thing? He showed NO jab against Austin, but watching his other fights he has a VERY solid jab. But it’s obvious he doesn’t handle taller opponents well.

        Fun fact? Stiverne actually beat Robert Helenius (legit top ten heavyweight from Finland) in the amateurs. I heard it was a VERY close fight. On Youtube they showed only 47 seconds of the fight, and it was obvious Helenius is way more talented but he kept getting caught with big shots from Stiverne because Helenius was getting really careless in the fight (keeping his hands down, juking and jiving, etc).

  2. Jonathan says:

    I might go to this show. But Miami, OK (pronounced My-am-uh) is out in the middle of nowhere….probably a four or five hour drive.

  3. Chris says:

    What a joke.

    What is the point of this? I mean first does anyone honestly believe Kimbo is gonna lose this fight? Call it what you want but whoever he fights will be told to take a dive.

    I just dont get this, he has no future as a boxer, wouldnt he be better off going to Japan, fighting Minowaman in Dream? Fight Sapp in Japan?

    How about going to KSW and fighting Pudz? You cant tell me Pudz vs Kimbo wouldnt be a massive freakshow fight.

    Kimbo vs the Shamrock/Toney winner, those are interesting freakshow fights fans will actually somewhat care about, boxing some bums I dont think anyone cares.

    • Chuck says:

      I always clamored for a Slice/Sapp fight. I was thinking that fight is three or four years too late, but in all honesty, that fight is just as perfect now. Both guys are in their mid-30’s, and both have suffered recent losses (Sapp has lost two fights this year, and is 1-5 in his last six fights).

      At this point I would give it to Kimbo Slice, considering that he does hit very hard, and Bob Sapp is PETRIFIED of getting hit and doesn’t defend himself intelligently (that turtle up with the silly little spin he does isn’t very good defense).

      Another good fight for Kimbo? Brett Rogers. Now that man is damaged goods! I would still give it to Rogers at this point, but Kimbo does have a shot.

  4. marc says:

    Limbo and tyson in the future …. god I wish that’s a great fight if ive ever heard one I hope he makes a run at it personally cause its something boxing needs truthfully… just maybe he’ll do way better here then in cage fighting

  5. bluerosekiller says:

    Chuck, thanks for reminding me to take another look at Stiverne’s fights on YouTube. “Cause doing so reminded me of how good he can look against someone other than Ray Austin.
    Whom he looked REALLY one dimensional against.
    Stiverne must have been being extra cautious about being in there vs his first real contender & also about going 12 rounds because he didn’t let his hands go like he usually does & he looked much slower than usual. Though, on the plus side he did prove that he could go rounds & that he most certainly DOES carry his power late.
    That doesn’t mean that he deserves to be Vitali’s top contender though, as a fight with that particular Klitschko would be way premature. Vitali’s all wrong for him & would be able to take the occasional shot from Stiverne while breaking him down & then stopping him.
    IMO, he’d be a much more dangerous fight for Wladimir based on their styles.


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