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Another Saturday night of fights ending with a dud; who’s next for Manny Pacquiao?

By Zach Arnold | May 8, 2011

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The description of last night’s fight between Manny Pacquiao & Shane Mosley can best be summarized in this manner:

BRIAN KENNY: “Manny Pacquiao is not only the #1 fighter in the world but he’s the most exciting fighter in the world. And, yet, he heard boos on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. A clear-cut win for Pacquiao here tonight, Teddy, but why were there boos?”

TEDDY ATLAS: “Not exciting. You know, people came a long way. They’ve bought into the brand of Pacquiao, The Pacman. it’s not just wins, it’s excitement. They didn’t get excitement tonight. They got the win, but not the excitement. I think some of it went to Pacquiao the boos where he didn’t take advantage of opportunities they thought were there for him to take advantage and a lot of the boos, also, went out to Shane Mosley who just did not do enough in the moments that there were things to do, there were opportunities to do.”

BRIAN KENNY: “Since Manny Pacquiao moved up in weight and took on Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito we got used to war(s), all-out war(s). It didn’t happen tonight. How much changed in the third round, Teddy, when Pacquiao put Mosley on his back?”

TEDDY ATLAS: “With Mosley, we talked about the danger spot being early in the fight, that Mosley would have to do something. Pacquiao did something. So, if Mosley had confidence that he was going to do something early, that confidence… right down the drain.”

BRIAN KENNY: “Again, Manny Pacquiao, wins going away and cements his position as the #1 fighter in the world, pound-for-pound.”

There wasn’t even much to discuss about the fight result at the post-fight press conference.

INTERVIEWER: “Shane, what did you think of your performance tonight?”

SHANE MOSLEY: “I think was all right. Manny did a great job. He was strong, threw a lot of punches, and he was aggressive and won the fight.”

INTERVIEWER: “What do you think that you could have done better throughout the fight?”

SHANE MOSLEY: “*sighs* Maybe, throw more punches, been a little more aggressive. It was kind of dfficult. Many was very strong, very fast and did a great job.”

INTERVIEWER: “What happened in that third round when he knocked you down. Was it a big punch? Did you catch you off guard? What happened?”

SHANE MOSLEY: “Yeah, I think he caught me off guard. It was a left shot I’m not sure if it was to the temple, he caught me and I went down. It was a good shot.”

INTERVIEWER: “As the fight progressed, you seemed to have a couple of moments where you caught him with a couple of good hands and you seemed to stagger him a bit. Did you think that might been a point where you could have pressed a little it more?”

SHANE MOSLEY: “Yeah. I mean, Manny, he’s very unpredictable so he had strong shots, shots that I haven’t felt before. So, I had to really watch out and watch what was going on. He was very strong from actually 6 inches, he can just punch and hurt you.”

INTERVIEWER: “What’s next for Shane Mosley?”

SHANE MOSLEY: ‘Uh, I’m not sure. Right now I’m just going to go back to the drawing board to see what’s next.”


Just like last week’s UFC 129 main event with Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields, this main event wasn’t much to crow about. There are differences, for sure — such as Jake Shields being a top-level fighter while Shane Mosley was who we thought he was (channeling the spirit of one Dennis Green).

Buy rate projections from Top Rank, according to Dan Rafael of ESPN, involve Saturday’s fight drawing 1.2M as a benchmark. If it does that, it’s a wash. 1M or less, a failure. The internal opinion is that the fight will do between 1.2M-1.4M PPV buys.

Coming out of Saturday’s fight, Top Rank has floated the following scenarios for future Manny Pacquiao opponents: Juan Manuel Marquez, Zab Judah, Tim Bradley, and Sergio Martinez.

Marquez may have another fight on the table to accept. However, if he accepts the Top Rank offer, he will be by far the most credible challenger (not named Floyd Mayweather Jr.) left on the table. Maybe not the most recognizable name for casual fans, but the most credible. Zab Judah? Why? Tim Bradley? He recently had a chance to take a fight with Amir Khan and, somehow, that fell through or hasn’t happened, yet. Bradley should fight Khan instead of Pacquiao, but obviously lots of guys want that big pay day.

Sergio Martinez is the most interesting name because he presents an Anderson Silva-GSP challenge to Manny in terms of size. Much like Anderson being a weight class (or two) bigger than St. Pierre, Martinez will be noticeably bigger than Manny if they fight. Much like the “will GSP fight Anderson Silva?” discussion rages on in the MMA world, we may soon see a similar type of discussion in the boxing world regarding Manny & Sergio.

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33 Responses to “Another Saturday night of fights ending with a dud; who’s next for Manny Pacquiao?”

  1. David m says:

    There is only one match non-hardcore boxing fans want to see, and it surely doesn’t involve Timothy Bradley or JMM or Zab or anyone else not named Floyd and Manny. At this point I am convinced that fight would be the biggest fight in history; 2 million buys easily.

  2. Tomer says:

    JMM is contingent on Golden Boy not exercising their matching rights and putting him in with someone (the name floated is supposed to be Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez). Judah is basically in the mix because he’s with Main Events and has a 140 trinket, Bradley probably is sitting and waiting for the Shaw contract to expire (also, he was complaining about getting offered $1.3 million for Khan when HBO guaranteed him $1.2 million in his next fight) and Martinez is a highly unlikely fight. Of the four, my order of preference is: Martinez, JMM, Bradley and Judah. So, I guess my realistic hope is for JMM III at this point.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    Wait a minute!! Pacquiao fights a completely shot fighter…. Doesn’t look good in doing it, and people are complaining? How about stop buying PPV’s for bad fights, and then people won’t have a problem.

    This fight on paper was a total dud.

  4. liger05 says:

    Floyd should fight ortiz and then pacman. He has all the tools to beat pacman. The jab to mess up pacman’s timing and making him reach leaving open to counter right hands. The inside clinch game and the ability to fight moving backwards. Pacman will struggle to cut off the ring v Floyd. Mayweather would just have to make sure he stays out of mid range.

    This fight was a joke from day 1. Mosely looked garbage v Floyd, rubbish v Mora and never had a chance v Pacman. He needs to quit!!!

  5. Robert Poole says:

    Teddy Atlas has been a long noted Pacquiao hater so his criticism doesn’t surprise me. Anyone that watched the fight knows the boos came because Mosley did nada and fans were frustrated by it. Plus they were probably very, very spoiled by two incredibly good undercard fights with Lopez-Pavlik and the potential FOTY candidate in Arce-Vazquez Jr.

    I think Pacquiao needs to put the JMM doubt to bed decisively (which I think will happen if they fight again at Welterweight) and then if Mayweather still doesn’t want to fight, he could reach for Martinez which is as dangerous a fight as they get. Martinez is legitimately the most dangerous guy out there for Pac-Man to face that’s not named Klitschko. I think his speed could play a major factor in that fight but if he tastes Martinez’ power he could be out in one punch like Paul Williams was.

    I also think that threat and Martinez’ stature as a growing P4P top guy makes that a huge PPV attraction. Let’s face it, as much as people want to see Pacquiao dominate, they also want to be on the edge of their seats beforehand because they think the guy he’s facing could be a serious threat to their guy. Mike Tyson was always an exciting fun attraction but it was the Michael Spinks fight that truly made him because Spinks was the one guy that was in his prime, had the resume and was thought to be a threat.

  6. sammy says:

    45Huddle once again talking when he doesnt know what he’s talking about.

    This fight on paper was not a dud..and prior to this fight Shane was not necessarily a “completely shot fighter.” hindsight is 20/20..and youve always been one to falsely claim ‘i told you so.’ I’m not saying it was pacquaio-mayweather on paper, but a guy like shane mosley gets the benefit of the doubt when we were wondering whether or not he was s shot. the problem in this fight was not him being shot, it was him refusing to engage and being wily enough to simply avoid getting KOd and going the distance.

    Furthermore, who are the all the shot fighters pacquaio’s been fighting? you are clearly implying. You simply refuse to acknowledge that p4p kings are legit even when they clearly are (ie, Fedor when he was p4p best). You sir are almost always off-base on your MMA opinions, so please dont start with boxing too.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      1) I never implied that Manny was fighting other shot fighters. Not in the slightest was anything implied. But if you want to go there, Manny hasn’t fought a guy coming off of a 3 fight win streak in almost 3 years.

      2) Shane Mosley was shot before this fight. Only people who bought into the hype and the promotion were excited about this one. Or they were just excited to watch a Manny fight.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Your trolling, er – evaluation, presupposes that there was someone else for Pacquiao to fight that he was avoiding, other than the guys he’s faced and that’s simply not true.

        As things have evolved it is clearly obvious that Mayweather wants nothing to do with the Pacquiao fight because he’s so attached to the “0” in his record. He literally asked for a $100m guarantee for the Pacquiao fight – which was the same thing as saying no. Clearly he’s saying he wants the fight but doing everything to show that he simply does not want it in any way shape or form.

        Other than Mayweather I honestly don’t think there has been anyone better for Pac to fight than Diaz, ODLH, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and Mosley. I don’t love the Clottey or Mosley fight – the idea for Mosley was another common opponent for PBF and Manny.

        Look around, the dude literally hasn’t had any good options other than Floyd or moving up in class. Let’s have a quick look from Jr. MW to LW.

        Cotto – great fight, and he worked him.
        Cintron – He was last seen pulling a flying tope to get out of his Williams fight. no.
        Dzinziruk – no.
        Saul Alvarez – Nowhere near ready. Only 20 yrs. old.

        Victor Ortiz and Berto – Neither are ready for this type of fight yet, not to mention until they fought most ppl were ready to give up on Ortiz and we’ll have to see how Berto bounces back.

        Bradley and Alexander – Same boat as above and now Bradley backed out of the Khan fight.

        Khan – hot prospect, looks for real but is still a rising prospect that needs more time with Roach.

        Maidana – I’d love to see him fight Manny but people would be crying about a mismatch. He got dragged to the brink by a Lazarus-like Morales

        Judah – Yeah, no….

        JMM – People foaming at the mouth for this fight are idiots. And they’re going to probably get it and wonder why the f%&k they asked to see a long in the tooth 37 year old ’35lber fight a 140+ lb fighter, after they saw the ass whooping Mayweather put on him. JMM might have looked good against Manny 1.0, but Manny doesn’t run into fights headlong, guns blazing anymore. JMM got toasted by Floyd and got taken to the brink by Michael Friggin Katsidis…I love Kats, but that guy is like an infinitely less talented Gatti, he’s got about a 5% chance against 2011 Manny.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I’m not trolling.

          Boxing is a sport of selective matchmaking. It has been like the throughout it’s history and even worse during the last 10 to 20 years.

          Multiple title belts, mandatory BS title challengers, and weight classes far too close together make it one big cat and mouse game between promoters to get the most money for themselves and their fighters with the least amount of risk.

          It’s basically the complete opposite of the UFC. Which is all about testing the top guys against each other over and over and over again until they eventually crumble. This has it’s own negatives as there isn’t as much staying power for it’s champions and stars. All of the fighters constantly talk about how there are no easy fights in the UFC. The same can’t be said for boxing.

          I’m not complaining about boxing as it’s not something that will ever change. But to act like boxers are constantly fighting the best guys instead of who is most favorable to them is laughable at best. Without one umbrella organization for all of the athletes, that cat and mouse game will continue forever. And it certainly diminishes what the boxers do as you can never be certain that they are truly fighting the best guys…. And not just the right fighter at a specific weight who has a specific skill set that matches up perfectly for his opponent.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Who would you have Pacquiao fight then? Who were/are the best fighters available? Who is Pacquiao ducking that he should be fighting right now? Please inform me.

          I mean Anderson Silva is considered “[one of] the best mma fighters in the world” and his resume consists of: Damien Maia, Thales Leites, Patrick Cote, Nate Marquardt, Henderson, Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, Chris Leben, Travis Lutter, Chael Sonnen. Some really good names and then yeah look at all those guys everyone considers “the best in the world” – he’s really being tested against the best of the best. Anderson is clearly far better than guys at 185, there’s no reason to hang around that division fighting inferior opponents, and he is easily capable of moving up to 205, but he refuses to other than selective match making against the right fighters at a specific weight (Griffin/Irvin) who has a specific skill set that matches up perfectly for his opponent.

          Same with GSP – he has cleared out a division and is now fighting the same type of skill set of fighter that perfectly matches his skill set or rematches against guys he’s dominated. It’s time for him to move up, he can do it and yet he refuses to do it.

          How is this any better again?

        • The Gaijin says:

          And don’t get me wrong, I hear you on pretty much EVERYTHING you said about boxing in general. That type of stuff is directly totally at a guy like Mayweather or even a Calzaghe for a loooong time.

          It’s also for current guys like Bradley who are backing out of fights with Khan that should be happening now. We need these “prospects” and stars to fight each other, ala Berto/Ortiz, Williams/Martinez or even Khan/Maidana. And the same can be said for Klitschkos/Haye, while we are getting it, it’s been far too long. I think boxing is realizing that these fights need to happen for the good of the sport but it’s still a tough thing to do with all the different promoters/orgs, etc.

      • Nottheface says:

        Mosely was shot because he got screwed in a split decision to Mora and lost a decision to Mayweather? Shit, I’m now impressed with Mosely’s performance: he’s shot and he still went to decision with the p4p #1.

      • Robert Poole says:

        I’ll give 45 this, Mosley did look shot prior to this fight to most observers. He looked like many aging fighters do when they get to that certain point where their mind is telling their body to do things and their body refuses to cooperate. Oscar De La Hoya first hit that wall against Manny. I’d say Shane hit it against Mayweather. He had Mayweather in serious trouble and didn’t have the ability to pull the trigger and do anything else the rest of the fight. Similarly he made a barely above average fighter in Sergio Mora look good enough to get a gift draw because he just couldn’t throw enough. Here again with Manny he just couldn’t pull that trigger. Lots of great fighters get there at some point and that’s when it’s time to walk away for their own safety. The huge layoff between Margarito and Mayweather probably took away the last year Shane could still be physically competitive.

        Now we shouldn’t discredit Manny at all either. I think his skill set is so good that when guys fight he he embarrasses them so badly that the immediate after talk is that the guy he fought HAD to be shot to look like that. Most of these guys have had to face the retirement question because of that. Even guys like Margarito and Cotto, incredibly talented guys in their division were made to look so bad against Manny that interest in their fights will always be tempered by the obvious ceiling they have now been shown to have.

        Manny can’t be discredited for ducking anyone. He’s fought every legitimate threatening name in his path. It’s just that he makes them look so bad that afterward everyone tries to play the role of revisionist historian and declare these fighters weren’t very good or were completely shot prior to Manny fighting them. If you recall, all of these guys (yes, even Clottey) had impressive resumes where they had fought and taken the best of the best down or to their limits. All of them were at least fairly dangerous before they got in the ring with Manny.

        I think it’s clear Mayweather wants nothing to do with Manny. Look at what Manny did to Margarito’s face. Cotto’s face. Shane’s face last night. Mayweather fought Shane and dominated due to activity but he didn’t make Shane’s face swell anything like what Manny did to him last night. Mayweather can act like the tough guy all he wants but he’ll never fight Pacquiao because bottom like, he knows he very well could get knocked out or hurt very badly and he’s purposely avoided any opponents that can do that to him for a reason.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I agree that Mayweather wants nothing to do with him.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Dude wouldn’t fight Cotto or Margarito, sure as hell is going to do everything he can to avoid Manny.

          As I called it a week or so ago, it looks like he’s picked Victor Ortiz as his next opponent. He still needs to fight because he’s gotta pay the IRS, but he’ll continue cherry-picking and avoid the “big one”.

        • edub says:

          It’s clear from these posts 45 knows about boxing, but probably watches very little of it.

          Boxing as a whole does not conform to the career of Manny Pacquiao. Manny has defeated pretty much ever top tier welterweight of the last 5 years in his recent fights from Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto to Joshua Clottey and Shane Mosely. He also took out the best junior welterweight in that time frame in Ricky Hatton. The only top tier guys he hasn’t faced yet are Paul Williams (who hasn’t fought at WW in years), PBF (who flat out refuses to fight Manny), Andre Berto (who was throttled by Victor Ortiz in a recent fight), and Kermit Cintron (who would stand no shot at Manny).

          There are certain things n his run that have been a little fishy; Fighting Margarito, Fighting Margarito for a belt at 154 when neither held one at the time at a ridiculous catch-weight, and his last win against JMM. But those things don’t bring much doubt to his career.

          Manny fought the best possible option each time he fought for the most part, and is deserving of best pfp in the world while also probably being a top 25 boxer of all time when his career is over.

  7. sammy says:

    btw…Mayweather is still scared sh*tless of fighting pacquiao. He has had ample opportunities over the years and consistently failed to sign on the dotted line. Always an excuse..or some outlandish behavior (aka crime) that makes him ‘unable’ to fight. But what else is new. Mayweather has ‘retired’ before when he wanted to duck opponents. for example Cotto and Margarito when they were in their prime at the top of the 140/147lb divisions at the exact time mayweather retired instead of fighting them.

    Everyone knows mayweather hates to get hit, and has avoided fighting guys who can bang. One thing you know with pacquaio is that win or lose he is going to hit you. Mayweather is scared his chin wont hold up. I would respect him so much more as a fighter if he hadnt ducked so many fighters over the years.

  8. EJ says:

    What’s next for Pacquiao should be obvious and that’s a third fight with the guy who’s schooled him twice before JMM. But I don’t see it happening Pacman has been ducking him and doesn’t want to ruin the chance to lose his aura which is why he’ll find another reason to push the fight back again.

    As far as the fight with Mosley since the moment it was announced that fight was a joke, anyone who bought into the hype of tried to justify is full of it. Pacman has sadly let him management mess put blemishes in what’s been a great career because he’s acting just like he claims FMM is.

    The only thing that will make things up for this and the Margarito fight is to finally step up and put Arum in his place and make sure the trilogy with him and JMM happens. Until then like I said last year, I won’t be watching any of his fights because they’re simply not worth it when he’s fighting guys who aren’t in his class.

    • The Gaijin says:

      “What’s next for Pacquiao should be obvious and that’s a third fight with the guy who’s schooled him twice before JMM. But I don’t see it happening Pacman has been ducking him and doesn’t want to ruin the chance to lose his aura which is why he’ll find another reason to push the fight back again.”

      LOL. You are even more clueless about boxing…

      • EJ says:

        Considering your comment on how a third fight would go your opinion is pretty meaningless to me. You sound like the typical delusional Pacman fans that want to act like JMM didn’t beat him twice and he wants nothing to do with him again. But hey I guess it’s easier to be in denial about the guy than face the truth, hell i’m sure you’ll find a way to excuse whatever other washed up guy they feed to him next.

        • The Gaijin says:

          HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. You are an imbecile.

          Last time I checked he’s 1-0-1 against JMM. And to score that first fight a draw was terrible judging, just bizarre, not to mention the fact that the deciding judge (who scored it 113-113, scored rd. 1 a preposterous 10-7). Sure it was an exciting fight and sure JMM was awesome to come back from getting torched in the first round, but 115-110 score for JMM? LOL. That fight was in 2004 btw.

          Funny thing is you aren’t even a JMM fan – You reek of a Pacquiao hater, desperately clinging to anything to discredit the guy. Funny thing is you’re clearly not even a boxing fan, just a typical loser MMA fan that tries to tear down anything that might be deemed a threat to your beloved “UFC fighting”. Leave boxing discussion to the big boys that actually know what they’re talking about.

          – JMM is a really old 37 and has been too many wars
          – JMM is a great 135 lb fighter and mid level @ 140+
          – JMM looked like complete sh*t against Floyd at “144”, He couldn’t even hit 144 (he was 142) and looked slow and puffy and had no punching power. He got totally battered by a defense first fighter. Look what happens to guys that fought Floyd against Pac – not pretty.
          – JMM had to battle back from getting beaten up by Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis at 135…Pacquiao would snuff these guys out inside of 2 rounds.
          – The Pacquiao that got into wars with JMM no longer exists, those fights were in 2004 and 2008. The Pacquiao of 2011 would eat him alive, plain and simple.

          Do you even watch his fights? Do you watch boxing or just read mma blogs about how much better mma is than boxing and that boxing is dying?

          I’ve yet to see you provide any legitimate reason as to why he should fight JMM or how you think JMM has a legitimate chance – oh right, the only reason you’re saying anything is because you think this is a good way to bash a boxer and say he is “ducking” a guy 10lbs below him and 2 years “younger” than Mosley. Do want me to provide you a few message boards that you can go read and co-opt their blather?

          Not to mention they’ve booked a fall fight that’s most likely going to be against JMM, so you can “waste your money” seeing a guy that has no reason being in the ring with Manny get a glory fight for lots of money and go down hard, oh, but you’re just the type of person that would either stream the fight or not even watch it and then come online to b*tch about it.

        • edub says:

          “What’s next for Pacquiao should be obvious and that’s a third fight with the guy who’s schooled him twice before JMM. But I don’t see it happening Pacman has been ducking him and doesn’t want to ruin the chance to lose his aura which is why he’ll find another reason to push the fight back again.

          As far as the fight with Mosley since the moment it was announced that fight was a joke, anyone who bought into the hype of tried to justify is full of it. Pacman has sadly let him management mess put blemishes in what’s been a great career because he’s acting just like he claims FMM is.

          The only thing that will make things up for this and the Margarito fight is to finally step up and put Arum in his place and make sure the trilogy with him and JMM happens. Until then like I said last year, I won’t be watching any of his fights because they’re simply not worth it when he’s fighting guys who aren’t in his class.”

          You don’t watch much boxing do you.

        • EJ says:

          Yeah you got me Giaijin, i’m not a boxing fan and know nothing about the sport. Please school me and pass some of your Pacman kool-aid so I can also be as blind and delusional as you are smfh.

          Really you couldn’t be more ignorand and wrong if you tried, but that’s not surprise Pacman fans have are basically the equivelant of Fedor fans. You both live in a bizaro land where JMM didn’t school the invincible Pacman and he hasn’t been ducking him.

          Save the boxing history lessons for yourself because you’re the one who clearly needs them. Also you can save the high and mighty act, it comes accross as desperate you are no smarter and know more about anything especially boxing or mma than me that much is clear by your posts.

        • edub says:

          EJ- You might actually want to watch the fights again. Both were very close. Pacquiao should have won the first fight by two or three points. The second could have gone either way (this is noted by pretty much every major boxing website and writer being completely split on the subject). JMM never schooled Pacquiao in anything, and Manny has gotten a lot better since they have fought while JMM has been in back and forth wars with lower tier competition.

          Sorry but the high and mighty act (as you called it) made a hell of a lot more sense than your posts.

        • The Gaijin says:

          “Please school me and pass some of your Pacman kool-aid so I can also be as blind and delusional as you are smfh.”

          HA.HA.HA. Please pass me the smack you’re taking. Yeah I’m a blind delusional Pacquiao follower. Me and every single pundit in boxing, intelligent fan and person with an IQ over 60 who thinks Pacquiao is a great fighter are all drinking the same kool-aid. STFU. Look at him ducking JMM every time he moves up to fight some of the best fighters at Jr. MW, WW and Jr. WW, while JMM gets toasted by PBF, struggles with Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis. Manny must be literally pissing himself at the thought of the fight.

          “Also you can save the high and mighty act, it comes across as desperate you are no smarter and know more about anything especially boxing or mma than me that much is clear by your posts.”

          Keep telling yourself that sweetheart. You know nothing about mma other than what MMAJunkie or Kevin Iole and the UFC parrots tell you to think, and you know infinitely less about boxing. I’m far from desperate, I’m just tired of continually having to educate the ignorant fool who trolls FightOpinion with useless drivel.

          You’re the one that has refused, post after post, to provide even one shred of an argument other than “he beat him two times and he is ducking him” (both opinions and both idiotic ones), and have been called out by people other than myself as someone who doesn’t watch boxing or have the first clue what they are talking about.

          Go back and look at every boxing discussion on here, what do you ever add? Oh that’s right, nothing. Not one comment, not one insight, not one iota of meaningful conversation – but oh boy do you ever make sure to continually try to push your agenda of how “over-rated Pacquiao is by all his fanboys” and how he’s ducking an ancient Mexican fighter who is three weight-classes below where he fought two fights ago.

          What do you offer to mma discussions? Fedor sucks? Please give Chael Sonnen, a proven cheater, more preferential treatment and immediate title shots? Getting your jollies off on DW acting like Vince McMahon? Yeah, you’re super duper knowledgeable kid – that’s cute you think you’re offering intelligent conversation.

          “Save the boxing history lessons for yourself because you’re the one who clearly needs them.”

          Please, oh please, please EDUCATE me oh wise one. I am absolutely f***** dying to hear you educate me on my lack of knowledge on the topic. You haven’t provided ONE counter-argument to anything I have said or anyone else has said. Let’s hear what you think, let’s see you put together a few points that aren’t “LMFAO UR RETARDEZZZ FANBOI KOOL A1DE…HE IZZ DuCK1Ng HIM N HE LOsT TWO TIMEZZ – HES THA SUXXORZZ LIKE FEDOR!!!!11!!!1”.

          Oh that’s right, you have nothing to add. Shut the fuck up and get out of here with your nonsense.

        • How many times did Marquez knock down pacquiao? How many times did Pacquiao knock down Marquez?

          I watched both fights, and I had Pacquiao winning both. They were both close fights I’ll give you that. To say JMM tooled on Pacquiao twice is totally wrong. If the judge had correctly scored the first fight, Pacquiao would be 2-0 against Marquez, not 1-0-1. Manny has never cared who he fought, he will fight anyone.

          Even when he fought Delahoya, he bumped up two weight classes, after only having fought once at 135, to fight him.

          Please EJ, think objectively not subjectively.

  9. Steve says:

    No losses to JMM on his record.

  10. Black Dog says:

    Everyone of course wants to see Manny fight Floyd, and I know I want to see it. That’s why everyone’s trashing this fight. To be honest, Mosley had no business being in the ring last night, with Manny or anyone else; the guy’s done, he needs to retire. A hack for Time Magazine who clearly knew very little about boxing whined this week that Manny won’t fight the American fighter everyone wants him to, and that’s Mayweather. The implication was very clear that Manny won’t fight him…WRONG.

    Mayweather is running away from Manny, pure and simple. He runs his mouth, makes crazy demands, and runs. He knows Manny will outfight him; not outbox him perhaps, but outfight him. And he wants to keep that oh-so-valuable undefeated record.

    I could care less; Mayweather’s world is one giant amusement park ride, which I choose not to get on.

  11. edub says:

    Pacman vs. Martinez at 155 (to keep the MW title on the line) would be absolutley amazing. It would probably be too big of a jump for him, but if he won his name would start to be floated around with Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Archie Moore, and Muhammad Ali.

    • The Gaijin says:

      I agree. I would love to see it, but it’s such a leap in weight and Martinez is a cold blooded killer with speed and huge KO power. The guy took it to Kelly Pavlik who is a huge fighter, I just don’t think Manny’s built for these guys. Martinez has said he would be willing to come down to 154 which might make it a little more appealing to Pac, but at some point he’s going to hit a ceiling where he can go up and I don’t want him to be RJJ for the sake of seeing him continually move up.

      If he can stay interested for a few more years we could see some more guys come through that would be great fights at a good weight for Pac (Ortiz, Bradley, Khan, Canelo, etc.).

      • edub says:

        Canelo? I don’t see that guy having success against anyone when he finally moves up in competition. He’s so damn slow. Manny would destroy him. I could see Bradly, Khan, and Ortiz making good fights though.

        I don’t mind Manny moving up. It’s the coming back down that usually gives fighters problems. If RJJ had stayed at HW, and beat a few more mid level guys I think we would still be talking about him as a top ten guy all time.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Yeah, Canelo might be a bit of a reach here. He is only 20 and while he’ll never “get faster”, I think he can work on things like tightening up his boxing, timing and footwork and pick up some experience that will help make up for the speed shortcomings and dude’s got some good stopping power. To your point – he would be a poor “match-up” for Manny as he’s just have no way of dealing with Manny’s speed and angles.

          That all said, Alvarez could easily end up being a Berto or worse.

  12. The fight wasn’t that bad, who else was Manny going to fight at 147 that’s well known and a draw? Not many names out there. Fighting Sergio Martinez before a Mayweather fight materializes is very risky, and the kind of fight he should take on when he is ready to retire on a high note.

    Of course fight fans have been clamoring for a fight with Marquez for awhile. I would prefer Manny gave him a shot after he wins one, just one fight, at welterweight. It doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

    Mayweather just needs to stop ducking and hiding.


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