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Kimbo Slice vs. Wakakirin officially booked

By Zach Arnold | January 18, 2011

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Oh, what a circus the IGF 8-man title tournament is going to be in Japan this year. Not only will Josh Barnett participate as the promotion’s foreign ace, but the promotion’s new native ace Wakakirin will face Kimbo Slice. The date is February 5th at Fukuoka International Center. Bob Sapp didn’t want to face Wakakirin on NYE, but Kimbo will.

On the undercard, Tatsumi Fujinami celebrates his 40th anniversary as a wrestler by facing Mil Mascaras. Also on the card is Original Tiger Mask (Sayama), The Predator, and the debut of a new wrestler called Masked Genome against Hurricane Helms.

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12 Responses to “Kimbo Slice vs. Wakakirin officially booked”

  1. Fluyid says:

    I wonder if $kala is still dreaming of Kimbo boxing?

  2. Brad Wharton says:

    What’s the bet that this guy has a legit crack at Kimbo like he did Mark Coleman?

    And if a scuffle of sorts does happen, could this be a precursor to Kimbo fighting in Japan? Would anyone care?

  3. […] Kimbo Slice has resurfaced yet again, apparently agreeing to a pro wrestling match against former Sumo pothead Shinichi “Wakakirin” Suzukawa for the Inoki Genome Federation on Feb. 5 in Fukuoka, Japan, according to […]

  4. d says:

    this has viral video written all over it

  5. […] one of my favourite interview subject’s next gig will be part of a different platform – Japanese Pro Wrestling. Very unfortunate as I will never stop believing he could have been more than what he was in MMA. I […]

  6. Ligerbomb27 says:

    Zach, is this a shoot tournament, or shoot-style puroresu?

    I only ask because it’s IGF. Either way I’m interested.

    AWESOME sumo video, BTW. That was absolutely brutal – I’ve never seen so many palm strikes thrown.

  7. […] fight in DREAM or K-1. Not so. Instead, he’s following in Josh Barnett’s footsteps and taking a little side work in IGF, Japan’s pro wrestling […]

  8. […] Kimbo Slice has abandoned plans to continue his fighting career in boxing and has instead joined Japan’s Inoki Genome Federation pro wrestling tournament on Feb. 5, where he’ll face […]

  9. […] of Slice’s status was reported by MMAFighting where a report by Fight Opinion was also cited revealing that just because the former internet sensation doesn’t plan on testing […]

  10. The Gaijin says:


    You may have explained this before, but what is the deal with the “spambot” type comments linking to other sites? Is that just a way for you/us to track if your article has been linked to elsewhere?

    Seemed to get a lot more of those than you usually do for this piece.

    Ed. — There is no rhyme or reason to it. I do the best I can with filters, but I don’t have them turned on all the way or else a lot of the regular commenters would have their comments stuck in ‘pending’.

  11. ufc shirts says:

    wow, that guy got slapped a ridiculous amount of times!


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