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Who’s next for Manny Pacquiao?

By Zach Arnold | November 22, 2010

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The screaming headline on the newswires (include Japan) is that Pacquiao will retire soon. He stated that he thinks he has three years left before retirement enters into the equation.

As for who he will fight next… he’ll fight Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather, or Sergio Martinez (coming off of his brutal KO of Paul Williams). However, Martinez will not drop down in weight to take the fight. (Martinez is represented by Lou DiBella.) Pacquiao said he would fight Juan Manual Marquez but doesn’t think there would be any fan interest. He said the money for the Marquez fight would have to be a guaranteed purse. Pacquiao said a fight against Marquez would be a guaranteed money-loser. If that falls through, Lou DiBella wants Andre Berto to get a shot at Pacquiao.

Martinez says that he has two or three good fights left before he retires. He’s 35.

Pacquiao arrived home on Monday to get back to doing political work.

Here’s an interview with Michael Levine, one of Pacquiao’s business allies.

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55 Responses to “Who’s next for Manny Pacquiao?”

  1. As someone who knows almost nothing about boxing, I can say that I’ve heard of Pac Man and Floyd Mayweather. Ive never heard of any of these other guys.

    If it’s not them fighting, I don’t think there will be any interest outside the boxing community.

    What will boxing do once these two retire? Is there anyone else coming up as the next star?

    • There’s always someone coming up. If Manny plans on fighting another 3 years, he’ll lose to that guy, whomever he is. Guaranteed.

    • MK says:

      What will MMA do when GSP and Brock retire? because those are the only two guys who can cross into the mainstream. MMA fans have to get over this obsession, I mean we are on the verge of the biggest fight in decades (if it happens) and there is still talk of the sport dying?

      Anyway, this blog emphasized retirement like it’s imminent. Three years is a very long time considering that Pac has talked about his ‘last fight’ since early 2009, so then 6 or so more fights is as much as can be asked from someone who’s career is already established. He is at a point now that he can sell near 1 million buys against anyone.

      I managed to make my way to Dallas for the fight, the fight delivered exactly the way I hoped it would.

      • Zach Arnold says:

        Anyway, this blog emphasized retirement like it’s imminent.

        That’s inaccurate.

        • MK says:

          “that Pacquiao will retire soon”

          But it’s not important.


          How is it possible that you haven’t heard of Mosley if you know who Mayweather is?

          and it’s whose not who’s…there should be some sort of editing feature.

  2. popo says:

    Hey did you hear about the UFC TV deal? Or are you holding off on reporting that since its only the 20th time DFW has promised the UFC would be on network TV?

    If that goes through, will any fighters see a dime more? And same question about the WEC merger, or will the former WEC champs keep maxing out at 25,000 a fight???

    Fans wanna know!!!!!!

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    For as much hype as people give Manny Pacquiao…

    Since the start of 2006, the MAJORITY of his opponents have had a loss in there last 2 fights prior to fighting him. And only like 2 or 3 have had 4 fight winning streaks or more.

    Mosely is washed up at this point and destroying him means nothing. But I’m sure his fans will act like it’s the biggest deal in the world.

    • MK says:

      2007/2008 = welterweight is the best division in boxing and Manny is still two divisions below at 130.

      2009/2010 = Pac, who fights below or near the welterweight limit on fight night, takes out three of the best 5 welterweights and destroys them. He also beats Hatton who was the consensus 140 champion. Cotto was toward the bottom of the top 10 P4P list when he got beat and now is holding a belt at 154. Clottey was coming off a loss which he arguably should have won against Cotto. The version of Margarito that Pac beat gives hell to most welterweights today.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        that’s all nice and dandy, but there is still the pyschological element of fighting.

        Guys who have just recently lost are still going in there at a disadvantage.

        People give cr#p to Strikeforce for giving title shots to fighters coming off losses. Yet it’s happening with the best boxer today.

        Manny is the champion whether he has a belt or not. The fact that a guy who is 0-1-1 in his last 2 fights is being seriously considered to fight him is absurd.

        • MK says:

          The only guy who came off a loss was Clottey and that was a fight he arguably won and he certainly wasn’t a damaged fighter.

          If you discredit Pacquiao you either don’t know boxing or you are a obsessed Mayweather fanboy (i’m not attacking you 45, but that’s just my opinion in general).

          People lose far more often in MMA and it’s forgiven.

          I do agree that fighting Mosley will look bad.

        • The Gaijin says:

          No he’s just an mma disciple who’s always looking for the newest spin on “boxing is dying, mma forever” guy that will do his best to discredit anyone that might seem like a threat to his beloved Zuffa empire.

          Brock Lesnar (1-1) in a title match? Not absurd.

          GSP (1-1) in his last two fights – fighting for the interim WW belt. Not absurd.

          Matt Serra (1-1) in his last two fights – winner of reality show, fighting for WW belt. Not absurd.

          Randy Couture (1-2 or 2-3) in his last three (or five) fights at LHW – coming off a loss and fighting for the HW title. Not absurd!!

          Right…I see where your logic for serious consideration of title contenders comes from!!!

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Since the start of 2006, Manny has had 12 fights….

          5 of those fights were against guys who lost their last fight.

          2 of those fights were against guys who lost their 2nd to last fight.

          ONLY 2 of those guys had 3+ fight winning streaks going into a fight with Manny.

          Those are not good statistics.

          Sure, there are a lot of losses in the UFC, but the majority of guys going into title fights do so on 3+ fight win streaks unless its an immediate rematch that seems warranted.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          The Gaijin,

          Way to reach far back for those examples. Let’s look at 2010 title challengers…. Excluding immediate rematches like Machida/Rua that happened because it was a close decision…

          1. Cain Velasquez = 8 Fight win streak
          2. Shane Carwin = 12 Fight win streak
          3. Demian Maia = 1-1 in last 2 fights
          4. Chael Sonnen = 3 Fight win streak
          5. Dan Hardy = 7 Fight win streak
          6. Josh Koscheck = 3 fight win streak
          7. Frank Edgar = 3 Fight win streak
          8. Urijah Faber = 1-1 in last 2 fights
          9. Manny Gamburyan = 3 fight win streak
          10. Dominick Cruz = 5 fight win streak
          11. Joseph Benavidez = 2 fight win streak
          12. Scott Jorgens3n = 5 fight win streak

          9 out of 12 guys had 3 fight win streaks or better on that list. None of them were coming off of losses.

          To try to even compare boxing to the UFC here is absurd. What Manny is doing just doesn’t happen in the UFC in the year 2010. Manny has been and continues to fight guys who have either just lost or lost rather recently.

        • MK says:

          You mean guys like

          Morales II: future HOF and Manny had to avenge his loss. Morales lost when he went up in weight.

          Larios: stay busy fight in his country

          Morales III: rubber-match

          Barrera II: another HOF, coming off a close loss to another HOF in JMM. Barrera still ranked #3 in the division at the time.

          Clottey: giant, top 5 welterweight. His loss to Cotto was disputed.

          You’re out of your element.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          A loss is a loss. There is a different type of fighter you get when they are confident on wins.

          My comment to The Gaijin got held up, but my basic point was that in the UFC/WEC main titles…. 9 out of the 12 non-immediate rematch title contenders were at least on 3 fight win streaks.

          Hmmmm…. Manny avoids Floyd who is on a massive win streak…. I wonder why.

          If Manny is the hypothetical champion, he shouldn’t be fighting guys with losses so fresh on their records.

        • MK says:

          The Lesnar example alone destroys this artificial criticism of Pacquiao.

          Just to put into context what Pac has achieved, his greatest nemesis JMM who is an all time great talent could not pull of this dramatic jump in weight class. Only a few fighters in the long history of boxing have done similar things and Manny was already a first ballot HOF/one of the best of his generation just for his achievements below 130.

        • MK says:


          Please enlighten us with the opponents that Manny has avoided.

          The best case is JMM III in 2008, but that won’t count since he was coming off a LOSS lol. Mosley is the other in 2009, but he fought Cotto instead which was just as tough.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Lesnar means nothing. It was a ONE time thing due to who he was.

          Manny has 7 of 12 guys over the last 5 years at least having 1 loss in their last 2 fights.

          You are comparing ONE fight compared to an entire trend. And like I have shown, 9 out of 12 guys in the UFC on my list were coming off of 3 fight win streaks minimum. And even the guys who were getting immediate rematches (Rua & Penn)…. Did so because they were in really close DECISIONS. Manny fought Morales for a third time after he already stopped Morales in their previous fight and Morales had no additional wins the warrant the rematch.

          People love their boxing golden boys, but just like the rest of the guys in the sport…. It is based more on hype then it is substance.

          Manny is not the exception.

        • MK says:

          Manny is a four time lineal champion…that is LEGIT champion of four divisions (not the hyperbole with eight titles). That includes a 112, 125, 130 & 140. Hypothetically he can even get the 135, 147, 154, 160 championships because he is that good. If he beats Mayweather he at least gets the 147 crown.

          Even back in the day when boxers fought 300 fights and fought in less weight classes this achievement would standout.

          Again, please let us know who he avoided all these years, reading random stats off boxrec won’t help you there.

          The common criticism in boxing is that records are padded and fighters overprotected, but yet when guys like Manny, Morales, Barrera, Hatton and Cotto lose it’s the end of the world?

          You don’t know nothing bout boxing – Roger Mayweather.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          What does linear titles have to do with this discussion?

          Manny is fighting on a long win streak with all of the confidence in the world against guys who are not.

          He might be the best thing that has happened to boxing in years, but that is just a sad commentary on boxing that the best thing that has happened to the sport is purely based on pushing his record against guys who are not in the business of winning leading up to their fight with him.

        • MK says:

          Like I though you can’t give me an answer because you don’t follow boxing.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          By comparison, GSP’s last 6 opponents….

          1) Josh Koscheck – 3 fight win streak
          2) Dan Hardy – 7 fight win streak
          3) Thiago Alves – 7 fight win streak
          4) BJ Penn – 3 fight win streak
          5) Jon Fitch – 16 fight win streak

          And if he beats Koscheck he will fight Jake Shields who is on a 15 fight win streak.

          That’s the best in MMA. And he is fighting the bts guys who are all at the top of their games and winning fights in order to fight him.

          Imagine if 7 of the last 12 of GSP’s opponents lost one of their last 2 fights. People would be complaining forever about how bad the UFC is.

          Manny is a product of a broken sport.

        • The Gaijin says:

          The fact that you just said Pacquiao is avoiding Mayweather was all I needed to stop listening to the garbage you’re throwing out here.

          Continue to develop your analyses of fighters using wikipedia, it’s quite humorous.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          An answer to what? How Manny hasn’t ducked anybody?

          He hasn’t fought Mayweather. He is looking at Mosley instead of other legit challengers. As you have said, he has ducked other in the past as well.

          It’s easier for boxers to jump weight classes and fight tailor made opponents then to stay in one, fight a plethora of styles that are a threat.

        • MK says:

          Keep on avoiding the question, and do you really want to compare the sporting records of Cotto, DLH, JMM, Morales, Barrera and even Hatton and Margarito to those guys? Manny Pacquiao’s current streak also doesn’t involve a KO loss to an unranked fighter.

          You’re embarrassing yourself, friend.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          An answer to what? How Manny hasn’t ducked anybody?

          He hasn’t fought Mayweather. He is looking at Mosley instead of other legit challengers. As you have said, he has ducked other in the past as well.

          It’s easier for boxers to jump weight classes and fight tailor made opponents then to stay in one, fight a plethora of styles that are a threat.

          Not to mention that he continues to fight guys who have already been beaten down by Mayweather. And now he wants Mosely as well.

          How about he fights some non damaged goods?

        • The Gaijin says:

          Yes 45 and let’s look at the guys they were fighting to compile those win streaks…that’s nice and all that such stalwarts as Neil Wain, Christian Wellisch, Jake O’Brien, Dennis Stojnic (sp), Dan Miller, Markus DAVIS!, 2010 Frank Trigg, Matt Veach, John Franchi!, Leonard Garcia, Ivan Lopez, Ian McCall (yes THE Ian McCall)…

          God I’m glad you don’t see guys get fed cans and mid-tier fighters on their way to the title shot!

          Let’s look at Manny Pacquiao’s powder puff record to show how he’s a total joke compared to your list of world beaters.

          – Margarito: 5-1 and 1-1 coming into the fight. Lost to a total can named Sugar Shane Mosley. BUM.
          – Josh Clottey:
          – Cotto: 2-1 (high probability the loss was to a fighter with loaded gloves) and 34-1 coming in with wins over Mosley, Judah, Clottey. CAN.
          – Hatton: 2 fight win streak, loss to some schmo named Floyd Mayweather (yeah, never heard of him either), 45-1 otherwise. Sh*t.
          – De La Hoya: yeah he lost to this no name Mayweather too, and a couple of other club fighters named Hopkins and Mosley (yeah that bum!)
          – Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez.

          Like does this guy EVER fight anyone good? He’s fighting all these guys that lost to other hall of famers at some point in their career!!!!!!! This guy’s a paper tiger, boxing is SO pathetic.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Whoops, missed Clottey…I would say he’s the “weak link” and I’m not a huge fan, and I mean he was a meager 5-1 coming into that fight losing a controversial decision that a lot of people thought he won – but he couldn’t even beat that CAN Miguel Cotto! And he is a much larger man than Pacquiao, who is probably naturally 2 weight classes below him. Total embarrassment there!

    • Everything I’ve heard is that they don’t want Mosley because he’s too old and looked bad in his last fight. The word on the street is that they favor Berto because of the friendly working relationship of Dibella and Arum. That fight comes off if Berto wins this weekend. It should be an easy night for Pacquiao given how easy Berto gets hit but it would be a barnburner for however long it lasted.

      • MK says:

        I hope you’re right, but I kinda doubt it since Mosley is a ‘name’.

        I really hope he faces and destroys Berto. It would be back to back destruction of fighters who are bad for boxing. On the other hand, seeing Mosley destroyed would be very, very depressing even if it’s a fun fight for a few rounds. Shane is already slurring his speech.

        If they really want to make Mosley look like a legitimate threat then have him fight Angulo early in 2011 (in Mexico?). Styles make fights and Shane can still beat a few big names.

      • edub says:

        I would much rather mosely get the shot. All this Mosely looks horrible now stuff is just something I don’t agree with. Sure he is getting old, but let’s take a look at the last two people he has fought:
        He fought Sergio martinez at 154. A weight where he never really looked as good at, in a fight where Sergio Mora fought more of a “conservative” fight than Lyoto machida could hope for. It’s tough too look good against a guy who runs most of the fight.
        Floyd mayweather really doesn’t need to be explained.

        The way Mosely usually does against action type fighters makes me think a fight between him and pacquiao would be a little closer than people think.

        Andre Berto is one of the most overrated guys in boxing IMO. He got a gift decision against Luis Collazo, and he hasn’t fought anyone except the remains of Quintana since.

        • I just think (and apparently so does Pacquiao’s camp) that Mosley looks “old” and washed up in a promotional sense. He was never the biggest ticket seller to begin with, but after getting waxed against Mayweather and following it with a draw against Mora in a baaaaaaad fight, I don’t know that they think he is a salvagable opponent to make a compelling case for.

          On the other hand, yeah, Berto hasn’t really fought the best competition. I think he struggled way too much with Collazo. Yes, he’s like Meldrick Taylor but with a mildly harder punch. But he’s fresh, different, and there is potential there that we haven’t seen because he hasn’t fought a top level guy. And there’s a problem with asking him to do that.

          At 147 right now, Boxrec’s #3 guy in the world is Jan Zaveck. Alfonso Gomez is #6. #7 is a Shobox fighter (Said Ouali) and Sebastian Lujan has recovered from his ear being severed against Margarito to reappear in their computer generated top 10. There are guys in that top twenty who shouldn’t be anywhere near it – Jesus Soto-Karass, Mike Alvarado, Ionut Dan Ion, Rafael Jackiewicz. It doesn’t get better looking further down either. Fighters like Demetrius Hopkins, Shawn Porter, Freddy Hernandez (who is fighting and likely losing to Berto), and Danny Garcia are a year or more away from real contention, though I suppose with a talent base this weak, anything can happen. Still, none of them make for compelling fights with Pacquiao.

          All the real names are at 140 or are Berto. Maybe in a year Paul Williams will have recuperated and we’ll have Vanes Martirosyan fighting for world titles and big paychecks, but that’s a little ways off. Berto is a perfectly good interim fight if Mayweather isn’t going to make himself available.

        • edub says:

          “I just think (and apparently so does Pacquiao’s camp) that Mosley looks “old” and washed up in a promotional sense.”

          Yea ok, that definately makes sense. I also think that in the back of Freddy’s mind Shane is still a real tough matchup for pacquiao so the risk would out weigh the reward there. So everything you mentioned about Berto probably does make the most since.

          Personally I would like many to face Shane. I think Shane would present a few problems with the right game plan, and even at this age I think he does a lot better against pacman than Berto would.

          If promotions, money, ppv buys etc… had nothing to do with the situation who would you personally like to see manny face next? Shane or Andre?

        • Honestly, I’d rather see him fight Berto. Berto’s young, fast, got some pop but not a great deal, but he can fight. And he’ll be entertaining. I don’t see anything with Mosley that troubles Pacquiao anymore. 3 years ago its a different story. To me, Mosley should have a fight with someone on the outer reaches of the division who’s a prospect and prove that he deserves a last big fight rather than just be given it because he’s got a little bit of a name.

  4. Chuck says:

    A Pacquiao/Martinez fight would be awesome, but I think Martinez would beat Pacquiao pretty good. Too big, too fast, to agile, and he hits pretty damn hard (he only has 25 KAYOS out of 46 wins, but he hits harder than that. He doesn’t really lay into his punches. Well, he did against Williams on Saturday.). Now, I am not one of those guys that says “The bigger guy will almost always win!!!” because that is ludicrous. But with Martinez, his combination of size, speed, power, agility, technique, etc. would be too much for Pacquiao. And Martinez is a young 35.

    Pacquiao against Andre Berto? That would be a good fight. Pac would win, but Berto would give him a fight. Mosley? The way he’s looked in his last two fights? UGH! The biggest tragedy? His third to last fight, the win over Margarito in January 2009, was probably one of his best performances in his career. But that short two years ago is obviously much longer ago for him. A third fight with Marquez? Sign me right the FUCK UP! That should have happened this year. LET IT HAPPEN!

    Here’s another opponent for Pacquiao……Timothy Bradley. I’m surprised his name hasn’t come up. That would be an interesting fight.

    • MK says:

      I don’t want to see Mosley beaten up by Pac but I still say that he has a better chance then Marquez at this point, and maybe even Berto and the 140 fighters.

      Martinez is just too much to ask for both Floyd and Pac. I want to see it because it would be a huge legacy fight but Pac is just too small. Maybe in his last fight he can attempt it.

      In a perfect world, his last 6 fights would be:

      1. Mayweather
      2. Alexander/Bradley winner
      3. Mayweather II
      4. Berto
      5. Mayweather III (if needed) or Alvarez or if there is a undisputed 154 champion
      6. Martinez/middleweight champion.

      That way he can add another two lineal weight classes to his record of four. He can even drop to 135 and fight Marquez to add another but that won’t happen.

    • Martinez’s people aren’t really thinking that Pacquiao will touch them. Everyone knows that’s chewing off more than the Pacman can handle. Besides, there’s plenty of live fighters in the middleweight division to go after. Sturm no longer has the clout of a network to get him paid – he wants big fights and that would be one. Dimitry Pirog was brought in to lose to Daniel Jacobs and instead buried the guy. He’s a real option. Martinez can always go to the hole and try to dig up a Winky Wright or something too if HBO is willing, but I doubt they would be. I think they’ll pay for unification fights though.

      The Bradley/Alexander winner is a decent theoretical test, but some folks will be bothered that the winner isn’t a true welterweight (A) and that they won’t have cleaned out 140 as HBO is intending for one of them to do against the winner of Maidana/Khan (B).

  5. liger05 says:

    Margarito has stuggled in every fight since the handwraps saga. Makes you wonder whether he was loading those gloves other than the attempt v Mosley.

    I really hope pacman doesnt fight Mosley. Thats BS fight. Mosley is well on the slide now.

    Mayweather really cant do anything until his own troubles with the law are sorted and uncler roger’s trial. If roger goes down PBF has no trainer.

    • MK says:

      If Mayweather waits too long he can be in jail 1-2 years, which would end his career or he would be too old to be competitive. He fought against Baldomir without Roger who is a glorified pad holder. His father can do the same.

      • Fluyid says:

        That paddy cake shit they play with the pads is stupid. Emanuel Steward was recently in town and said the same thing. I don’t know what the hell it’s supposed to do. Steward guesses that maybe it’s somewhat like hitting the speedbag.

        • edub says:

          I mean with the results he has had in his career, you can’t knock it too much. Right?

        • Fluyid says:

          Can’t knock him and his career.

          The knock that Steward has with it, though, is that it distracts from what he feels is the best use of the pads —- using them to work on sitting down on punches and throwing with power. The counter to that from Mayweather’s perspective might be that Mayweather has really brittle hands and probably can’t work too much on hitting things really hard.

          And while we’re on the topic of hitting the pads ….. they’ve only relatively recently come into vogue as a training tool. Back in the 70s and 80s they weren’t used so much, and before the 70s and 80s they were used even less. Curtis Cokes (goddamn, I’m really name dropping today) said that they never used them at all when he was fighting.

        • edub says:

          Ah, Thanx for the info man.

          You spoken on here about how you used to box a lot as a kid, and through growing up also. Was hitting pads something that was worked with where you were training in your younger years? Do you think it is over emphasized in the sport today?

        • Fluyid says:

          In my younger years, not so much. Some padwork, but not too much… maybe even once every few weeks or so. And then I took a pretty long break from boxing. When I returned, everyone was using pads quite a bit.

          I don’t have an opinion at all as to what the right amount should be. They seem to be a great training tool, since your coach is right there.

          One thing that I absolutely think is a bad development is that people use the pads to dictate certain punches and combinations to their fighters. I’ve seen it time and time again – people start throwing predictable combinations and can’t simply learn to go with the flow in the same way. The fact that boxers don’t seem to get as many amateur fights in goes hand-in-hand with this.

          When I was learning/fighting/coming up, we were able to compete so often that we could figure it out as we went along. For example, my coach was a ridiculous stickler for the most basic fundamentals, but how I developed as a fighter was something that evolved through a lot of bouts. I was able to take my understanding of everything and apply in my own way.

          As a result, I sort of developed an ability to deal with whatever came up and didn’t have to mechanically rely on the exact things I was taught. Between rounds, I’d be told things like “he’s dropping his right hand when he jabs” instead of “when he jabs, step in and throw a hook followed by a right hand and then step to the side” or whatever. See the difference? Being able to develop on your own after getting a solid base of fundamentals is not something I see too much of these days (in these parts).

          I’m not saying I was some kind of great fighter or anything, but all of the guys from my era had lots and lots of amateur fights. Just as an example, I had probably 100 fights by the time I was 16 and already had quite a few national-level bouts.

          I’ve rambled too much.

        • edub says:

          “I’ve rambled too much.”

          Nope, not at all man. I know absolutely nothing about amateur boxing in the US (besides that we now suck on the world level for some reason), so it’s good to hear your take.

  6. EJ says:

    “Pacquiao said he would fight Juan Manual Marquez but doesn’t think there would be any fan interest. He said the money for the Marquez fight would have to be a guaranteed purse. Pacquiao said a fight against Marquez would be a guaranteed money-loser.”

    If you’re scared Manny, say you’re scared but you’re reaching really hard to give reason to not fight JMM again. It’s hillarious hearing so called experts talk about how unbeatable Manny is and how great he is, meanwhile he’s ducking the guy who schooled him twice. JMM-Pacman 3 is the only fight I would pay for and it sounds like Manny wants to fight anyone but him and that really says it all to me.

    • The Gaijin says:

      HAHAHA. Once again, another completely ridiculous, foolish and totally uneducated comment from resident troll EJ.

      Have you seen JMM fight lately? Have you noticed Manny has moved up to a weight class that JMM is not naturally suited for? JMM can’t fight over 135 – he is a LW and Manny is a WW and will not be dropping to 135 or 140.

      The Manny that fought JMM is not the Manny of today, just as the JMM that fought Manny is not the JMM today. JMM is 37+yrs old – again watch some recent JMM fights, he’s aged and slowed and at this point in his career he has NOTHING for Manny.

      As usual you literally have NO idea what you are talking about, (probably because you don’t actually watch or know anything about what you’re spouting off about) because Manny would blow right through JMM and thankfully he realizes this and doesn’t want to waste our time on a fight that would be a pure cash grab, hype-job of “Manny faces his greatest rival”…who he’ll blow away in 3 rounds or less.

      • EJ says:

        If beating JMM would be that easy why not do it and end all discussion abou it. JMM wants the fight and won’t put up the bs that PBF, beating him would end any questions about Manny and he can move on from there and solidify his reputation forever.

        But no, instead all we get is excuses and justifications as to why he shouldn’t face the only guy currently who can say he schooled him twice. Like I said him and now his fans are trying really hard to convince themselves why a third fight with JMM shouldn’t happen and that really says it all. You can continue to drink the kool-aid but us that see past the hype that has been built around the guy lately aren’t buyint it.

        The fact is he’s ducking his biggest challenge and just like I called out PBF for doing the same thing, i’m also calling out Manny for the same bs.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Keep smoking whatever you’re smoking, because those of us that know boxing know this is NOT a worthwhile or competitive fight in 2010. NOT AT ALL.

          Watch what Mayweather did to him and multiple it by 50 because Manny doesn’t fuck around and have brittle hands. The fact that you have deluded yourself into believing this complete garbage is hilarious No one outside of JMM himself and his promoter want this fight because they’ll cash in, but even JMM himself knows he’d get blasted out in 4. The fact that people think he’s going to have his hands full with Wanderlei Gatti, I mean, Michael Katsidis should tell even the biggest simpleton all they need to know.

          JMM is not even the same fighter he was in 2008, Pacquiao certainly isn’t the same fighter he was even 2 years ago. Pacquiao is also grown into a much larger fighter while JMM has NO business above 135 and is 37 years old. But oh yeah, Manny’s sh*tting his pants for this fight!

          If this fight ever got signed I’m sure you’d be one of the first people in line complaining about how terrible boxing is for putting on a meaningless, useless fight that’s just trying to take fans money.

          Hate on.

    • MK says:

      Pacquiao should have fought Marquez for a third time in the summer of 2008, today it’s not a competitive fight IMO. I still don’t mind seeing it.

      • MK says:

        When I say I don’t mind seeing it, I mean like a 4th option or so.

        The current faded version of Mosley wipes the floor with Marquez as do the top 140’s, Berto and Margarito/Cotto if they can still make 147. It’s only a big fight because of the storyline. Like Gaijin said.

    • Tomer says:

      Given that I thought Pacquiao won both fights by 1 point, I don’t think that he was ‘schooled’ by JMM (but he’s certainly been his toughest opponent during his big run at Featherweight upwards other than Morales in the 1st and half the 2nd fight). Still, I doubt Pacquiao cuts to 140 to face JMM a 3rd a time so JMM would have to come in at WW (or less like Pacquiao did for his 154 fight if he feels more comfortable as such).

  7. Fluyid says:

    Manny needs to fight retired heavyweight MMA fighter Ian “The Machine” Freeman. Freeman once said that he’d blast Manny in a boxing match, and I’m saying that he’d get totally wiped out, humiliated and left in an unconscious pile inside of four rounds.

    Make it happen, Bob Arum!

  8. edub says:

    Manny vs. Art Jimmerson. Imagine that guy with two gloves on!

  9. Smithers says:

    How is “Manny Pacquiao eyes retirement” a screaming headline?

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