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Will Floyd “Money” Mayweather pay a price at all for his video rant on Manny Pacquiao?

By Zach Arnold | September 3, 2010

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I remember recently seeing a list of athletes that made the most money in 2009 and the startling thing about Mayweather’s ranking on the list is that all of his money was generated in the ring — hardly any sponsorship or out-of-the-ring generated cash whatsoever.

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13 Responses to “Will Floyd “Money” Mayweather pay a price at all for his video rant on Manny Pacquiao?”

  1. Robert Poole says:

    He’s probably going to take some heat in the media for awhile but honestly if he ever steps up and decides to stop being a coward and signs to fight Pacquaio, all this will do is drive buyrates even further through the roof.

    This is Tyson’s rant about eating Lennox Lewis’ children redux without the actual signing of an official fight.

  2. Mr.roadblock says:

    As if anyone needed more proof that Floyd is terrified of Manny, here it is.

    Also why isn’t anyone up in arms about this? What if Manny, or anyone else for that matter, said he was going to make Floyd cook him some fried chicken and watermelon after the fight?

    What a piece of trash. Too bad because he has so much talent. But he’s spent the last five years taking easy fights and running his mouth.

  3. kobashi says:

    Big mayweather fan but this rant was silly and racist. Mayweather should apologise for this!

    He is not scared of Pacquaio though. Pacquaio needs to stop the BS and agree to the the drug tests!

  4. David M says:

    A few sports columnists care but nobody else does. If Pac or a white boxer had made the comments about a black fighter that PBF made about an Asian fighter, the entire media would be all over it, but black athletes are held to a different standard. This isn’t any different from Hopkins saying he would never lose to a white fighter before Calzaghe smoked him.

    White people have guilt towards the way black people have been treated in this country, so someone making racist comments about a black fighter = huge uproar, but a black fighter making similar comments doesn’t register.

  5. PizzaChef says:

    David M hit the nail on the head. More proof that this “politcally correct” bullshit is just…Well, bullshit since it just creates more inequality (especially with Floyd being able to get away with his latest dumbass move.) I really do wish more people were in a uproar about this.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    It’s only considered racist if it happens to a black person. At least that’s how the media acts. Sadly, David M is correct.

    Far too often, ghetto black people…. And Floyd is one of them…. Can be blatantly racist towards others with little fear of consequences.

    But also keep in mind, this has a lot to do with the importance of boxing…. Which isn’t very important. If Tiger Woods made a racist comment towards whites…. Or if Kobe Bryant made comments like Floyd did…. The media would be all over them for months.

    • Mr. Roadblock says:

      Maybe. But probably not.

      The guys at ESPN are the worst kind of white-hating, America-hating liberals out there. They’d probably brush it under the rug as a cultural misunderstanding.

      People have lost jobs and had reputations demolished for much less than what Floyd said.

  7. Nicholai says:

    It just dosen’t seem as bad as what Mohammed Ali said about Joe Fraizer in hyping there fight’s. Even thought they use to be good friends. Floyd’s comment just seemed juvenile at best.

  8. Mark says:

    Yes, that’s absolutely the case. The media never takes minority-on-minority racist comments seriously. That’s why Mayweather felt comfortable doing what he did.

    Floyd just looks pathetic here. He’s kind of like Tito trying to make lame jokes about the deaf to try to stay relevant. The spotlight is off of him, he can’t stand it but isn’t doing anything about it to fight Manny so he resorted to this.

    And Floyd looks extra ignorant for speaking of Manny like he’s Chinese. That’s like making Mexican jokes about someone from Puerto Rico.

  9. sammy says:

    Mayweather is not only scared to fight Pacquaio, but now he’s clearly a racist bigot.

    He will wait until Manny is past is prime before he fights him. Thats his MO. See De La Hoya, Hatton, Marquez, Mosley….the list goes on.



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