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Rashad Evans: “I was definitely on queer street there” during the UFC 114 main event with Rampage Jackson

By Zach Arnold | May 31, 2010

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Watch Rashad Evans: Rampage Jackson Blew It on

Full page-mode gets you the transcript of this Rashad Evans post-fight interview, along with a Frank Mir interview where he talks about why he isn’t WEC color commentator any more.

Rashad Evans interview

QUESTIONER: “You had such fluid movement in that fight. Everybody was talking, even Forrest Griffin was talking to us, about your wrestling stance.”

RASHAD EVANS: “Yeah, I just wanted to come out there and just keep him guessing all the time. He knows I was going to try to take him down and I tried to exploit that to my fullest, you know, I was going to try to mix it up with my striking as well.”

QUESTIONER: “Do you think that maybe Rampage just didn’t plan for you?”

RASHAD EVANS: “I think he underestimated me in a lot of areas. One was he didn’t understand how strong I was for one and he didn’t really understand how fast I was. You know, it’s a tough job for him coming back after doing a movie, after having so much time off to fight somebody like me but he came in and held in there for three rounds.”

QUESTIONER: “Third round looked a little bit scary but you recovered so quickly and do you think that maybe he, do you attribute that recovery to your confidence and do you think maybe he had his chance and blew it?”

RASHAD EVANS: “Yeah, he definitely had his chance and blew it. You know… I was definitely on queer street there. I was kind of… I was a little bit out of it for a second but you know I was in great shape and it helped me recover really fast and it seemed like at one point like he had me and then he stopped throwing punches and I was like, oh cool, he stopped throwing punches, and then it gave me a chance to recover for myself.”

QUESTIONER: “Do you have final words for Rampage and does this put the feud to rest?”

RASHAD EVANS: “Nah, it doesn’t put the feud to rest, man. You know, I respect him definitely a little bit more and we definitely had fun for 15 minutes but I look forward to doing it again.”

QUESTIONER: “Next is (Mauricio) Shogun. Any words for Shogun?”

RASHAD EVANS: “No words for Shogun. I got a lot of respect for Shogun. I’m actually a Shogun fan so it’s going to be fun to fight him.”

Watch Frank Mir Talks WEC at the UFC Expo on

QUESTIONER: “Frank, tell us what you’re doing here at the Expo.”

FRANK MIR: “I’m debuting my line right now for Suffer, my clothing and magazine (lines) and stuff that I have going and so you know what an opportunity to take advantage of, the UFC Expo.”

QUESTIONER: “Looks like Roy Nelson’s going to fight Junior dos Santos and Cain’s going to wait after the match-up with Brock (Lesnar) and Shane (Carwin). What do you think about those match-ups right now?”

FRANK MIR: “You know I think that the dos Santos match-up makes sense for Roy Nelson.”

QUESTIONER: “He said that he thought he was going to fight you for a while there.”

FRANK MIR: “Yeah, you know I was hearing lots of that, it’s funny I heard that from the fans but I was told differently at the beginning so obviously we can’t talk about what’s coming up for us you know until the office releases and stuff. But, yeah, even when people were asking me I knew that I wasn’t in Roy’s future before dos Santos.”

QUESTIONER: “Is that a fight you would want to take?”

FRANK MIR: “Of course, I think Roy is a good martial artist and yeah, no, I have no problems with him. I mean, just like I don’t have problems with most everybody, so yeah an opportunity to fight Roy is still good though, I mean he’s still an Ultimate Fighter champion coming off the show.”

QUESTIONER: “Talking about other gigs that you have. We’ve noticed a lot of changes in the WEC and you were announcing for them. What’s going on there?”

FRANK MIR: “I guess I won’t be any more. I know they didn’t extend my contract, so you know now I’m just kind of like you know I think they just probably are taking it in a different direction, I assume.”

QUESTIONER: “And how do you feel about that?”

FRANK MIR: “Well, I really love commentating and hopefully in the future if it works out I can do so again. Whenever the opportunity arises, obviously I’ll take advantage of it.”

QUESTIONER: “Do you think it has anything to do with the possible dissolving of the WEC?”

FRANK MIR: “That could be it, too. I really don’t know. All I know is in late February, just my contract came up and they decided not to go further with it, hold out a little bit. I heard that you know other people were being considered for it and so maybe they just wanted new blood, a new face.”

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