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UFC 113 Quote Notebook: Mauricio Shogun, Ed Soares, Lyoto Machida, and Yoshizo Machida drinking urine

By Zach Arnold | May 6, 2010

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Sherdog interview by Marcelo Alonso with Machida on how Machida is prepared for ‘the worst’

How is training going?

“I’ve been training a lot since the end of last year. In late December and early this year, we began to work out and started some cardio training. Last year I had surgery, and because my arm was in a cast, I did only part of the movement because I was not allowed to use my hand. The specific fight training actually began in January, but I just started using my left hand to punch at the end of January.”

How is recovery from surgery?

“The recovery was 100 percent. I do not feel any pain in my hand, and this is very good because it gives me a lot of confident. I had some years when I no longer had much confidence in my hand because it hurt. Every time I finished a hard training session, it hurt. When I finished a fight, my hand hurt, and with that you start to lose confidence. But now, thank God the recovery is 100%.”

Any change in strategy for the rematch with Shogun?

“I expect a tough fight. He is a tough fighter and it will really be a battle where both fighters will seek to win, but I don’t know how it will go. It could end on the floor, standing or a decision by points. I expect a tough fight because we know each other. The rematch will probably be a fight with both expecting more and everyone waiting to see what new approaches we will bring this time. Preparations are being made for us to not be surprised at the time of the fight.”

Prediction on the fight result?

“It’s a fight that I am prepared for the worst. If it goes to the fifth round, I’ll be prepared. How it will be a tough fight is difficult to forecast. If you ask me, I would like to finish the fight in the first round or as soon as possible. Nevertheless, I’m not thinking in a hasty or reckless way. I am calm to face another battle.”

Would you fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira or Anderson Silva?

“I am close friends with both, primarily with Anderson as I have less contact with Rogerio. Anderson is a fight that is totally discarded for me. First, Anderson is a very close friend and he fights in a different division. He has no interest in my division and I feel the same. We do our jobs in our divisions and we help each other. With Rogerio, it is different because he has his dreams, his commitments with sponsors and I cannot mess up his way. I have to understand that in a professional way and know that it may one day happen. Nevertheless, it isn’t my will and I believe that it is not his will either. The event, monopoly, growth and professionalism are leading to that side. We must discern this. He would not be a fighter I would like to face, but if the UFC wants, we must accept. If that happens, we’ll deal with our situation. We both have families and dreams. We must look to MMA like a professional sport and try to face it in a better way.

UFC promotional video featuring Machida

“As soon as Dana White offered me the rematch, I accepted right away. After the first, second, third and fourth rounds, I felt like I was winning the fight. Shogun was playing a very defensive game so I kept on with my strategy. I didn’t change what I was planning to do. Any time you have a rematch, there is a little bit of a different feeling. He knows me a little bit, I know him a little bit, we’ve faced each other before. But I’m not coming in expecting him to have the same strategy. Every fight is different. I need to prepare myself for everything and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I won’t leave this fight in the judges’ hands. I will finish the fight. When the Octagon door closes, everyone needs to watch this fight. I will prove that I am the true champion. I’m also going to prove that the Machida era is just beginning and the victory is in my hand.”

UFC promotional video featuring Shogun

“The feeling after the judge’s decision was announced was like someone tore out my heart. What gave me comfort was to see my corner men support me, the crowd behind me thinking that I won the fight. When I went back to the hotel, the amount of care and support I got from the fans, everybody was telling me I won. This gave me some comfort and what matters the most is that I’m going to get a second chance. I was very happy with the offer of a rematch with Machida. I feel very motivated and I’m training very hard. For me it was really a reason to celebrate and I’m going to do my best to come back with the belt this time. I’m looking to make a statement with this fight and win it in a decisive way. I’m a fighter that always fights to finish fights. Everybody that knows me knows that I’m a fighter who’s always looking for the submissions or the knockouts on the ground or knockouts standing up. I’m always trying to finish the fight because I learned that way, I came from a school that thought that way. So this is my style of fight and I’m never going to change it.

“For this fight against Machida, I plan to do the same thing and it really bothers me that people don’t really give value to someone who is pressing the fight. I think people should reward it more because I really don’t understand how a guy that only walks backwards will be more recognized than someone who is pressing the fight and who is really trying to engage and make it a fight.

“Defeating Lyoto Machida is my wish. It’s my dream. It’s my goal and I’ll do everything I can to come back and make my wish come true.” interview with Ed Soares and Yoshizo Machida, father of Lyoto Machida

Does Yoshizo drink urine, why, and what are the benefits?

“The reason why is because it actually is a health reason. And what happens is when you eat and all the food that you eat and you digest, not all of it comes out but when you drink urine in the morning, it helps flush your system out. So, it basically cleans your system every day when you drink your urine.”

Does Lyoto drink urine daily?

“Yeah, I mean, the reason why… Lyoto did drink his urine every day up until you know for this fight but you know the reason he started really drinking his urine is about two or three years ago he had this cough, he would take medicine, take medicine, he wouldn’t get rid of it and he asked his Dad, “What should I do?” and he said, “Hey, drink your urine, that’s what’s going to keep your healthy,” and that’s exactly what he did, he drank the urine and within a few days, a few weeks his cough went away and he didn’t have that problem any more.”

Why does Yoshizo believe in drinking urine?

“It’s like a vaccine you know like you know sometimes when you take a vaccine for a disease, you know you’re taking of the same of what you’re trying to fight against and since the urine comes out of your body then you drink it again, it almost serves like a vaccine.”

Has Ed Soares ever drank urine before?

“I’ve never tried it. My partner’s tried it and he’s tried to make me try drinking it and I, you know, there was a time where they were talking about it and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to try it, I’m going to try it’ and I even went and urinated in the cup and it was hot and my partner said, ‘Hey, it’s better to drink it when it’s cold’ and I let it get cold and I looked at it and I just couldn’t bear to do it, I couldn’t bear to do it, but I am interested in it, it’s amazing to me, I just, I just haven’t had the guts to do it, yet.

“If Machida wins, I’ll try my urine. I’ll drink it.”

What does urine taste like?

“[Yoshizo] said that you know just depends, sometimes it’s sweet, sometime it’s salty, it really depends on what you eat. He says that as a matter of a fact, my urine was very clean and I asked him why and he says, ‘I’m not sure, but it was very clean so I drank two cups today.’ He says during the war in Japan, all the Japanese soldiers would drink their urine to help them immune from themselves whatever they were trying to fight. There wasn’t medicine back then so that was their only form of medicine.”

Then, Yoshizo calls everyone’s bluff and says he will drink urine on camera. “if you want, I’ll do it right now and drink some.”

[Yoshizo heads the bathroom. Ed’s partner comes into the interview and explains urine tasting.]

“It all depends what you have eaten the night before, you know, and sometimes if you have a little bit of this salt of course it tastes salty. It all depends but you know it’s just a matter of habit, you know, like right now I mean there’s day where I think right off the fountain (hot).”

“Now he’s just going to wash it down with some water, he’s enjoying himself, and there you have it. Mr. Machida drinking his urine on a Wednesday afternoon in Montreal.”

Mr. Machida had some urine dribble down his chin while he drank the whole cup. interview with Shogun

Do you look at this fight in the same way as the first encounter?

“No, it’s actually another fight, another belt, I certainly have to approach it differently and think of a completely different strategy.”

“I think he will come differently for this fight.”

Why were there not many takedowns in the first fight?

“Actually, I didn’t really try to take him down quite often in the first fight because I was feeling comfortable on my feet so I didn’t feel like I had a reason to rush for a takedown or whatever and regarding what I could differently after analyzing the fight, I think maybe what I can do differently is to be a little more aggressive and get a little more engaged in the fight against him.”

For most fighters, Machida is like a riddle. Did you find him tougher or easier to fight than when you assumed before you first fought him?

“No, Lyoto is a good fighter, a quick fast and agile fighter and I knew that it didn’t really surprise or impress me because I had trained with him for a brief while years and years ago so I knew what kind of skills he could bring to the table. It was pretty much what I expected.”

How do you respond to remarks that “the old Shogun is back” in UFC?

“It doesn’t surprise me because everyone that’s a professional fighter, professional athlete will have to deal with those things forever, I mean, that kind of comparisons and whatever and it doesn’t really bother me because it’s part of my job and we have to deal with it.”

The last time Shogun was in Montreal, he knocked out Chuck Liddell. What are your feelings on fighting in Montreal?

“I have great memories from Montreal and I hope to pay back the care and support from the fans here because the fans here in Montreal and Canada, they are fanatic and rabid for MMA so I hope to be able to give them a good showing.”

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9 Responses to “UFC 113 Quote Notebook: Mauricio Shogun, Ed Soares, Lyoto Machida, and Yoshizo Machida drinking urine”

  1. Vic Mackey says:

    I couldn’t wait to read this piece because the title led me to believe they were all drinking urine.

  2. Fluyid says:

    Please, enough with the piss talk.

  3. catch says:

    thanks for transcribing the interviews

  4. Mark says:

    I’m going to pretend he has a cup of beer in his hand so I don’t vomit at that picture. Of course, if it’s Coor’s Light there’s little difference between the two.

  5. robthom says:

    Please someone beat these dudes up before it sweeps the nation!

    As if we don’t have enough issues of our own already!

    “American drinks pee” can only make things worse.


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