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Shinsuke Nakamura officially booked in K-1 exhibition match

By Zach Arnold | January 12, 2010

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The rumors are now true: Shinsuke Nakamura will face Kyotaro in a K-1 rules exhibition match. The fight will take place on 2/28 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo for a one-time show called Glico Power Production Dream Match. Power Production is a supplement company sponsoring the show.

On the undercard, there will be a 6-man wrestling tag match featuring “The 600 kilo trio” of Akebono, Yutaka Yoshie, & Ryota Hama facing Keiji Mutoh, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Power Pro Kamen. Don’t ask me why a 600 kilogram tag team is being marketed on a show whose primary sponsor is a supplement company.

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8 Responses to “Shinsuke Nakamura officially booked in K-1 exhibition match”

  1. Johnny Nogarelli says:

    LOL – For a minute there I thought you were talking about this guy..

    Glad you weren’t..

  2. Brad Wharton says:

    @ Johnny: I dunno, Nakamura’s free kicks are off the hook, wouldn’t fancy taking one to the noggin.

    Seriously though, who is this Nakamura, I’m guessing a wrestler? In which case, meh, whatever they like in Japan I guess.

    Just had a quick Google, had no idea this was the guy who fought Ignashov way back. Is this a one off, or is he actually moving into combat sports?

  3. liger05 says:

    Will be surprised if Shensuke moves into K-1 Kickboxing. MMA I can understand but kickboxing is a different ball game. He been training on his standup game?

  4. kobashi says:

    Shinsuke expressed that he wanted to fight Fedor a few years back. I think MMA has always interested him but it is all down to New Japan if he can get the bookings.

    This is just an exhibition so it not gonna be a big deal but the news coming out of Japan is Nakamura is gonna have future fights in K-1. I dont think he would ever leave New Japan as he is a New Japan boy through and through. New Japan must be pretty damn confident in his abilty if they are gonna let him fight in K-1 as he is one of the major aces in New Japan alongside Tanahashi.

  5. Chuck says:

    Oh GOD, it’s 2003 all over again! HEAD FOR THE FUCKING HILLS!!!!

    I can’t see Nakamura doing well in stand up, but he is a sound ground work/submission guy. I knew Antonio Inoki has stayed silent way too long! I bet he had something to do with this! Good to see Inoki took time out of his busy day of slapping the faces of corpses at funerals to give them his “fighting spirit” to be involved with this!

    Okay, there’s no proof that Inoki had anything to do with this, but don’t be surprised if his name pops up.

  6. Ultimo Santa says:

    I would watch a Nakamura fight just to see if he can pull of a Shining Triangle.



    Well according to the UFC we’ve definitely gone back in time.

    Coleman vs. Couture headlining a PPV?
    Ortiz vs. Liddell on TUF?
    Frank Trigg making a comeback?
    Phil Baroni on PPV?

    And to top it off, I just heard that Dana White is trying to put together a match between Ken Shamrock and “The Polar Bear” Paul Varelans.

  7. Black Dog says:

    Nakamura has a couple of wins in MMA, so this is not unknown territory for him.

    As it’s an exhibition, and only two minutes, look for it to go to a draw. Kyotaro will not job to a pro wrestler, and Nakamura will certainly be able to defend himself if it degenerates into a shoot.

  8. Dave says:

    MMA is vastly different from kickboxing. Nakamura has never shown a lot of aptitude on his feet. Its 2 2 minute rounds and while just an exhibition, I see Kyotaro working him over.


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