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A note on comment policy

By Zach Arnold | August 19, 2009

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  1. Use normal text, along with standard HTML (when needed). If you are responding to someone’s specific comment, use blockquote + italics. If you quote and use their name, bold the name. Follow the rules. Example of HTML coding here.
  2. I don’t need to have comments turned on for every post. Someone remarked that without the flaming, this place would be a ghost town. Doesn’t matter to me either way if there are comments or not.
  3. Treat each other as if the person you’re responding to is a guest in your house. I feel like a kindergarten teacher saying this.
  4. If someone trolls you and flames you, don’t respond. Just alert me and I’ll delete their comments. Otherwise, if you respond in kind to the troll, I’ll delete your comment along with theirs to try to clean things up.
  5. If you are going to post multiple comments to the same post at once, compile them into one comment. Do not post three comments in a row. It will result in your comments getting stuck in moderation (the posting system will think you are a spammer) and it will irritate me because I’ll have to manually combine your comments into one.
  6. Don’t misquote each other and don’t attribute quotes falsely to people who didn’t make them. This has happened to me a lot recently — including on my own site, of all places.

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