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ESPN Video: Manny Pacquiao interview on upcoming fight with Ricky Hatton

By Zach Arnold | April 30, 2009

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Place your bets — over/under 800,000 PPV buys this weekend for the fight? Plus: Reported dissension in the Hatton camp.

And when can ESPN start putting all of their MMA-related content on the Youtube channel?

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5 Responses to “ESPN Video: Manny Pacquiao interview on upcoming fight with Ricky Hatton”

  1. Fluyid says:

    I’ll take 810K buys.

    No big shocker about Hatton’s camp. Floyd Sr. is a nut. He sees this whole thing as being mostly about himself.

  2. prefernottosay says:

    just slightly under 800, i say 780k

  3. liger05 says:

    750,000 to 800,000 will be very good. Sky TV over here were expecting 400,000 but i read somewhere they now expect 700,000. If this fight does over 500,000 in the UK then thats a real impressiver number!

  4. William Holmes says:

    Pacquiao is the most exciting boxer in the sport today, but with him weighing in at 138, I still think he could make 126 if he wanted to.

  5. RIS says:

    No chance that he ever makes even 130 again. He could make 135.

    This fight has been getting a lot of hype from ESPN which is very surprising. But we have two non-Americans “little guys” (to the casual fan), so anything in the range of 800k will be very impressive.

    I say 800k in North America, 700k in the UK. Those numbers combined will make it one of the most successful PPV’s of all time. Even if they get less, the PPV will still get over one million from both markets.

    People never seem to acknowledge the UK market, and Hatton is the only major PPV draw outside of North America, his fight against Mayweather selling nearly 1.4 million in the UK alone at 4 AM is ridiculous. I think that they introduced some sort of PPV for Pacmans recent fights in the Philippines or its on a premium channel before it airs delayed on network TV, however its probably not nearly as lucrative.

    The fight is being shown in 185 countries, they sold out the arena, 25k Brits made the trip to Vegas and they even had to turn away 4k from the weigh ins. Its a crazy worldwide event.


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