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Quick anti-virus program links

By Zach Arnold | April 1, 2009

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If you aren’t already using a combination of anti-virus and malware/spyware removal tools on your system, make sure to get at least a commercial product plus some free-version solutions to protect your system.

Of course, if you use a Mac and not a Windows system, you feel a bit more secure in your computer usage as far as viruses go.

Some suggestions for Windows users:

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5 Responses to “Quick anti-virus program links”

  1. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Avira is always a popular and extremely effective choice for anti-virus as well. Download here.

  2. frankp316 says:

    Ad Aware ain’t what it used to be. Users are better off with Super Anti Spyware & Malware Bytes Anti Malware.

  3. I use Avira as well, it’s light on system resources and hasn’t let a virus past since i started using it over 5 years ago

  4. Al Yu says:

    The end-all killer for rogue spyware and minor viruses.

  5. nene says:

    My suggestion: try Linux.

    I bought a netbook last fall for the wife that had Linux on it.

    loved it so much we are in the midst of adding it to all our computers (I need one Windows only app for work but I can install XP virtually and it works perfectly)

    My wife has 6-7 friends who use Linux based netbooks so its easy enough for everyone to learn. You have choice even of desktops to find one to your taste (some like the Mac look and some like the Windows look).

    And its free.

    you can find full of linux flavors like Mandriva 2009, PCLinuxOS and Kubuntu (these are the ones my 14 year old nephew installed), all you got to do is download it for free, burn to a cd and use what is called a LiveCD option which lets you test drive it without installing anything. if you dont like it, you take out the cd, turn off the computer and you move on.
    Nothing lost except the blank cd (you can also boot from USB stick if you want to be green and not waste a cd)

    AVG Free antivirus is still one of the best free Windows anti virus programs and its gratis.


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