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Antonio Margarito interview on ESPN Deportes

By Zach Arnold | January 30, 2009

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If you did not get a chance to see Margarito’s interview on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights, it was quite the intriguing piece. Wearing dark sunglasses and speaking in Spanish, Margarito issued a blanket denial to all the charges against him. He kept talking about how he wasn’t physically hurt by Mosley and then promptly removed his eyeglasses towards the end of the interview. Margarito kept bracing the terms of his defense around how much he is hurt by the allegations because of the damage it is causing with boxing fans.

Afterwards, Teddy Atlas did a remote interview spot with host Brian Kenny from Montreal to comment on the situation. Atlas said that the only plausible explanation of a defense for a substance on the tape (to create wet gauze) would be some sort of water (like a sponge). Even then, it would be hard to figure out why it was the case in regards to the way the hands were taped. Atlas also broke down, in layman’s terms, the issue regarding taping the knuckles and what’s illegal/not illegal. Atlas said that the problem he has with the developing story is the California State Athletic Commission, which he noted has been scandal-plagued for the last several years. He said that the CSAC is keeping this story mysteriously clouded and that they need to be more open, more transparent with what is happening.

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17 Responses to “Antonio Margarito interview on ESPN Deportes”

  1. Fluyid says:

    You aren’t allowed to come close to the knuckles with tape. About the width of an index finger is about the distance the tape must be from the knuckles. (Tape going between the fingers is okay)

    I’ve said this before on here: commission inspectors, in general, are not very diligent.

  2. John McBirnei says:

    Dude, who cares about boxing???

    Please keep the boxing stuff to yourself or put it on a boxing site somewhere.

    I appreciate you putting this site together because it really consolodates most of the mma sites but boxing is boxing and it’s just not interesting nor does it belong here.

    Thank you

  3. Chuck says:


    Why do you care if Zach does boxing stories? It’s called FIGHT Opinion for a reason. Just because you don’t find boxing interesting doesn’t mean we don’t. And before you want to tell Zach what he should or shouldn’t write, speak for yourself. Because you sure as hell don’t speak for most of us. Saying something like “Who cares about boxing” and saying “it’s not interesting” makes you look like an ignorant dolt. Last I checked no one is forcing you to read anything here.

    Ed. — John is entitled to his opinion. He was respectful enough in his response.

  4. liger05 says:

    I do think its possible that Margarito was totally unaware of this. While he wasnt hurt by single punches you cant keep taking right hand after hand after right hand.

  5. John McBirnei says:

    Chuck, I said “please keep this boxing stuff your yourself…”

    Whether I speak for “most of us” or not is really immaterial. Honestly I’m quite confident that I do in fact speak for “most of us”. is almost entirely an mma website and that’s why I go there. Boxing was interesting when I was a kid, (many many years ago) but today MMA has simply supplanted it. A good boxing fight is great, it’s just that there are very very few of them and boxing now to me is like watching wrestling (real), i.e. slightly interesting but really, who cares.

    My point is, if you like boxing, go to a boxing site. Please don’t inject a bunch of boxing “stuff” that very few reader of this site care about.

    Ok ok, I don’t have hard data that says readers of don’t like boxing, you only have to check the demogrqaphics and the site-hits that mma sites get vs boxing sites to know that mma is where it’s at.

    I have no problem with boxing, just please keep it off mma related sites.

    Thanks again…

  6. Chuck says:

    I understand your point John, but my point is that you see the boxing stories, you know they are boxing stories, so just skip them. It’s pretty easy to do. Zach doesn’t hide the fact that the boxing stories are boxing stories. And the ratio of MMA stories to boxing stories is still like 7-1, so it’s not like you are completely inundated with a shitload of boxing stories. When you see a boxing story, just skip it and move on to the next MMA story that interests you. And it is as easy to do as it is to say. If that made any sense at all.

  7. Fluyid says:

    I like boxing.

  8. liger05 says:

    Is it that difficult to just not read the boxing stories? I am more than happy to see Boxing stories on!!!

  9. liger05 says:


    “Man, I saw that block fall out of them wraps and I wanted to punch Margarito’s trainer in the mouth…It was bricked up gauze that had blood stains on it already and they had a piece of plaster over that. Man Perc, you let that shit get hard through the course of a fight and you’ve got trouble. Shane would have been sitting there like, ‘How this motherf@#$er hitting harder in the 8th round and we’re both tired?'” stated world-class trainer Naazim Richardson.

  10. Robert Poole says:


    Boxing and MMA both fall under the banner of “FIGHT OPINION” so no Zach should NOT keep Boxing stories off of the site. I don’t know why you are so incapable of skipping Boxing stories if you don’t want to read them for it takes little ability to just go on to the next story.

    Zach isn’t sacrificing MMA content for Boxing Content, he’s buttressing his site with more overall content by adding more Boxing stories. Some days there is absolutely nada to report on in the MMA world and it’s good to have other stories to go with.

    And just as there are narrow-minded Boxing fans you are the narrow-minded MMA fan who wants to hate on the other. Considering the large portion of cross over fans I really think neither sport should just cater to the hardcores as it will prevent both from growing adequately.


  11. Robert Poole says:


    I actually believe Richardson is dead on in those comments.

    I was wondering the same thing after the Cotto fight. Yes he has a good chin but nobody takes that many punches and doesn’t have a lot of that power sapped out by the later rounds. You can throw those same punches but they’re mostly arm punches without a whole lot behind them by that point.

    Also I had to laugh when he said that Mosely’s punches weren’t hurting him. He was clearly out on his feet when they stopped it.

  12. Ivan Trembow says:

    It’s called FIGHT Opinion, and the Margarito story is a huge scandal, both in terms of the Mosley fight and all of the questions that this raises about his previous fights.

  13. Fluyid says:

    Hey, I like boxing.

    Also, I might mention that the same fight commission that regulates MMA in California is involved in this story.

  14. Jim Allcorn says:

    As a lifelong boxing fan(atic) who’s been passionate about the sport since I was 14 back in 1976, I love the fact that this site covers it on a fairly regular basis. With a different & rather unique perspective than all the other boxing-centric sites out there.

    I thoroughly enjoy that this site embraces the fact that MMA doesn’t operate in a vacuum & that it frequently influences/is influenced by happenings in boxing, K-1 & pro wrestling.

    So, while I respect everyone else’s right to their own opinions, mine is that the boxing coverage is a definite asset to this site.

  15. A. Taveras says:

    Just chimin in to support the boxing content. There aren’t enough sites for crossover fans, so if anything consider doing more boxing coverage.

  16. Pietro says:

    When Panama Lewis and Luis Resto used illegal pads(plaster) they were sent to jail. I certainly believe that the same punishment should be applied to Antonio Margarito. I also believe that he should be deported

  17. Pietro says:

    if Tejada (the baseball player) is facing deportation for using illegal substances to enhance his performance, Antonio Margarito should face the same penalty. Tejada did not endanger anybody’s health but his. Margarito on the contrary could have damaged permanently other boxers. That is why I think he deserves a severe punishment


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