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Mike Tyson arrested in Arizona

By Zach Arnold | December 29, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

It sure looks like former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was undergoing rigorous training for his upcoming PRIDE fight in Macau, which was to be part of PRIDE’s triangulation plan to make inroads into the casino world.

OK, so Tyson got arrested early Friday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona on charges of DUI and cocaine usage. Tyson admitted to a cop as much that he is an addict.

Adding even more media-punch to this story is that Tyson was arrested in Maricopa County, home to notorious American sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is known as a strict disciplinarian who has made inmates work in tents and wear pink uniforms.

I’m sure Tyson’s first phone call (other than to his lawyer) will to be PRIDE boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara, telling him how sorry he is and how sorry he is for the trouble created to the Japanese fight fans. 🙂

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33 Responses to “Mike Tyson arrested in Arizona”

  1. JOSH says:

    Ok now I can see where all the “PRIDE hate” people throw at u Zach is coming from.

  2. allen says:

    The cute little smiley icon at the end is very professional. Oh, and since you’re a pro Zach, how about in the future every story about a crack-head, wife beating wrestler getting busted gets blamed on whatever promotion they are with, along with every boxer that does one unsavory act in their personal life gets put on HBO, Showtime, etc. Hell, maybe Tyson wouldn’t be doing coke if Showtime didn’t swoop in and steal 99% of his pay every time he gets in the ring, does promotional work, or farts.

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    Really? I’m horrible for pointing out that Tyson was supposed to work in PRIDE and is now in trouble because he’s a ticking time-bomb?

    USA Today takes notice on the PRIDE theme.

    Ishii got thrown in jail because of a falsified contract with Tyson in relation to the corporate tax scandal in K-1. PRIDE should have known better than to consider linking up with his name in public.

  4. JOSH says:

    I think its really just the way u did it. Kinda childish…if u ask me.

  5. Zach Arnold says:

    I think its really just the way u did it. Kinda childish…if u ask me.

    I’m sure PRIDE or K-1 is going to bail him out of trouble just like the other business hanger-ons in Tyson’s life have done, right?

    It was a calculated risk on PRIDE’s part to associate with him. To not point out that association given this current news is laughable.

  6. Gotanda says:

    Zach thats terrible. How can you possible connect PRIDE’s name to Tyson.

    Is it Sakakibara’s fault that Tyson got arrested? I mean, all PRIDE wanted from Tyson was the free publicity that being associated with his name would bring. PRIDE was planning to ride the Tyson bus to US success. Dont worry that they guy is a convicted criminal and has a terrible reputation. The important thing is to get your name in the news. First rule of promotion right? More proof of the business genius of Sakakibara.

    Now you are connecting PRIDE with Tyson’s cocaine use and arrest. Thats terrible

    But on a brighter note, maybe Sakakibara can give Tyson some good advice on how to avoid being convicted. Remember, deny everything, and you are innocent until proven guilty.

  7. DarthMolen says:

    I personally think that it was funny as heck.

    Keep it up Zach, I am always entertained.

    Don’t mind the flamers, this world is way too PC. Nobody likes an apple being called an apple nowadays. They would prefer it as “A redish globe-shaped fruit with a mildly acidic yet sweet and tangy flavor”.

    Me, I prefer to call it an apple.

    To the person above. If you want the free publicity, you have to be willing to take the risk and responsiblity of the backlash that is Mike Tyson and all that goes with it. So they wanted the publicity. They got it. Just not the good stuff this time…

  8. Preach says:

    Lemme see:

    – Rape conviction: check
    – Continued spousal abuse: check
    – Told his opponent that he wants to eat his children: check
    – Bit another opponents ear off: check
    – Got an ugly face-tattoo: check
    – Talks with a high-pitched voice: check
    – Religious insanity: check
    – Drug addict: check

    Yes, he was a great boxer in his prime, and a very dominant champion, and that’s something no one can take away from him, something he’ll be remembered for. But – he’ll even be more remembered for what he turned into, a Loony, a Madman, the laughing stock not only of the boxing community.

    And to be honest, everyone who associates himself with Tyson nowadays deserves to get nothing but scourn and derision. Why didn’t they just use OJ Simpson?

  9. Gotanda says:

    You’re right you know, criminals tend to stick to criminals

    Tyson was the perfect spokesman for PRIDE seeing that PRIDE are allegedly owned by the yakuza

    BREAKING NEWS:- This morning Sakakibara made an announcement supporting Tyson:

    “Dear Pride Otaku all over the world. Our saviour in the US, Tyson san, has been unfairly and unjustly accused of criminal actions. We put the credibility and trustworthiness of the PRIDE name and brand behind Tyson san. He has our full support, but not including monetary support, only moral support. I know how unfair these sort of unjustified charges can be. It can have a terrible impact on your ability to attract young girls from your favourite hostess bar.
    PRIDE firmly believes that everybody is innocent despite whatever crimes they commit and we are still lobbying the Japanese government to allow Tyson san into Japan to have a fight under PRIDE boxing exhibition rules against Takada so that we can all relive the great days like when Inoki fought Ali. In fact, I will take this opportunity to announce TYSON v TAKADA to happen on 31 December 2007 – I promise this BIG IMPACT card happen will happen”

  10. Zeus says:

    Terribly immature and unprofessional writing if you ask me. It’s really no wonder anyone accuses you of “PRIDE-hating”…

    For a story of a supposed associated b/w PRIDE and Tyson that was rumoured to be occurring months ago and that never surfaced nor has even been mentioned in at least 6-8 weeks…you just seemed more than happy to gleefully bring up a dead story to further (and unfairly) bash the organization. Have you even read the current fight card??? Obviously this is nothing more than trash “journalism”.


  11. Gotanda says:

    Zeus:- do you understand the english language?

    What exactly is the meaning of the words “supposed” and “rumoured”? It was Sakakibara and DSE who were blasting Tyson’s name all over the media trying to sell a few tix and PPVs to their shitty REAL DEAL (was this referring to where Tyson got his gear?) and taking every chance to have their photos taken with him (in a PRIDE tshirt – I wonder what Tyson did with that Pride t-shirt of his???)

    Sakakibara and DSE were announcing that they would have Tyson fight on NYE – they’ve never come out and said that this wouldnt happen

    Do PRIDE’s troubles make you cry?

  12. allen says:

    “Really? I’m horrible for pointing out that Tyson was supposed to work in PRIDE and is now in trouble because he’s a ticking time-bomb?”

    Never said you were horrible for pointing out that Tyson was supposed to work in Pride, I just think you’re nothing but a typical snotty teenager with a blog for doing it the way you did.

  13. a says:

    Wow, I’m glad Zach Arnold has so many big brothers to defend him from those mean, “PRIDE otaku” bullies.

    Do ZACH’s troubles make you cry?

  14. Zach Arnold says:

    For those who claim that there was no advertising of Tyson by DSE, you are sadly mistaken. There was a clear and concerted effort publicly done by DSE management to use Mike Tyson’s name value to try to obtain a free TV deal and to try to make in-roads into America.

    And it’s all documented.

    Let’s start off with Mike Tyson appearing at the Fox Sports Grill in Irvine, California for DSE’s press conference to talk about their 10/21 Las Vegas event.

    How about this August article from Jake Rossen about DSE using Tyson’s name value to expand into America.

    On September 5th, top Japanese media publication Number discussed what PRIDE’s plans with Tyson were in Japan and elsewhere.

    On September 6th, reports surfaced in Japanese media that DSE was planning on using Tyson’s name value to get on TV.

    Here’s a Jordan Breen article on Sherdog talking about the DSE/Tyson alliance and what it would mean for their free-TV prospects.

    Then on September 19th, I wrote specifically about what the attempted alliance with Tyson would mean if PRIDE could execute it right.

    Then let’s transition into what the Japanese press thought the main story was coming out of the Real Deal show – which is that Tyson no-showed an event that DSE had promoted him appearing at.

    To factually claim that DSE wasn’t using Tyson’s name in order to try to accomplish business goals is false.

  15. Gotanda says:

    yes – i’m sobbing and wailing while clutching my Pride figurines and dressed in my PRIDE or DIE t-shirt while burning effigies of Zach 🙁

  16. Tony says:

    And you wonder where your (in my opinion well deserved) reputation as a “PRIDE hater” comes from…?

    I think this site is a great source for MMA news and I visit it regularly, but the clear disdain for PRIDE that litters so many of your articles (and radio shows) is something I could definitely do without.

  17. Zach Arnold says:

    I think this site is a great source for MMA news and I visit it regularly, but the clear disdain for PRIDE that litters so many of your articles (and radio shows) is something I could definitely do without.

    Failing to mention PRIDE in connection with Tyson now (since there was a public tie-up with the two), good or bad as far as the news, would be wrong to do. This is the risk that PRIDE took in aligning with a guy of questionable character.

  18. allen says:

    “Failing to mention PRIDE in connection with Tyson now”

    Zach, nobody in this thread is arguing with you that DSE was A. using Tyson for promotion, or B. that Tyson had a connection with DSE. Also, you mentioning said connection is fine and dandy, the way you went about it is what posters have an issue with. You came off as a immature little dickhead with a grudge, rather than a journalist reporting a story. There’s many reasons why you have a blog, and pro’s like Meltzer are doing print work. That was one of them.

  19. JThue says:

    Looks to me like, by now, Mr. Arnold gets a kick out of adding little negative remarks here and there in news posts just to rile up the pro-PRIDE prosecutors. Sometimes funny, other times(like here) just too blatant. Ah well 🙂

  20. Mike says:

    Blah blah blah. Is there an anime nerd forum where people congregate, waiting for Zach to mention PRIDE, so they can strike back in blind defense of all things Japanese?

    Not only is the PRIDE/Tyson connection relevant to this story, but Zach’s writing explained the situation properly while exposing a swarm of unreasonable fanboys who make up imaginary “grudges” whenever the news about their beloved organization isn’t positive. I’m amazed that nobody has made reference to “former boxercise instructors” yet.

  21. iain says:

    I like this blog for the most part but childish writing like this really is a dark spot. You always try to hide behind unwavering journalistic integrity when talking about yakuza and what have you but then you go and write like this. The bias is quite ridiculous sometimes. I don’t know what your motivation for the hate is?

    Shouldn’t you be writing some story about bobby the brain henan or something?

  22. Stu says:

    It’s not that you shouldn’t report it Zach, it’s that the article screams of malicious pleasure that piss people off.

  23. Jason Bennett says:

    Zach, boy do I feel for you right now. All you’re doing is reporting a story that is relevant to the site’s focus and people don’t want to hear it. That last paragraph of your report though could have been left off and none of these arguments would have a leg to stand on.

    Over the last year Fight Opinion has become my absolute first stop site to get MMA news as you do a fantastic job of reporting global MMA happenings; and the radio show is excellent, the most informative and entertaining mma podcast I’ve found (and I listen to several regularly). However it seems that there is a recurring theme towards reporting anything remotely negative about Pride.

    Something readers should consider, is Zach Arnold a Pride-hater, or just reporting the continuing, fantastic story of the downfall of the former worldwide leader in combat sports? As for Zach’s personal slant, the truth lies somewhere in the middle maybe, but this is an MMA news blog with the title of ‘Fight OPINION’ just in case readers forgot that OPINION’s are subjective and debateable. No matter where your opinion the subject is, Pride’s downward spiral is fascinating and nowhere can you find as much information in one place about this ongoing fiasco as Zach’s site.

    After all, you’re not claiming to be as journalistically accurate and unbiased as media stalwarts such as ’60 Minutes’, The NY Times, The St. Petersburg Times and many other mainstream news outlets now are you. (For the uninitiated, this is in jest, these outlets continue to report factually incorrect information, something that cannot be accused against this site.)

    I considered writing this as a personal email to Zach but decided to just post here instead. I feel the need to defend Zach’s writings in a public format in light of all the heat he’s gotten lately.

    Never waver.

    Jason Bennett

  24. Tony says:

    Look, for the millionth time, no one has any problem with him posting negative news pieces about PRIDE, hell, it’s his responsibility as a journalist to do so, but it’d be nice if he could at least contain his excitement while doing it. Most people want to see him REPORT news of PRIDE’s apparant demise rather than celebrate it.

    The fact is he’s alienating a large portion of his potential audience with his extremely negative attitude towards one of the world’s premier MMA organisations. I know people that absolutely will not visit this site because of what they perceive to be constant PRIDE bashing and as I’ve already said, it’s something I could definitely do without myself.

  25. Zeus says:

    Notice how all your news sources are from like September?? That was really the last time they “associated themselves to make an in roads in North America”…why don’t you start fucking ripping on WWE for using him 6 years ago, because its just as sensical.

    Rip your lips off the UFC and Zach’s ballsack…last I checked they put out their final card well for 12/31 before this story broke and not so much as a mention of Tyson was heard. And “shitty little PPV” that still beats anything the UFC is ever going to have to offer…”USA!USA!USA!”

    But hey since it was convenient for Zach to pair them together so that hey can try to make them look bad again…gooooooo Zach!!

  26. Zeus says:

    Just to be fair from now on I think Zach should report on the criminal adventures of all other past and present UFC fighters if he’s just reporting the news.

    Since they constantly used Bernard Hopkins name saying the Hughes would defeat him in one round – I guess they should be admonished for attempting to gain publicity from using a convicted armed robber who is also a boxer in an attempt to gain publicity.

    They should be chastised b/c Marcus “Conan” Silvera was busted for running an XTC ring after he was also a tournament finalist in a UFC tournament.

    I’m sure there TONNES of other fighters who he could comment about … oh Bobby Hoffman comes to mind as well…but it’s just not CONVENIENT for him to do so, since its not in line with his ANTI-PRIDE and PRO-UFC lovefest

  27. WHITE NINJA says:

    Just to flesh out the story, Sakakibara has come out and commented on TYSON’s arrest, saying that “we are considering the cancellation of the contract”

    So for some of the extremely uninformed and to borrow a sherdogism “moronic” criticisms of Zach that appear above, in particular, Allen and Zeus, you might be surprised to read that your prophet Sakakibara has spoken on the topic. Since you believe his gospels, you must accept:-

    – Tyson and DSE have a contract in place
    – Sakakibara is “considering” cancelling that contract

    So, obviously Sakakibara and the Japanese press see this story as connected to DSE even if you 2 (or is it the same person?) strongly disagree

  28. Preach says:

    The only difference, dear Zeus, is that Hopkins was at no time a representative or an employee for the UFC/Zuffa. They never had him at one of their shows, they didn’t announce his participation at a press-conference, they didn’t have him as a guest at a press-conference and they didn’t have him in pictures or video-segments with Dana White and the Fertittas, talking about how he’ll help them to gain more recognition in the american market, or how they’ll promote a fight with him in a south-east asian gambling capital.

    Silveira is a very, very bad example, and even you should be able to see it, by looking at WHO owned the UFC at the time Silveira fought in the Octagon. Hint, the owners didn’t start with a W or a F. And i guess there’s a reason why he never showed up in the UFC after Ultimate Japan I, right?

    As for Hoffman, yes, he fought in the Zuffa-UFC – once, and at their first show. And i don’t think that him failing a drug test was the only reason he never showed up at an UFC-show again…

    So, two rather bad examples, but understandable, since you’re desperately trying to somehow throw the dirt back that you think has been undeservedly thrown on your lone object of obsession.

    And if i were such a lousy little nitpicker like you, i could counter with a bunch of current Pride-fighters who have more than just a few dark spots on their resumee. The best example would be the Pride Heavyweight Champions little brother Aleks. You know, the one you’re always fantasizing about with his jail-tattoos? And let’s not forget a certain Pride figurehead, who has been photographed more than once with individuals belonging to certain japanese “families”…

    And as a closing point: You are all a bunch of BIGOTS. Yup, not only nuthuggers, but bigots. Here you are, always whining that Zach’s sooo bad, that he’s continually bringing up bad news about Pride, that he’s such a hateful little excuse for a man, who’s living in his moms basement, pissed off because he couldn’t get a job with Pride, and now tries to get back at them by slander, and yet you get even more pissed off because now he has the guts (that bastard!) to actually do it with scourn and derision. How dare he! Yet at the same time you creep around on certain messageboards, and continually post stuff like “Pride>UFC”, “UFC sucks”, “Dana’s a f*g”, “UFC’s a joke, i hope they die” bla bla bla. And you even have the guts to say that it’s your right to do so, because “we got freedom of speech in this country”. See where i’m going? Well, just like I said: Bigots. Yeah, i know, you don’t know what that means, so just look it up, it will do you good, reading something other than your usual pridehugging messageboards. If your mom should let you out of her basement that is…

  29. WHITE NINJA says:

    If Zach isnt enough, Mr Yakuza/Sakakibara made more comments in relation to Crocop and Tyson yesterday:-

    For Tyson:- same as sportsnavi reported, mainly that DSE is monitoring the situation closely (as they would since Tyson is supposedly signed to DSE) – but that the Macau Event is now planned for June or July and would go ahead even without Tyson’s participation

    Crocop:- Sakakibara says that he is in daily communication with the Fertittas (he doenst mentioned UFC CEO Dana White, because I suppose Dana is too low on the totem pole to talk to for big man Sakakibara) and asks fans not to believe everything they hear. Dont worry Saki man, nobody believes anything you say – because you are a confirmed liar and scumbag

    Funny, Sakakibara’s official comments are not too far off Zach’s predictions in his last paragraph or those predicted by Gotanda

  30. iain says:

    People, there are shades of grey. It is not the reporting of bad pride news but HOW pride news is reported that attracts criticisms.

    Furthermore, I’m sure the hopkins/conan references weren’t meant to be rock solid examples but just annecdotes of shady peeps in regards to the UFC.

    We are all fans of MMA here and I just don’t understand how you can go around and cheer the end of the premiere orginisation in the sport. Also the constant bashing of Sherdog which is a great site that was beacon for hardcore fans during the darkest hour of our sport.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a great site but please a bit more objectivity would make it soooooooooo much better!

    Now, if you excuse I’m going to go watch the fights, tonight AND tomorrow.

    Love the sport not the org!

  31. allen says:

    “Yet at the same time you creep around on certain messageboards, and continually post stuff like “Pride>UFC”, “UFC sucks”, “Dana’s a f*g”, “UFC’s a joke, i hope they die” bla bla bla.”

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I totally dig the UFC, and in 20 minutes, I’ll be getting in front of the tube to watch tonights fights. I don’t think they’re a joke at all. They’ve got their problems, but so does every other mma org out there (except for Shooto, maybe). And for the record I think Zach’s a little jerk, just as I do the people that post the spiteful, trollish shit about the UFC or any solid mma org.

  32. Zeus says:

    Thank you Iain,

    Someone who’s clearly not a UFC/Zach nuthugger than can see something as not purely black and white. I was not using them as ROCK SOLID examples but showing that there’s shady people involved in both sides…yet ONLY one side ever gets questioned or called out onto the rug. There is a CLEAR and CONSISTENT bias in most if not all the reporting that FightOpinion presents. If you dont believe me (and I know you’d *shudder at the thought* to go back and look to see that I am CORRECT) read the articles on PRIDE vs. articles on UFC…there is consistently different tone in the way news pieces about the orgs are reported and its inexcusable.

    Negative news -> is portrayed in the ultra negative containing snide and gleeful (celebratory) commentary and skewing it as hard and negatively as possible and many time containing Zach’s “assumptions” on the rest of the underlying facts.

    Positive news -> downplayed and/or attempted to be neutralized by past “negative news” and/or skepticism and/or negative opinions and commentary

    Negative news -> just the facts Max and if possible some justifcations or positive spin and reasoning from FO writers to portray it in the softest light possible

    Positive news -> ALL HAILS THE FERITTA’s and DANA’s GENIUS…I may not like Dana and sometimes I have a little friendly ribbing about him (“boxercise” hehehe eh buddy) to make me look somewhat neutral.

    THIS IS WHAT THE NEWS LOOKS LIKE AND THAT’S WHAT I HATE. This type of journalism or writing is NOT good for the long term mma…its obvious who he favours and who he hates and frankly I think its terrible.

    I’m a fan of MMA…and for those of you who blindly tote around saying PRIDE = YAKUZA cannot deny as hard as you try that they always attempt to have the top fighters, top fights etc etc…the UFC is about the bottom line and who they WANT to be their top fighters, if you cannot see that…im sorry – you’re just wilfully blind and I guess justify the chest thumping, flag waving nationalistic pro-UFC “ultimate fighting” (NOT MMA) fan.

    Enjoy mma without a superior international organization such as PRIDE but with your beloved trash talking, reality show superstar, we push who we love UFC – “USA! USA! USA!”

  33. Yea, Pride will keep him on. Any publicity is good…


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