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Kurt Angle heads to TNA

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2006

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Story information here. My first reaction — with Angle on TNA and Spike TV backing both TNA & UFC, the chances of Angle appearing in UFC (if he goes the MMA-and-wrestling combo route) just increased significantly. Unless, of course (as Dave Ditch pointed out to me), both Angle and TNA used UFC as nothing more than a decoy to fool both the Internet fans and WWE. If that’s the case, UFC sure is being taken advantage of by a lot of people these days.

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4 Responses to “Kurt Angle heads to TNA”

  1. says:

    Angle can’t be doing both TNA and UFC. A ex pro-wrestler in UFC would be a hard enough sell as it is let alone someone doing both. UFC would not want that and I can’t see Kurt doing both. I don’t see why Kurt signing to TNA could stop him working in K-1 though.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    Ken Shamrock tried to do it a few years ago in TNA, and Tito Ortiz worked as a special referee in TNA. I don’t think the UFC-TNA crossover would be received by UFC fans as appalling as we think it might.

  3. Preach says:

    Just like Dave i too think that they used the UFC merely as a decoy. Because had the WWE known that there’d be really the possibility of Angle going to TNA they would’ve thrown everything they had out there, trying to badmouth Angle as an addict and a complete wreck, and in turn making out TNA as a company that employs known addicts…

  4. Jeff says:

    Like I said before, it is hard for me to watch knowing his physical condition. Also, Zach has an article about Shelby Walker being found dead cause of a pain medication overdose. I just don’t want to read about Kurt being in a wheelchair somewhere.

    With the MMA discussion, I never really thought that he would do it. Do you think that Angle would put up his crediability for a big pay day? The guy is 37 years old and he knows that he would get beat, no matter how good an amateur wrestler he is. Angle, his manager, and TNA did a great job working the internet.

    Also responding to Preach’s comment, the WWE did badmouth Angle by saying that he was distraught at Titan Towers and he didn’t want to leave the WWE. If I was Angle, I would’ve taken that to heart. (even though WWE did the right thing to let him go)


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