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Brutal boxing KO on ESPN2

By Zach Arnold | April 28, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

Tonight’s fight between heavyweights Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter and 7-foot tall Julius Long was an old-fashioned squash match. Peter destroyed Long, who at no point showed any game plan whatsoever in terms of using his height and reach advantage. Peter toyed with him and knocked Long down twice, with the second knockdown being a brutal right punch while Long was stretched over the flexible boxing ring ropes. Peter’s promoter, Dino Duva, had to be pleased with Peter’s performance at the Mohegan Sun tonight.

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4 Responses to “Brutal boxing KO on ESPN2”

  1. steve says:

    I found it interesting when the announcers complimented the fight fans at the Mohegan Sun.

    It seems to me the crowds at the Mohegan Sun have been awful for the UFC events that I have watched on PPV.

    Maybe the boxing and MMA crowds are different

  2. Roadblock says:

    Mohegan Sun gets a very intelligent boxing crowd. The fans there really appreciate the fight game. Mohegan Sun holds about 2 shows per month on average. It is a completely different crowd for MMA. Mohegan Sun and Atlantic City have UGLY MMA crowds. It’s embarassing.

  3. Tomer says:

    Hopefully after Friday’s destruction of Julius Long, Samuel Peter will fight someone in the top 100 (forget top 50) in the HW division. He needs to fight opposition that’s a bit more competitive…

  4. Roadblock says:

    He also needs to learn how to throw a jab. He’ll never beat the creme de la creme with his wild punching. Rahman is the only man with a belt that he could beat right now, maybe Valuev. Klitschko would beat him again, Liakhovich would likely destroy him and Lamon Brewster would probably wear him down eventually with his granite head. Peter has a ton of power and raw potential but his punches are way too wide and wild. His promoters are a in a tough spot because if he gets another big shot and loses he’ll be out of the limelight awhile.


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