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Horror story in Kawasaki

By Zach Arnold | February 19, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

Expect this story (via Livedoor News) to pick up some attention in Japan. A 24-year old man in Kawasaki city was arrested for killing his 22-year old wife after applying an arm-lock on her. According to police statements, the man was emulating some of his favorite MMA moves that he saw from K-1 and PRIDE. When he applied the armlock on his wife, it fratured bones and caused muscle damage in her left shoulder. The incident took place on 2/6. Instead of allowing the wife to see medical care, the husband prohibited her from going to the hospital and she died from shock (caused by blood vessel damage from blood poisoning/infection).

The article states that the wife tried to get help (and even tried to get medicine at a local drugstore), but that she died on 2/17 and a “119” (ambulance) was called at 7:30 PM. She died 11 days later after the incident took place.

A family member (father of the husband) is quoted as saying that there were domestic disputes between the two and that the man often used MMA moves in confrontations because he was a martial arts enthusiast.

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5 Responses to “Horror story in Kawasaki”

  1. Kenneth says:

    was this guy a japanese guy or a baka gaijin?

  2. SpacePotato says:

    Rickson by armbar?

  3. Godhand_Evans says:


  4. Zach Arnold says:

    The man charged for the crime was Japanese.