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Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 6

By Zach Arnold | February 9, 2006

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This past weekend was the NFL’s Super Bowl in Detroit. However, last weekend was also the Granddaddy of all weekends if you were an MMA fan. With shows in Japan (MARS at Ariake Colosseum, K-1 at Saitama Super Arena, DEEP at Korakuen Hall), America (UFC 57 in Las Vegas, Valor Fighting in California), and the UK (Cage Rage), it was a very good weekend to be an MMA fan. To honor this major series of shows, we have a special 2-hour edition of Fight Opinion radio. The co-hosts are Adam Summers & Mike Sempervive, with Zach Arnold as the executive producer.

This week’s guests on Fight Radio Radio (edition #6) are “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros,’s Jake Rossen, and’s Erin Bucknell.

The sixth edition of Fight Opinion Radio is now online and available to download. Here are your options for listening to the show:

Broadband (MP3) | Dial-up/Streaming | YouSendIt (Download MP3 file)

Or you can use the great flash player to listen to it streaming (without having to use an external program). Check it out (down below).

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you are an iTunes subscriber/user and would like to subscribe to our show to automatically download it weekly, click on this link.

With the listenership for Fight Opinion Radio dramatically increasing week by week, we definitely could use your financial support for the Fight Opinion project. If you want to contribute to us in a way that directly helps us out with our web server costs, you can donate directly to our web host – A Small Orange. Please help us out. I will personally contact you and give my sincere thanks if you make a donation.

Please post all of your feedback to the show here in the comments section on this posting. If you need to e-mail me with a special request or you want to book a fighter on our radio show, contact me at

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2 Responses to “Fight Opinion Radio: Episode 6”

  1. Luke says:

    Good show~!

    I disagree with Stephen Quadros that nationality doesn’t matter. I think it has mattered a great deal in Japan over the years, and using Royce Gracie’s popularity in UFC is a poor example of why nationality doesn’t matter.

    Royce Gracie came along at a time when nobody knew anything about submissions or ground fighting, and competed in UFC submitting guys much larger than him very impressively. Thats what made Royce popular. He was a pioneer in the sport. If Royce Gracie came along today, with weight divisions and rules, I’m not sure he’d be any more over than most other fighters in UFC.

  2. Luke A. says:

    I just about smashed my Ipod in disgust when I heard Jake Rossen would be on this show. Contrary to popular belief, he is actually one of the worst writers in MMA today (and certainly the worst currently at Sherdog). It was entertaining to listen to him try to defend himself as it pertains the massive amount of hate mail he gets. In my experience, the reason Rossen receives so much mail is because readers like myself find it important to point out his poor understanding of grammar, the difference between the single and plural forms of words, and what some words actually mean (because his misuse of certain words clearly demonstrates that he has no idea).

    If a more educated person takes the time to point out the ignorance of a writer like Jake Rossen, that email doesn’t qualify as hate mail.


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